Your kitchen floor, cabinets and countertops are the three largest components of your kitchen affecting the feel of your space, through their design, colour and style. And if you’re starting from scratch, after ripping out your old outdated kitchen or you’re are simply looking to change these three aspects and update your space, then you have a whole world of choices available to you. But building a plan and ensuring you seamlessly merge the colour and style pairings of these three major components is essential to making sure your kitchen matches your desires.

In the rest of this guide, we’ll take a look at four secrets to ensure a seamless pairing of these three core kitchen components.

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Simplicity is key

The kitchen is a core room of your home, being used by the whole family on a daily basis, so, here simplicity is key. Keeping the main colour of your kitchen simple and common, while highlighting bolder colours with the use of accessories and appliances, is a great idea. This allows you to easily update your kitchen space as the years go by without having to completely gut and replace it every time you feel like a change. Colours which work well here are the classic whites, blacks and creams, with splashes of colour thrown in such as our Ballroom Blue kitchen cabinets.

Start with your Counter

Your counter is probably the most expensive aspect of your kitchen makeover and so we recommend you start with it first. Choosing a countertop material can often be difficult and the material itself can often have variations in style and colouring, so finding the one that matches your ideas, will allow you to find the perfect cabinet and flooring pairing, as you continue your kitchen redevelopment. As some countertop materials can feature rather busy designs, from the swirling natural effect of polished marble to ceramic tile designs, it can often be easier to choose your countertop and then look to pair your floor and cabinets. Though if your countertop features a more neutral design then pairing it with your flooring while using a dominant secondary colour for your kitchen cabinets can be a great design choice, why not check out some of our painted Roma Shaker kitchen units.

Colour Palette Choices

When it comes to picking a colour palette for your kitchen, there are several things to consider, firstly is your kitchen part of an open space dining and living environment, if so you’ll need to consider if the colour scheme you’re thinking about for your kitchen will match up with the design of those rooms. When considering your colour scheme, it’s worth taking a look at a colour palette, and identifying a choice of three colours, two dominant complimentary colours and one accent colour to highlight and add character to your kitchen.

Accessories and Accents

Speaking of accent colours, the place you’ll really look to use these is in your kitchen accessories and appliances, from a beautiful high gloss white kitchen, with accents of red on your toaster and kettle, or even simply the use of colours on the chairs at your kitchen island. Another area where colour can be added to accent your kitchen is your kitchen cabinets where you can utilise a contrasting colour from your floors and countertops to add character and attitude to your room, such as our powder blue kitchen units.

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So, there you have it four powerful secrets to ensuring you seamlessly pair your new kitchen design, providing a beautiful appearance from the floors to your cabinets and countertops. And here at The Kitchen Warehouse we have over 15 years of experience manufacturing and supplying kitchen cabinets for both commercial and domestic kitchen needs, so why not browse our full range of complete kitchen units today, or give our team a call now on 01765 640 000 and let us help you design the perfect kitchen for your home.

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