Kitchen design trends change so rapidly that when it comes time to renovate your own kitchen you can be left wondering what happened in the last decade.

It is easy to get left behind and feel a bit lost as to what’s popular and what isn’t nowadays. Luckily there is a lot of information out there to help you and to bring you up to speed on the most chic kitchen styles. That tiny tile backsplash behind your sink or cooker went out of fashion a while ago and the colourful appliances are being replaced with more neutral shades to create a better balance.

Don’t worry about being left in the dark about new kitchen trends in 2016 and beyond.

The Kitchen Warehouse experts have compiled a short list of 5 innovative kitchen design ideas to get your creative mind to work if you are planning a kitchen remodel sometime soon.

innovative kitchen design ideasHandleless Matt Doors

One of the latest innovative kitchen design ideas is handleless matt doors.

Handleless doors aren’t anything new – we have been selling them for a few years now – but the matt finish is. They have the anti-fingerprint technology to keep marks and scratches at bay and provide a clean, sleek and minimalist finish to your kitchen cabinets.

For an innovative kitchen design then these doors should be at the forefront of your plans. They not only have the fashionable design element but they also have the structure and technology to ensure that they look great in your kitchen for years to come.

 Coffee Barkitchen-1520325_640

Coffee plays such an integral part of our every day lives that it has now become one of the staple innovative kitchen design ideas.

Cornering off a section in your kitchen to use as a home coffee bar is a great way to not only bring attention to that part of the room but also give it a unique style. Use a well-designed coffee machine with cups, sugar and, of course, coffee displayed prominently.

This will add an extra layer of design to your kitchen. Home coffee bars are becoming very popular and it is such a simple addition to your room but one that can have a big effect on its overall style.

5891048228_1af80f979f_bHanging Storage

This has been around for a while, however, hanging storage went out of fashion as the more clean and minimal kitchen designs took shape. For years the trend in kitchen design was to shut everything away behind closed doors to create an uncluttered as discreet look.

Hanging storage is making a comeback. Showcasing your kitchen utensils, cookware, cups and other items gives your kitchen a much more ‘lived in’ and homely feel.

In fact we spoke about this in our recent blog post – How To Create A Dream Farmhouse Kitchen – and open shelving and hanging storage is an effective way in which to create a working kitchen look while also providing an innovative way to access items with ease.

Copper Shelvingvictorian-kitchen-770286_640

A new innovative kitchen design idea is copper shelving and it is one that is rapidly gaining traction in the kitchen architecture world.

Copper is a highly durable material so you won’t see it degrade or become damaged during the lifetime of your kitchen. It’s unique and vibrant shade also means that it can really stand out in your room and it is a useful material to provide an accent in one part of your kitchen.

Copper shelving can really bring attention to your storage and it is one of the innovative kitchen design ideas that can make a real statement in modernity and fashion.

Eclectic Kitchen

Concrete Designs 

Concrete is fast becoming one of the most widely used materials in innovative kitchen design for a number of reasons.

Firstly it is very durable and strong and can be easily installed in your kitchen for worktops or kitchen islands. For modern kitchens, it provides a real brutalist design scheme that is coming back into fashion. For minimalist kitchens then concrete is the material that often completes this look.

Finally, it can be combined with a whole manner of different materials to great effect. Concrete worktops with wooden flooring provide a striking contrast to a range of kitchen units and it is increasingly being used for indoor architecture to great effect.

Innovative Kitchen Design Ideas

If you are considering upgrading your kitchen this year then these innovative kitchen design ideas will get you on the right track to keep up with popular trends.

Your kitchen might have been fashionable 5 or 10 years ago when it was designed however trends and styles change quickly. We are not saying that you definitely have to change the whole appearance of your kitchen and the way that it looks just because a new design is becoming popular rather these are things to consider if you are renovating your kitchen in the near future.

Keep checking back on our blog for the latest updates on kitchen architecture and for anyone taking tentative steps to remodel their kitchen these 5 innovative kitchen design ideas will get you started. Alternatively, give us a call on 01765 640 000 on visit our contact us page.