If you are contemplating a new design for your kitchen check out this blog post from the Kitchen Warehouse which details three advantages of high gloss kitchens. This post allows you to find out why you should make the plunge and invest in this particular style.

Many people spend hours looking at different kitchen designs online and at the end they are none the wiser in regards to what to go for. Below we have taken a look at high gloss kitchens and give you three reasons why they are so popular.

They are Incredibly Easy to Clean

Does anyone truly enjoy cleaning their kitchen? It is just an arduous chore is it not? Even if you have an immaculate looking home the chances are that you are not fond of getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing away at your kitchen doors to try and get those pesky marks and stains off.

Easy cleaning is one of the main advantages of high gloss kitchens. Any stains or marks simply wipe off and you do not need to put much if any elbow grease into it. A damp soft cloth is enough to get rid of any blemishes on these kitchen units or replacement kitchen doors. You may find that fingermarks appear more prominent in high gloss designs however they are straightforward to remove and do not take away from the overall look.

Shades to Suit all Kitchen Designs

high gloss kitchenAside from being ridiculously easy to clean and maintain, high gloss kitchens also come in a wide range of shades and colours.

Have you ever tried planning the design for a new kitchen and then found kitchen doors that you love but they only come in very basic and neutral colours like white or wood effects? With the high gloss option, you get much more variety and you can choose between light shades and darker colours depending on what design you are going for. It is much easier to find high gloss doors and cabinets to integrate seamlessly into your style or to stand out and make an accent in the room.

Your Room Will Feel Bigger

Finally, one of the advantages of high gloss kitchens that many people comment on is how it makes their room feel and appear bigger. There is a science behind this.

The reflective nature of the doors will allow light to travel more freely around the room. Remember how adding mirrors into small rooms can make it appear larger? The same principle applies to these high gloss kitchen doors and units. You can really make a small kitchen feel like it has gained a few extra feet of space which will have a big impact on the positivity of the room in general.

Choose a High Gloss Kitchen Today

High gloss kitchens look incredible in most homes. In fact, they also contribute massively to creating an ultra-modern look in your kitchen. Considering how inexpensive they are (gloss kitchen doors start from as little as £9.54) you can construct a truly beautiful and contemporary design for a fraction of what most people think it will cost.

Have you seen a kitchen that has high gloss doors and units? Do you know of any other reasons why they are such a popular choice? Let us know in the comments or contact us to talk to a member of our experienced team today! Call 01765 640 000 or email us at contact@kitchenwarehouseltd.com.