Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen, or maybe you have a home with a notoriously small galley style kitchen… whichever it is and however large or small your kitchen may be it seems that the issue of unorganised kitchen cupboards is universal. So here we take a look at ten top tips for making the most of the storage space that you do have, regardless of the size and number of your kitchen cupboards.

An unavoidable first step: Have a clear out!

First and foremost it’s time for a comprehensive clear out and, as the majority of many a kitchen units and cupboards is filled with a significant amount of unused and forgotten items, you’ll need to be ruthless in reclaiming that kitchen cupboard space. So if you haven’t used it in the last month or so… get rid and free up some essential space.

After the clear out, comes the clean out

Following a complete clear out then it’s time to remove all of the items from the cupboards to clean them out thoroughly.

Be sure to use disinfectant when cleaning from top to bottom, being sure not to miss cracks or crevices and ensuring that you wipe down your kitchen cupboard doors both inside and out.

Finally finish off your clean with lining the bottoms of your draws and cupboards with contact paper or cork (to soak up any spills, stains and smells) and optionally add a sachet air freshener to keep your Kitchen Cupboardscupboards smelling sweet.

Don’t forget your kitchen cupboard doors

When rethinking your kitchen storage space don’t forget to utilise your kitchen doors. This can include the affixing of additional storage to the insides of the kitchen doors (such as carrier bag holders) and the outside (for items that may need to be kept close to hand, such as spices).

Make the most of your vertical space

If you’re space short then you really need to make the most of the space that you do have, so don’t neglect the vertical areas that you have at your disposal, such as on top of your cupboards (which is especially important if you clear out hasn’t gone too well and you need all that space that you can get!).

So invest in some stylish, colour coordinated boxes to sit atop the kitchen cupboards (and also consider purchasing a stool to access them easily).

Have a rethink about what goes where

If you’ve been in your home for a number of years then the chances are that you’ve gotten used to your kitchen cupboards being organised in a way that may not best suit the actual way you use your kitchen. So when you’re next undertaking your daily cooking or coffee making, be sure to be aware of the places that you have to grab items from and consider whether the layout flexes to the way in which you work. Here are a few generic ideas to get you started:

  • Place your pots, pans and oven items in a low cupboard near your stove;
  • Place foodstuffs close to cooking areas and/or near the fridge;
  • Store coffee cups, mugs and drink making items near to your kettle.

Invest in clever kitchen cupboard accessories

Kitchen cupboard organisational items can really help divide up your cupboard space in the best way possible. Such accessories may include: drawers/cupboard dividers, spice racks, kitchen cup stacks, small shelves for the inside of your cupboard doors, a utensil organiser and hooks for tea towels, cups and other items.

Replacement kitchen doors

These replacement kitchen doors can bring a modern edge to an old kitchen design.

Re-organise the items that you need the hand

As well as rethinking exactly what goes where within your cupboards you should also consider which items you need to have to hand on a daily basis. These items should be found upon your worktops, and such items may include:

  • Eggs;
  • Knives;
  • Pots;
  • Spices;
  • Utensils;
  • Mugs and drinking materials;

Sort, sift and organise your dry food stuff

Dry foodstuffs such as cereal, pasta, flour and sugar can be assorted into canisters to make your kitchen cupboard space a whole lot more workable and your foodstuffs stored in a much more sanitary way.

Consider a complete refit

Refitting your kitchen cupboards and having a professional look at your space and the way in which it can best be used is probably the most effective way of reorganizing your kitchen. Of course, as a cheaper alternative, there are online retailers that provide retail quality kitchen cupboards at wholesale prices for those who are both savvy as well as relatively skilled at DIY.

Add to your cupboard set up if there’s simply not enough space

If a refit is not an option, even if you could undertake it yourself, then there are still plenty of options that can add to your kitchen’s space. This includes:

  • Hanging racks for your pots, pans and larger of hanging items;
  • A moveable island that provides for added drawer space;
  • Shelves that come with modular units that can be set up as you wish (perfect for those who need to customise their kitchen to suit the ways in which they cook);
  • Simple hanging bars (for notes, smaller utensils and items such as scissors).

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