Changing how your kitchen looks is daunting.

We come across customers every day that want to improve their kitchen but they are stuck on the layout. The thought of ripping out the old kitchen and putting in a new one fills many people with dread but the end result definitely makes it worthwhile.

At the Kitchen Warehouse LTD we love seeing our customers pleased with their new, stylish kitchen.

If you are thinking of changing your kitchen then we have created this list of 4 kitchen layout ideas that you will absolutely love in your home.

It will give you a bit of inspiration if you are just starting to think about a new kitchen for 2016.

Zone Design

Zone design kitchens are pretty common and they are generally at the fore front for kitchen layout ideas.

Basically it splits the kitchen into different zones so nothing overlaps or gets in the way of anything else. For instance you have a cleaning zone (the sink), cooking zone (oven and hob) and eating (kitchen table to breakfast bar). Many kitchens have this design but they are not always split into proper zones. With some great looking replacement kitchen doors you can also create a fluid feel to the kitchen so that it doesn’t appear to be split into different sections and disjointed.

With this kitchen layout you can compartmentalize each kitchen task to create a cluster free and clean environment. It is best used for larger kitchens because it does require some space so it will probably not work with a galley kitchen layout for instance.

Galley Kitchen Layout

This is really made for smaller kitchens. We have spoken about increasing space in galley kitchens before on this blog and with this design you can create a nice looking room if you are stuck for space.

A galley kitchen layout consists of two straight runs down the room and it looks more like a corridor than an open spaced kitchen. There is no real room for eating due to space constraints so it differs from the zone layout in this regard but for apartments and small houses it is a great way to design a kitchen.

You generally have the oven and cupboards on one side of the ‘corridor’ and the sink and cooker on the other with worktop space above and overhead. If you have a small kitchen and feel that it is too open plan then this design can make it a lot more practical.

U Shaped Kitchen

This is a great design if you want interaction when cooking in the kitchen.

It is characterised by an island in the middle of the room with everything else on the outside in a U shape. Not only does it provide great space in the room and a place to sit down for a quick meal on the island in the middle but it is very open plan. It has a lot of storage space with kitchen cabinets and room to move around in so if you have several people preparing a meal at the one time and others just sitting about then it is a good way to ensure that everyone has enough room.

It does require a bigger kitchen to work effectively but if you have the space then a U shaped kitchen is certainly one of our recommended kitchen layout ideas.

L Shaped Kitchen

Lastly we have the L shaped kitchen.

If you are someone that likes a bit of privacy when cooking in the kitchen then this a great option. The worktops are essentially designed in a L shape with counter tops at two perpendicular walls.

It is a great way to add some space in smaller rooms because the practical aspects of the kitchen are confined to the L shape so there are two worktops that join together with one being the cooking space (oven, hob etc…) and the other being the cleaning space (sink).

It is a pretty adaptable design where you can incorporate it into a larger kitchen as well however it looks better if you only have a small space to work with. That being said, putting a kitchen island or even dining table into the middle of the room can work with reducing space and avoiding a sparse look.

Stuck For Kitchen Layout Ideas?

We have shown you just 4 kitchen layout ideas that work really well with most homes.

The thing about choosing a new kitchen layout is that it can be very daunting. Even if you have a specific design in mind when it comes to the practicalities of the kitchen it can be a different story altogether.

This is why we always recommend that you seek expert advice from the Kitchen Warehouse LTD when it comes to creating a new kitchen design. We have years of experience in working with our clients to achieve the kitchen of their dreams and we provide all the necessary knowledge and furnishings to make it look complete.

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen then get in touch to find out how we can help you.