A new kitchen is a long-term investment.  Given that a kitchen is often the real heart of a home, it is often best to spend as much as you can reasonably afford to get the kitchen which is perfect for your needs. At the same time, it is understandable that people will want to count their pennies, particularly at times like the present, when money is on the tight side for many people. Here are 5 ways, put together by the Kitchen Warehouse team, to save on kitchens without compromising quality.

Work With What You Have

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Upgrade your kitchen with our helpful tips

Power and water supplies can be very expensive to move so it is easier and cheaper to plan your kitchen around the existing facilities than to design a kitchen which requires you to move them. This can also make the new kitchen quicker and less disruptive to install since moving water and power points may require cutting into ceilings, walls and floors. Consider where things like your kitchen sink and water supply are based and see what can be saved from your existing kitchen to be used in your new one. For example, you may want to remodel your kitchen to accommodate your changing needs, wants or tastes, but you may not actually need new appliances.

Do You Need New Units?

A full overhaul can be expensive but what if you can just get new kitchen units or replacement kitchen doors. There may be a benefit to having some actual newly found cupboard space made available by purchasing one of those units. In other cases, however, it may be perfectly reasonable to use open shelving, for example for crockery and even items such as cutlery, pots, pans and some cooking utensils.

Choose Materials Wisely

A classic example of how this works in practice is granite counter tops.  Granite looks beautiful and is durable, scratch-proof and heat proof.  It is, therefore, a great choice for use near the cooker itself because it will stand up to those odd occasions when a hot item has to be put down quickly and the countertop is more convenient than the cooker.  Even if this never happens, the work surface nearest the cooker is the one which has to withstand the most heat, which is another case for using genuine granite.  For the rest of the kitchen, however, the use of granite is usually more cosmetic than practical.  So, rather than pay full price for the real thing, opt for laminate. It is massively cheaper and, these days looks just as good.  Another example would be using tile-effect linoleum rather than actual floor tiles, which are likely to be much more expensive.

Reuse Existing Furniture

Modern kitchens often consist of a combination of fitted cabinets, stand-alone islands and possibly a dining area.  Fitted cabinets have to be professionally installed and are generally chosen from kitchen-specific cabinetry.  Islands and other furniture, however, allow for more flexibility.  For example, buying pre-loved butchers blocks and putting them together can make an effective kitchen island for far less than buying a new island from a kitchen range.  Likewise, tables, chairs, stools, waste bins and the like can be repurposed and/or bought used, possibly with the help of some upcycling. When looking at second-hand pieces, the key point is to be sure of their overall quality and shape. Colours and coverings can be changed relatively easily. Even if you do not consider yourself particularly crafty, it is pretty straightforward to use a can of spray paint and you can use a special glue to bond fabric if you feel like even basic sewing is beyond you.

Use Second-hand Accessories

It is often the details and accessories that bring true style to a kitchen and the good news is that there are plenty of pre-loved bargains to be had. Many people like to remodel their homes and, in particular, their kitchens, in line with changes to their lifestyle. This means that it is often quite possible to find high-quality accessories at bargain prices or even for free. When shopping for second-hand items there are often great bargains to be found there. Use local newspapers and bulletin boards to find items. You might also want to organize a swap meet amongst your friends where people can exchange items to give their home a new look.

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