As one of the most used rooms in the home, our kitchens are somewhere we should love.

So why is it so often the case that, we put up with being unhappy with either how our kitchen looks, or just ignore little niggles about how it functions – such as doors that open awkwardly, or a lack of storage space?

While of course, in many circumstances it’s the cost that puts homeowners put off making changes to their kitchen, in reality, getting a whole new look may be far more affordable than you’d think.

If the aesthetic of your kitchen is what’s making you miserable – considering updating just kitchen doors – and affordable way to get an updated look, without having to install an entirely new kitchen.

If it’s really the case that you do need to upgrade your kitchen units – here at Kitchen Warehouse, we have a vast range of kitchen units at affordable prices, so replacement may be less costly than you would think.

With this in mind, we uncover 5 signs that it’s time to update your kitchen.

It’s hard to navigate

A clear indicator that it may be time to update your kitchen is if it’s become tough to get around. Often, we may inherit a kitchen layout when we move into a property that we just decide to live for a short time.

Then that short time becomes half a lifetime, and we are still putting up with things like kitchen doors that open in the wrong direction, storage cupboards that don’t have space actually to store anything, and kitchen door handles that knock our knees every time we enter the kitchen.

Sometimes just the smallest adjustments to the layout of your kitchen units can make a world of difference to how we use the space. Suddenly being able to navigate the kitchen more easily makes the kitchen a joyful space to be in, and cooking a delight.


You don’t have the storage you need

The secret to having a kitchen that you love is having enough space to store aware all the items that are not in regular use – and to be able to display and use those gadgets and tools you want in everyday life.

Many of us accumulate a considerable number of items for the kitchen over the years. This pasta maker gathers dust on top of a cupboard, the coffee machine that you now can’t live without, that special dinner service that was given as a present. But as all of these items accumulate – our need for storage increases.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we offer a huge selection of kitchen units with intelligent storage solutions – pantry units with pullout shelves, corner units with a lazy Suzan built in – all of these can help you to keep your kitchen clutter-free.


It’s looking dated

Put simply, if your kitchen is looking dated, it may well start to make you feel down. Additionally, a dated kitchen can decrease the desirability of your home if you are looking to sell anytime soon.

The good news is that a dated looking kitchen can be one of the easiest things to tackle. If you really don’t have the budget to buy anything new – why not consider painting your units and changing the handles to give it a new lease of life?

Or think about just updating your kitchen doors. This can give you the look of an entirely new kitchen without the expense of complete replacement.

Your needs have changed

If you’ve lived with your kitchen for a long time, the chances are that, over the years what you want from your space has changed. You may have developed more of a love of cooking – which demands more from your kitchen space. You might have grown your family, and therefore be more safety conscious. Perhaps you entertain more than you used to.

It’s an interesting phenomenon. We take care to update other rooms in our homes as needs change – turning a spare room into a study when work requires, buying new wardrobes as our old ones tire – but the kitchen often gets overlooked.

However, having a kitchen space that suits the needs of you and your family perfectly can bring a certain harmony to this hub of the home.

If you think it’s time to update your kitchen, please do get in touch with us – our friendly team are more than happy to discuss your requirements and set you on course to living with your dream kitchen.