Throughout history, interior design has changed more times than you’ve changed your mind about what to have for tea tonight! Where we have landed in 2020 is a culmination of all these different styles over time. But you can’t stop and evaluate modern kitchen design for too long, as that trend will pass you by, and some other design will be the centre of attention!

Especially in the kitchen, arguably the most used and important room in the home, you should be aiming for a practical layout. First and foremost it needs to work for you, before “jazzing it up” with kitchen units and doors that you love the look of. This way, you can easily negotiate those stressful mornings packing the kids’ lunch for school or evenings preparing dinner for guests.

Here we present a variety of layout options that we’re sure you can make work in your home, whether this is to purely switch up the look of your kitchen or to allow you to use your room more practically than before…

U best for you?

The busiest kitchen layout on this list is most definitely a U shaped kitchen. This is ideal if you have a busy household that needs plenty of storage, as 3 walls are occupied with a plethora of appliances and kitchen units that you can store all of your kitchen essentials in. Usually seen in larger kitchens, due to the “lots going on” feel about them, they can prove quite overwhelming in a smaller kitchen, as they often overpower rooms with minimal floor space.

From an aesthetic point of view, U shaped kitchens can prove a brilliant way of showcasing a specific colour theme, with a bold shade of kitchen door placed in front of a contrasting wall to make your room stand out.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of a U shaped kitchen, make sure you check out our dedicated blog post!

A fan of open plan?

Let’s face it, we’ve all dreamed of having an open plan kitchen at some point, right? They are often a feature in the wonderful homes you see on the internet or on shows such as Grand Designs, and for good reason. They help your room to appear bigger than it actually is, creating a more spacious look that many people strive for. Knocking down a wall allows for better communication throughout the house, so you no longer have to shout to speak to someone in the living room.

Open-plan kitchens still allow for the same level of practicality in terms of storage and appliances. Essentially just your existing kitchen without a dividing wall, an open plan kitchen allows you to keep your current look intact or could be the catalyst for a change in design.

For more benefits of an open plan kitchen, be sure to read our blog post.

Dream kitchen island

If you already have an open plan kitchen, then you may want to build on this with a kitchen island. An island can be used as a space for working, eating or socialising and can also double up as a storage option, giving you plenty of ways to make use of the space you have.

It can also turn a bland kitchen into a grand kitchen and really become the centrepiece of the room. Again, an island can be designed to fit with the existing theme of your room, providing a consistent look throughout.

One wall fits all?

If you are looking for a more simplistic layout that can still function as a regular kitchen, then the one wall approach may be for you. Understandably, this is usually found in smaller kitchens that don’t need as much storage, it allows your kitchen cabinets to be installed against a single wall, with both upper and lower storage areas doing the trick here.

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