Making a small space seem larger is one of the best ways to get more out of a property without extending or converting. If you have a small kitchen, and want to make it feel larger and airier, then you must think of different ways that you can make use of the room as it currently is, but add value to it. Many homeowners find that they need to provide plenty of space in the kitchen, in order to make sure that they have everything they need to hand while they are cooking or entertaining. In order to ensure that you get the best from your small kitchen, taking steps to make it light and airy can improve the space a great deal. There are several things that you can do to make your space seem larger.

Make your rooms light-coloured

AVONLEA OAK PAINTED Cream and Light blueOne of the simplest ways to ensure that you give volume to your room is to the use of lighter paints. Many homeowners don’t realise the full impact of their colour choices upon their rooms, but the use of light paints in a small room can make it seem larger, and is the best way to get an organic feeling of space when you come into the kitchen. If you have painted your kitchen in greens or blues, then you may have already created a darker feel within the area. Rather than relying upon fun colours, it makes more sense to maximise the space with lighter colours such as greys, pale yellows and cream colours. In addition to painting the walls, it is a good idea to add extra light to the room by painting the cupboards in the same tone. This will help to create a more expansive feel in your small kitchen.

Use space-saving tricks

When you are struggling for space, kitchens and cabinets are at a premium, and it is important to make the most use of these storage utilities. If you are working with an L-shaped kitchen, then you may find that cabinets can’t go all the way round into all corners. Corner cabinets, which can be used to extend the reach of such cupboards, as well as thin ‘spice racks’ or similar small areas, can be the best way to ensure that the most is made out of every space. In order to maximise your space-saving, research these styles of cabinets before you install anything.

Maximise workspace

One of the biggest problems with a small kitchen is that there is a limited amount of space available for worktops and counters. In order to maximise the amount of space you have, many experts recommend putting your oven and your cooktop or hob in the same location in order to maximise the space. You can also build microwaves into the cabinets, and store smaller appliances in a pantry or storage cupboard in another room. Small floating books and connections can help you to de-clutter even if you don’t have any space available in the rest of your home for these gadgets. All of these tips will help to ensure that you get the most out of your workspace, and ensure that you leave your counters clutter free and open. This will automatically make your small kitchen seem much roomier, and you will also have plenty of space in the room to work and prepare dishes.

Furnish correctly for a roomier kitchen

A big mistake which many homeowners make when they are trying to make the most out of a small kitchen is using furniture which is entirely inappropriate. Choosing the right furniture can help a kitchen to feel much bigger than it really is. Avoid choosing large pieces, such as heavy dining tables and installed benches, which will prevent you from making the most out of the space they take up. Choose freestanding chairs with thin legs, so that they don’t take up a lot of space, and try to paint the chairs so that they are lighter. You may also consider using retro or designer furniture which has been built to be narrower than usual.

Limit your personal features

When you are fitting out a room, it can be natural to try and include personal features which add to the individuality of the room, but when you are designing a small kitchen, you need to pare back these personal touches as much as possible. There is no harm in displaying small items, but tried to think about where you can place them for maximum effect, or whether you can make them useful for some purpose in the kitchen. Keeping a small space free of clutter is essential, and this means preventing yourself from adding endless personal displays, which will just shrink the amount of space visible in the room and make it feel a lot smaller. If your kitchen is a little larger, then indoor water fountains can create a real feeling for roominess and are a great focal point.

These tips have been created to make your kitchen space lighter and roomier – something that will only be added to by our new kitchen. Why not get in touch with us for a quote.