Many people will tell you that buying new kitchen units is easy. Let us tell you that there are more things to consider than you would think.

At the Kitchen Warehouse UK, we have years of experience in getting people the kitchen they want and deserve. Not every kitchen makeover has to comprise of ripping out furnishings and fixtures and digging up the floor. In fact, redesigning your kitchen can be carried out with much less hassle, disruption and most importantly cost.

If you buy new kitchen units then you are not only replacing your old ones and giving your kitchen a new and improved look but you are also doing so without having to massively overhaul the whole room.

There are some tricks of the trade as we like to call them in our industry. Instead of hiding this from our clients we like to share these secrets with you – our valued customers. Here are 4 secrets that you need to know when buying new kitchen units.

Secret #1 – High Gloss Units Are Easier To Clean 

There are many people that choose our fantastic range of handleless high gloss kitchen units because of the way that they look. They are sleek, modern and come in a variety of colours that will fit in with any design.

However, do you know that they are incredibly easy to clean?

Not everyone enjoys cleaning at home. In fact, there aren’t many people who relish the challenge of putting on rubber gloves and scrubbing away at tough stains and marks in their kitchen. If you are a low maintenance type of person and simply want a kitchen that is easy to keep clean and tidy then high gloss units are the best option to choose. They add a minimalist and modern feel given their very straight to the point nature. For anyone who wants a kitchen that looks great but doesn’t require a lot of upkeep then these units are the answer.

Secret #2 – Modern Units Can Look Traditional Too 

Kitchen units

Durable kitchen units that provide great value for money.

There is a common misconception that buying new kitchen units results in a really modern looking kitchen. One of the industry secrets that we often share with our clients is that you can get modern kitchen units that compliment a traditional kitchen style.

For instance, take a look at our traditional solid wood kitchen unit range. These units are new, sturdy and easy to clean however they also have a very traditional look about them.

If you want to have a kitchen that retains its rustic and age-old charm but feel that it needs a makeover then these units provide this for you. Our solid wood doors are all sourced from various sustainable forests across the European continent. Not only will they enhance your kitchen but they aren’t damaging the environment either.

Secret #3 – Stainless Steel Is Durable And Long Lasting

Some homeowners rely on oak and other solid woods for their kitchen units believing that they will stand the test of time longer than any other material. A secret we want to let you in on is that stainless steel actually provides the most durable and easiest to manage material for your kitchen units.

If you want to design a modern looking kitchen then you really can’t go wrong with stainless steel units.

The great thing about stainless steel is that it looks clean, fresh and provides a very minimal feel. They aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer a more cluttered but homely feel to their kitchen however if you want something modern, easy to keep clean and durable then stainless steel is the solution.

Secret #4 – Light Coloured Units Increase Room Size

OK, so fitting light coloured kitchen units won’t physically increase the size of your kitchen – we don’t offer magic units that suddenly create space! – but they will provide the illusion of more space.

This is a tactic that our experienced staff explain to our clients that have small kitchens with limited space. It is similar to how mirrors or natural light can make a room feel bigger.

By fitting kitchen units that are light in colour then you can make your room feel bigger. So light browns, whites and various bright shades all contribute to this effect. Indeed if you have a large kitchen and you feel that it is too spaced out then new kitchen units with a darker shade will make the room feel a bit more compact and cosy if that it the look that you are after.

We don’t feel the need to hide anything from our customers. This is why we are so upfront with all our prices and don’t have any hidden charges. With the Kitchen Warehouse Limited, the price you see is the price that you will pay.

We feel that we should go that extra mile for our clients and this is why we have shared some of these industry secrets with you. Not everyone is great at designing or choosing a suitable material for their kitchen and with our expert help and advice, we can work with you so that you get what you want.

Why not contact us today to find out how we can help you create your dream kitchen?

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