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Kitchen Warehouse

Hettich Kitchen Drawer Inserts

We sell a full selection of Hettich innotech kitchen drawer organizers and deep kitchen drawer dividers from our online shop.

Our kitchen drawer organizers will help you to make your kitchen cabinets OCD perfect. We have one of the largest selections of Hettich Kitchen Drawer dividers, making it easier for you to customise your kitchen drawers like a professional chef.

Some of the things we offer in this section are fully adjustable cutlery trays, spice racks and peg boards.

Obviously Kitchen drawers are the best way of using the space in your kitchen base units, but they are far more expensive to buy than a standard base unit fitted with a shelf. This means the space needs to be well organised and worth the extra cost that is why we now sell so many drawer inserts.

We supply more and more kitchens that are loaded with many drawer packs to optimise the storage space. Drawer units are far easier to use, plus you don’t need to bend over or get on your knees to see what is in the back of each kitchen cabinet. This is because when you pull open a kitchen drawer the things located at the back of the base unit come forwards and out of the cabinet making them easy to see and use.

Our Soft closing drawers have a huge maximum capacity of 30kg per drawer and has made the demand for this storage space to be used efficiently to its maximum potential more important than ever, this has led to an increased demand in kitchen drawer inserts and drawer organizers across the UK.

  • Peg Board

    Peg Board

    A peg board for deep drawers, Comes with 6 pegs that can be placed to keep hold of your pots/pans or plates ect. Beech Variable Width 470mm Depth to...
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  • Plastic Cutlery Tray

    Plastic Cutlery Tray

    Hettich plastic cutlery tray suited for hettich drawers the plastic cutlery trays have dividers that can be moved to suit exactly what is needed in...
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