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Kitchen Mixer Taps

We sell a large selection of kitchen Mixer Taps that are all manufactured to a very high standard. We would always recommend our customers not to skimp on the kitchen taps as they are one of the main focal and usage points in your kitchen and you will us them every day.

The real reason that we recommend getting good quality kitchen taps is because if you skimp on your kitchen taps and buy cheap products, the longevity is severely hampered and the performance is limited. Often, cheaper products will leak at some point and cost you far more than the £100 you initially saved in the damage they do by leaking; that is the last thing you want after you have spent a lot of money on a new kitchen.

We sell a large selection of modern taps and traditional taps to suit all tastes and kitchen designs. Our taps come in many different finishes from polished chrome to brushed steel, so we will have a kitchen tap that is right for you.

  • Amur


    A brilliant tap, this tap is in the chrome. The tap does also come in the brushed steel. The tap is manufactured by reginox and comes with a 10 year...

  • Amur Brushed

    Amur Brushed

    This is the amur tap this is availible in both brushed and a chrome finish. The brushed look always will be easier to maintain and keep clean....

  • Angel Brushed Steel

    Angel Brushed Steel

    The Angel tap is a long reach modern tap, The slimline tap works well in all modern kitchens. Single lever taps are becoming much more prevalent in...

  • Angel Chrome

    Angel Chrome

    The Angel tap is a long reach modern tap, This is the chrome version of the tap, this tap does also come in the brushed steel look. The tap is a...

  • Aquada


    There is a reason that taps like these are massively popular at the moment. The extend-able shower head like tap is amazing for doing dishes and also...

  • Ascari


    The Ascari tap is a single lever cylindrical shaped tap that bends over in an very simple n shape. The tap is very symmetrical and perfectly formed....

  • Astoria


    Astoria is an ultra modern tap, the astoria tap is another single lever n shape tap, The main tap is a thin square shape that has a very tight square...

  • Astoria Brushed Nickel

    Astoria Brushed Nickel

    The Astoria tap in the brushed nickel. The Astoria tap is a very squared off tap. The square base leads of to a square lever and then up to a square...

  • Brooklyn


    For a classic traditional kitchen you want a classic traditional handle. Our two best sellers are the Brooklyn and the Elbe tap. The brooklyn...

  • Camaya


    Camaya is certainly a different handle. This is one of the stranger handles in which the main head is suspended on a spring system. This gives the...

  • Elbe


    You wouldn't put a modern handle on an traditional oak kitchen, What you would put on though is one of the Elbe taps. This is one of the most...

  • Hudson


    Hudson is a relatively small straight tap. This tap is unobtrusive and minimal working perfectly in those small kitchens where the tap does not want...

  • Hudson Brushed

    Hudson Brushed

    This is a Dudson tap, the tap is avilible in both chrome and a brushed finish. The Hudson tap is a streamlined relatively small tap for being so good...

  • Lissini


    A simple curved sweeping tap, the tap features one long sweeping head that would work well in any kitchen, Each tap from reginox comes with a 10 year...

  • Magdalena


    The Magdalena is a tall curved tap, The tap head is not as curved as many of the other taps an does give the overall tap a square look. The tap works...

  • Miami


    Miama is our cheapest tap, This tap is for kitchens on a budget. The tap simply works as described. Looks good and is at a real good price. This tap...

  • Murray


    Murray is a different looking tap, This tap is one where the reach is longer than the height. This is very different from most taps and does give...

  • Niagara


    You can see why this tap has been named Niagara, The Niagara tap is an ultra modern tap with a very square profile, The tap head has a very sharp...

  • Segovia


    The segovia tap is one of extreme quality and a great aesthetic. The brushed finish of the tap works extremely well and many kitchens. It is not an...

  • Thames


    Thames is a simple curved tap that can be used to create a little bit of modernism in a traditional kitchen. The curved tap is a very familiar tap...

  • Venta


    The Venta tap has a very low base with a simple single lever coming off the side, The tap is a little different as there is no obvious place where...

  • Virage


    This is a brilliant tap, The Virage tap looks simple, streamlined, modern but it does also have a few tricks up its sleeve. The tap is one where it...

  • Zambesi


    The Zambesi tap is the very well known traditional standard single lever action tap. This tap will work well in any kitchen and is a tried and tested...

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