Have you ever stood in your kitchen and thought “this room could really do with a makeover”?

Your kitchen is probably the most used room in the house. Because you are cooking, eating and even just hanging out in your kitchen it can become outdated and in need of renovation a lot quicker than other rooms at home. You might want to upgrade your kitchen but do not think that you have the money or the time to do so.

At the Kitchen Warehouse LTD, we love to see people happy with their new kitchen and the reality is that it does not need to cost a lot of money to have it looking in top shape again.

A kitchen upgrade can actually be carried out quite inexpensively if you only plan to improve certain parts such as your kitchen cupboard doors.

We have conjured up 4 reasons to upgrade your kitchen this year that might make you take the plunge and get started.

Your Family Is Growing

When you first moved into your home it might just have been as a couple. A place to cook and a small table to eat is perhaps all you needed. However, as families grow and you have kids your kitchen may then need to be upgraded to suit your needs – this is one of the most common reasons we come across when our customers want to upgrade their kitchen.

Adding in a breakfast bar for example so that your kids can eat or even do their homework there is a great way to improve on the existing design without radical change. If you have more mouths to feed that means you will have to do more cooking and therefore by creating another area in the kitchen you can add much-needed space. You might even want to opt for a more open planned kitchen to accommodate your growing family and have more room.

The Kitchen Looks Outdated

Kitchen designs can become outdated quite quickly so it is good to keep on top of new trends and styles.

If you do decide that it is time to upgrade your kitchen then you do not have to rip out all the kitchen units, put down new flooring and replace all your appliances. In fact, a kitchen upgrade can mean something small such as installing replacement kitchen doors to add a freshness and modern aspect to the room.

You can get replacement kitchen doors that will upgrade your kitchen and give it a new look and we are extremely confident we can provide the style you want, as well as the material and also the correct sizes.

kitchen upgrade

Upgrade your kitchen with the Kitchen Warehouse

Improving the design of your kitchen if it is looking outdated with some small upgrades can have a big effect on how it looks overall.

The Flooring Is Damaged

Kitchen tiles or linoleum can become damaged very easily. With all the heat, steam and traffic that your kitchen flooring experiences every day it is not unusual for tiles to become cracked or lino to warp. It is amazing how much a new floor can enhance the whole kitchen and make everything look brighter and modern.

If you are going to upgrade your kitchen with new flooring then it is best to spend a bit of money and use a material that is durable. Natural stone and tile can last a long time while still looking great although even just upgrading your linoleum can bring a renewed appearance to the room.

It can cost a few hundred pounds to upgrade your kitchen floor (or even more depending on the size and the material) but it is well worth it to create a fresher look.

Your Planning On Moving

Why would you want to upgrade your kitchen if you are planning on moving home anyway? Surely you would be more focused on upgrading the kitchen in your new home? Well, a kitchen upgrade can actually add value to your existing property that means you have more money to invest in your new kitchen.

Much of this depends on several factors such as what you actually upgrade in your kitchen, where your property is located and also other aspects of your home. That being said, the average kitchen renovation can see a return on investment (ROI) of up to 49%. This is less than say, building a new conservatory or a garage conversion, however, a kitchen upgrade doesn’t cost as much and is much easier to do.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

You might have other reasons for wanting to upgrade your kitchen this year, however, these are some of the main ones that we come across at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD.

If you are worried about your budget and do not feel as though you can afford a kitchen upgrade then we are here to help. We can take you through the process and we also offer cheap kitchen units at a lower rate than our competitors which puts us in a great position to help you to upgrade your kitchen.

To get some expert advice on how you can upgrade your kitchen, simply contact us and see how even a small improvement can have your kitchen looking great.