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Overmount Kitchen Sinks

Our Overmount kitchen sinks are more commonly know as a sit-on sink and around 78% of domestic kitchen sinks in the UK will be Overmounted kitchen sinks. This style of kitchen sink is one that sits on top of the worktop, which is where it gets the name sit-on sink from. This style of the kitchen sink is normally very reasonably priced and can come in many different materials such as granite, resin, stainless-steel and ceramic.

The most popular style of Overmount kitchen sink is the stainless-steel design, which is designed to be hard-wearing, practical and cost-effective. Overmounted kitchen sinks come in both single bowl and bowl and a half designs and generally have a draining board as part of the sink itself. This style of kitchen sink is probably the most practical kind of kitchen sink out there and ideal for a family kitchen.