We are all for embracing a new style but every so often a space just needs a refresh!

Why give your kitchen a facelift?  A question that gets scattered around when you are considering changing your kitchen.  The simple answer is a makeover can look just as good as a new kitchen but for a fraction of the price and in the majority cases you can avoid the long winded, disruptive process.

There are so many benefits of giving your kitchen a facelift, it can save you time for one.  Time that can be used doing what you want to do – spending time with the family, taking up a new sport or simply relaxing.  A typical kitchen makeover can be completed in as little as two days.  New kitchen doors and drawers can be fitted in a typical day.  If you plan to have a new sink and worktop then you should consider a further day plus the tidy up.  That’s another thing you don’t need to worry about; moving out for the month panicking you have left your home looking like a building site.  Hopefully you won’t even have to empty the cupboard as with the makeover only the frontiers are affected.

Fusion TIFF FileWe all would love a new kitchen, but sometimes it isn’t an option.  Budget restraints and time can stop you quick on your feet from ripping out the entire kitchen and starting again.

We take a look at ten signs that your kitchen needs a facelift:

  1. You are getting tired of unjamming your drawers every time you need to get the bottle opener

That moment when you spend in excessive of half an hour trying to open your kitchen drawers is the perfect time to replace them.  Alternatively get them fixed (but that would be too easy).

  1. Cupboards are a disaster waiting to happen

A classic sign your kitchen needs a makeover is when the kitchen is a health hazard.  Cupboards that are waiting to fall off the walls and potentially hurt someone should be removed immediately.

  1. The kitchen tiles from the fifties have not been changed

Every time you enter your kitchen you try and avoid eye contact with them as you despise them.  Your friends and family comment on how dated they long, longing you to replace them but you never do.  It is now time to remove them and treat yourself to some classic tiles or freshen the walls with wallpaper.

  1. The layout of your kitchen is not practical

It can be awkward when there are two or more in your small kitchen and nothing is in the right place causing some very cosy moments with your neighbour.

  1. There are cracks in the floor

As with this kitchen cupboards this is a disaster waiting to happen.  Small children and the elderly can fall or even hurt their feet on cracks in the floor.

  1. Is there a day when the sink does not get blocked
magnet kitchens Astral blue kitchen or Stardust kitchen

magnet kitchens Astral blue kitchen or Stardust kitchen

Getting running water should not be a challenge but if your taps are blocked everyday it can lead to frustration and a time wasting exercise.

  1. Worktops are dated

For a very long you have wanted to change your worktops.  They are an integral part of the kitchen and simply replacing them will freshen your kitchen and give you the look you have been craving for.

  1. Limited storage

If you are storing your food on the worktops because you have limited space in your cupboards and drawers is a classic sign you need more space in your kitchen.  There are clever space saving items in the marketplace that come highly recommended but sometimes replacement drawers and cupboards will make a significant difference.

  1. You avoid inviting friends round because you are embarrassed of your kitchen

It has come to the point where you avoid asking your friends around for coffee as you are embarrassed of your home, your kitchen in particular.  If this is the case updating your kitchen is a must.

  1. Your appliances are at breaking point

Broken appliances can be very frustrating but is another classic sign your kitchen would benefit from a lift.

Imagine it.  No clutter, no need to spend endless hours trawling through takeaway menus, before you know it your fresh new kitchen will be waiting for you.  No doubt you would be amazed by the finish and would be quickly thinking why you were considering a new kitchen in the first place.