So you have the Christmas tree up, the wreath is on the front door and your home is starting to look a lot more festive.

The only thing left to do is decorate your kitchen.

Even though you will probably be spending a lot of time in your kitchen over Christmas with preparing and cooking food it is not one of the rooms in the house that most people think to decorate.

A Christmas kitchen can really add to your home and create a lovely atmosphere over the festive period. Because the kitchen is a really hands on room you don’t want to have too many decorations or anything that will get in the way.

With our Christmas kitchen decorating ideas you can bring your kitchen to life this Christmas and have it looking great for the holidays.


Use Red, White And Green

These are 3 colours that really help to bring your kitchen to life and give it that Christmassy feel.

Just because these are standard colours that you use for Christmas decorations throughout the house doesn’t mean that they can’t be used in the kitchen. In fact it is really easy to incorporate these into your kitchen at home.

One of the best Christmas kitchen decorating ideas is to replace any cushions you have in your kitchen with reds and greens. Some cost effective red and green cushions on the chairs at your kitchen table is a simple way to bring the festive season into the room. Don’t worry if they clash with your existing colour scheme because Christmas isn’t about conformity in design it is about making an impact and being noticed.

Put A Wreath On Your Cooker Hood

You know your cooker hood? No-one ever thinks of decorating this part of the kitchen but it is one of the most obvious places to add some festive spirit.

If you think about it your cooker hood is one of the first things people see when they walk into your kitchen. It usually sits in a prominent place and it is pretty big. You can easily secure a wreath like the one on your front door by hanging it from the ceiling and having it dangle at the front of your cookers hood.

It is such a simple decorating idea for Christmas but it really adds something to your kitchen and anyone that visits is sure to notice it.

Don’t Forget About A Christmas Tree

For most of us putting the main tree up in the living room is an ordeal in itself.

Unless you are buying a real tree you need to get your old one down from the attic, put the branches on each section and then spend ages trying to coordinate the decorations. By the end of it we’re usually ready for a rather large mulled wine to calm down!

Putting a Christmas tree in your kitchen isn’t as difficult. A small fibre optic tree that either sits in the corner or even on top of the breakfast bar will offer a lovely centre piece to the whole room. Small fibre optic trees can be bought relatively cheaply and all you need to do is find a plug and it instantly illuminates the room.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or hours trying to put up a Christmas tree for your kitchen and even a small one makes a huge difference.

Christmas Decorating Ideas For Small Kitchens

Some of the ideas we have mentioned so far have been focused on larger kitchens but just because you don’t have a big room doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it with some festive spirit.

Small decorations like mini Santa’s, snowmen or even some nativity scenes on the worktops or on the windowsill will enhance your kitchen and give it a Christmassy look. In fact sometimes smaller kitchen are easier to decorate because you don’t need to worry about trees or a wreath – some inexpensive Christmas decorations strategically placed around your kitchen can make it look really special.

Even some Christmas wine bottle covers for your wine rack will go a long way to adding to the festive spirit in your kitchen and you can use your imagination with some smaller decorations to great effect.

Merry Christmas From The Kitchen Warehouse LTD

As we mentioned in our previous blog post we are closing for Christmas on the 18th of December and won’t be open again until the new year (4th of January to be exact).

Our last dispatch date for standard doors is Monday 14th of December and after that anything that is ordered will be delivered at the start of 2016.

With these small Christmas kitchen decorating ideas for both small and large kitchen you can really lift the mood when you are cooking this festive season. They don’t take much to implement and actually require less work than decorating the rest of the house.

Don’t neglect your kitchen this Christmas and have it looking left out from the rest of the house. Use a few Christmas kitchen decorating ideas to create some festive cheer.

Merry Christmas!