Did you know that replacement kitchen doors can really change the way in which your entire room looks?

When you look around a kitchen the doors on your kitchen units are often the first thing that stands out.

However, because they are in the firing line so to speak in your kitchen they can damage easily. Even robust kitchen doors can become worn and damaged with opening and closing all the time, spillages and steam. That is why replacing your kitchen doors is important.

Replacement kitchen doors are also an easy way to give your kitchen a fresh look or modernise it if the room looks old.

We have come up with 5 sunning replacement kitchen doors that will give your kitchen a unique look and make you stand out from the crowd.

Lucente Black Replacement Doors

Many people don’t think that black is the best colour for a kitchen but at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD, we like to be innovative.

With our handle less high gloss Lucente Black replacement kitchen doors you can truly modernise your kitchen with a simplistic, sleek but stunning look. These doors might not be the cheapest on our list but if you have some funds to redesign your kitchen but don’t want to spend thousands on a complete overhaul then they are an inspired choice.

Contrast these doors with some light coloured flooring or painted walls to create a modern effect and if you have white or cream worktops then these doors will look sublime.

Silverwood Replacement Doors

Our Silverwood replacement kitchen door range is a high gloss acrylic model that creates a stunning effect in your kitchen.

With a modern wood grain finish, they work best with whites and greys but don’t contrast as much as our Lucente Black doors. If you want a high-quality door to fit your kitchen without creating too much contrast then these doors as a sensible choice. In fact, if you want to keep a traditional look to your kitchen then our Silverwood replacement kitchen doors provide this while still looking modern.

The ultra high gloss finish gives them a shiny look and they are also built to last with protection against steam, spillages and other everyday kitchen mishaps.

Lemon Replacement Doors

OK, so for some people having bright lemon doors in their kitchen is a bit, well, much but if you really want to spark conversation and show your artistic side our Lemon replacement kitchen doors are a great choice.

These high gloss acrylic kitchen doors are not for everyone. In fact, you need to be ready to have a kitchen that truly stands out from everyone else’s. However, if you are ready for a bight, loud and vibrant colour of replacement kitchen door in your room then this is it. With a shiny finish, MDF base and Senoplast Acrylic covering these doors not only look good but they are built to last too.

Want to have a kitchen that really grabs attention? Then our Lemon replacement kitchen doors are as brave as you can get.

Ballroom Blue Replacement Doors

These are not as loud and vibrant as our Lemon replacement doors but they are stunning and will add another creative dimension to your kitchen.

Our Ballroom Blue replacement door range works great with greys and whites. They don’t stand out as much as some other replacement kitchen doors on this list but they are very noticeable. If you want people to look at your kitchen and think “Wow, I love the colour scheme in here!” then you can’t go wrong with these doors. They come in a Roma Shaker design so they are at the budget end of our list but this doesn’t mean that they are not high quality.

To give your kitchen a bright colour scheme and offer something different from your run of the mill shaker doors then our Ballroom blue replacement kitchen door range is perfect.

Ferrera Oak Replacement Doors

These doors are a great alternative to more traditional solid oak kitchen doors and combine both modernity and an old-fashioned design.

Our Ferrera Oak replacement doors are more cost-efficient than the solid oak range but this doesn’t mean that they don’t look great. With a light finish, they work fantastic with stainless steel and bright colours and they can fit into virtually any kitchen design scheme. These replacement kitchen doors will make your kitchen look fresh and renewed without radically changing the style of the room.

If you want to improve your kitchen with replacement kitchen doors but don’t want the big price tag then our Ferrera Oak range is well suited to your needs.

Stunning Replacement Kitchen Doors From The Kitchen Warehouse LTD

We want to help you every step of the way with buying replacement kitchen doors.

With years of experience, we know how big of an impact simply replacing your unit doors can make and this is why we stock so many at such great prices.

You can also order a sample from us to see how your chosen doors look in your kitchen.

Get in contact with us right away if you want to find out how we can use our stunning replacement kitchen doors to give your kitchen a unique look.