The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home. You cook there, likely eat there and sometimes just hang out at the kitchen table. It is because they are used so extensively that you generally need to upgrade your kitchen more often than any other room in the house.

For many people upgrading their kitchen can seem like a big task that is going to cost a lot of money, however, we have already shown how you can actually save money by using the Kitchen Warehouse LTD. If you think your kitchen may be due an upgrade then have a look out for these 4 signs to see if it is time to invest in a new look.

You Are Running Out Of Space

If you find that you simply do not have anywhere else to store things in your kitchen then it could be time to upgrade your kitchen. A lot of people just do not have adequate storage space in their kitchen to cope with all the items they have. This can mean appliances, food, utensils or anything that you would normally keep in your kitchen. If your work surfaces are covered in appliances with little room to use and your kitchen cupboards are full then you should look into upgrading your kitchen to allow for more space.

Doing a spring clean can help massively but a lot of the time you can create more space with a kitchen upgrade. This can mean installing a kitchen island in the middle of the room if you have enough space or adding in some new kitchen cabinets.Fusion TIFF File

You Are Planning On Selling Your Home

Perhaps you are thinking you moving house. Why would you bother with upgrading your kitchen if you are leaving anyway? Surely the new owners can do this themselves? Well, upgrading your kitchen can actually add up to 6% to the value of your property.

If the new home that you are moving into needs work done to it then this extra 6% can have a big effect on what you can afford to do in your new property. Even though you will be spending money ahead of the sale to upgrade your kitchen it will result in adding value to your property which means you can do more with your new home.

Even simply adding in some replacement kitchen doors can really help to bring a fresh and renewed look to your kitchen and a full upgrade can see the price of your property soar.

Parts Of The Kitchen Are Damaged

This is probably the biggest reason that you will want to upgrade your kitchen alongside it having an outdated look.

Even though kitchen units, kitchen doors and appliances are pretty sturdy they can still become damaged over time. As the kitchen is quite a work-intensive room and is exposed to steam, sharp objects and heat everyday parts of the kitchen can become damaged. Even small chips off your kitchen doors or countertops becoming worn can have a negative impact on how the whole room looks.

Sometimes it is just a case of replacing one particular aspect of the kitchen because if the room is not damaged a small upgrade of just one part of the kitchen can really rejuvenate your property.

The Layout Just Isn’t Working

Many people sacrifice an efficient layout in their kitchen for a trendy design. While this may be great for the first few weeks (who doesn’t like a stylish and modern styled kitchen?!) when it comes to actually preparing food and cooking it can really take its toll. Modern kitchens can be designed to be efficient as well however many people when they design their own kitchen don’t always think about the practicalities.

You might be constantly going from one side of the room to the other to get something out of the fridge or the cooker and the hob could be in separate parts of the kitchen altogether.

The triangle layout kitchen design is highly recommended if you are planing on upgrading your kitchen. This is an imaginary triangle with the sink, fridge and cooker/hob at each of the points. For efficiency reasons, this is the best layout because it means that 3 of the most important sections of the kitchen are close by and can be reached easily when it comes to cooking and upgrade mistakes

Upgrade Your Kitchen In 2016

There is no time like the present when it comes to upgrading your kitchen. It can be easy to put it off and say that you’ll do it in a few months however now that January is out of the way and most people are back on their feet financially after Christmas then upgrading your kitchen should come to the forefront of your mind.

If any of the above signs relate to your kitchen then perhaps it is time for an renovation to really bring it back to life. We are always on hand to help at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD so simply get in contact with us if you are planning to upgrade your kitchen in 2016. We look forward to hearing from you!