Every new year brings with it new trends and the kitchen is one of those rooms in the home where people spend a lot of time. For many, deciding to follow a trend is a no-go because it costs money and they change so quickly, however, for those who do decide that they want to follow a trend, it opens so many doors for them. The trick to it all is to adopt a trend that is right for you through the way in which it mirrors your taste. Through doing this, it will mean that you are not left with a kitchen that falls out of fashion quickly.

Adding your own touch to these trends will ensure that your kitchen and living space will last for many years. The following trends are here to stay for 2016 so why not take a look to see if any of them work for you?

Vintage Kitchen Trends

High Gloss Acrylic Woodgrain Kitchen DoorsThose trends that bring together both contemporary and vintage as well as cool are key in 2016. Those people who like sleek kitchens and kitchens with a very minimalistic look that do not necessarily have a lot of warmth. This shows that some trends are now moving beyond the need of comfort and more towards a kitchen that has a timeless yet functional feel that does show the true meaning of home.

Precious Metals

In recent years, metals and metallic have played a huge part in our quest for a look that is chic and smart and it seems as though this not likely to change any time soon. Metals such as brass, gold and copper are likely to stand head and shoulders above other metals such as silver and stainless steel. This is mainly because they offer sophistication and an element of warmth.

To incorporate this look into your kitchen, take a look at copper pendant lights that can be a focal point above an island. This is a look that will work in both a modern kitchen and a traditional styled kitchen. Copper taps or a splashback that has a metallic finish to it will also add a unique look. Check out Pinterest.

Comfort is a Kitchen Trend

Kitchen furniture is often a difficult one to get right. Take kitchen stools as an example. People want them to look good, often opting for a stool that makes a real visual impact but they are often unusable because they are just not comfortable. However, this is all about to change because comfort is now becoming an important factor when choosing kitchen furniture. Essentially, this means that seating is likely to offer cosy fabrics, cottons and linens as this trend is aiming at ensuring that spending time in the kitchen is relaxing and enjoyable.

Neutrals and passive colours

The past year has seen strong colours being incorporated into kitchen designs. This year is all about neutrals and colours that soothe the soul. Grey is still a popular colour and it is being used in warming tones but browns are also being introduced in more cooling colours but white will also be the go-to colour especially where white appliances are being included in the kitchen. Look at these on HGTV.

Water Features

Adding some water features to your space can really add a lot to it and can look fantastic and also a little different. The likes of soothingwalls.com provide a whole array of these sorts of features and they can really add to the kitchen space.


If you haven’t heard about porcelain being used in the kitchen yet, then you are going to before the year is out. Porcelain surfaces are created of a ceramic that has a high-density and they are not porous. It is not a new material but when it comes to being used in the kitchen then it is a new-comer.

This new material has a number of characteristics that are similar to that of other engineered stone such as granite and these have done exceptionally well in the kitchen. However, when it comes to dealing with heat and stains, porcelain is better on every level. Porcelain also offers an exceptional level of versatility as it can be engineered to a number of thicknesses which means it can be used as a worktop, splashback or even doors. This makes it possible to incorporate it in many different ways.

This is a new player in the game of kitchen trends but it is set to become popular during the remainder of 2016 and beyond. It comes in a number of different finishes and therefore, can be designed to meet the requirements of everyone.