Choosing new replacement kitchen doors for kitchen units is not easy. We have years of experience at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD in finding the right style and design for our clients however that isn’t to say that we do not come across some challenges at times. For those of you that are thinking of changing the way, your kitchen looks then replacement kitchen doors are a fantastic way to improve the design on a budget.

In fact, we have already blogged about the reasons why new replacement kitchen doors for kitchen units is a better and more cost-effective option than redesigning the whole room – 7 Reasons To Buy Kitchen Cabinet Doors Rather Than A New Kitchen.

So now that you know why replacement doors for kitchen units are a cheaper option but one that is very effective then what kind of kitchen doors should you go for?

Here are 5 beautiful examples.

Standard Shaker Kitchen Doors

Standard Shaker Kitchen DoorsJust because these doors have ‘standard’ in the name does not mean that they are basic looking or will not improve the look of your kitchen.

In fact, these are among our most popular products due to the fact that they not only look great but come at a very reasonable price – our standard shaker replacement doors for kitchen units start at £9.98 per door. One of the best features with these replacement doors for kitchen units is their minimalistic look. They really add a modern edge to your kitchen.

If you want a door that will upgrade the modernity of your kitchen design while also allowing you to enhance your kitchen on a budget then our standard shaker replacement kitchen doors are a sensible choice.

Solid Oak Kitchen Doors

Solid oak kitchen doorsSome people want to create a kitchen look that screams of traditionalism while also giving it a modern style too. Even though this sounds a bit contradictory our solid oak kitchen doors are the perfect choice if you want to roll back the years and design your kitchen in a traditional way.

These doors have a traditional five-piece construction that consists of a solid timber centre panel combined with a bottom and top cross rail. All 3 of our solid oak doors work great with lighter shades in the kitchen particularly whites and creams.

They might be slightly more expensive than our standard shaker doors they do offer fantastic durability, an age-old charm with a modern tint.

Handleless High Gloss Kitchen Doors

handleless high gloss kitchen doorsUnlike the more traditional solid oak doors or the cost-effective but class standard shakers, our handleless high gloss are in a different category altogether.

They are one of our most inexpensive ranges of replacement doors for kitchen units however they are a fantastic alternative to renovating your whole kitchen. With these doors, your kitchen will look like new without having to rip up the flooring, move units about and generally spend a lot of money.

These doors have an ultra-contemporary design coupled with a sprayed and lacquered finish which creates an aspect of modernity and style.

Roma Classic Kitchen Doors

These doors provide a finish similar to our solid oak replacement doors for kitchen units however they are a part of roma classic kitchen doorsour exclusive Ashton Cole collection. Our Roma Classic range is a more cost-effective option than our solid oak doors without sacrificing any design.

If our solid oak range is a bit too traditional for your taste then these doors are right up your street. They have a modern finish with a 5 piece style and even though they have a somewhat age-old feel to them they also provide an updated look.

This range starts at just £16.46 per door and they are the perfect choice for those of you that want a door that will stand the rigours of the kitchen while also offering a timeless design.

High Gloss Acrylic Woodgrain Kitchen Doors

High Gloss Acrylic Woodgrain Kitchen DoorsFancy something that will really make your kitchen stand out from all the rest? Our high gloss acrylic woodgrain replacement doors for kitchen cabinets will give you just that.

These doors bring modernity and style to a completely new level. They actually fall into a very reasonable price range but with a high-end design. You can even make use of 3D edging with these doors for an extra cost that produces a smart mirror-like finish when you open the door. These are the only doors that we provide with a made to measure service.

For anyone that wants visitors to take notice of their kitchen then our Aston Cole exclusive high gloss acrylic woodgrain replacement doors do just that and more.

Replacement Doors For Kitchen Units

Creating a fresh and new style for your kitchen does not mean that you need to save up for months or even years. You can really re-design your kitchen on a budget and these 5 beautiful doors will do just that.

Our doors can be fitted with most major kitchen unit manufacturers and we can even offer a fitting service if you are within close proximity to your showroom – just contact us for details.

For anyone that wants to improve their kitchen in a cost-effective and smart way then these doors will have the room looking great in no time.