The kitchen can often be overlooked, but when it comes to it, it’s really the heart of every home, and if in 2018 you’re looking to give it the love it deserves and let it provide you with that dream space you’ve always wanted for family breakfasts, sophisticated cocktail parties and unleashing your inner Nigella or Ramsey, then we’ve got the blog for you.

The tail end of 2017 saw the rising emergence of bold colours and textured kitchen doors which will continue through 2018 along with the popular move to industrial and metallic kitchen environments.

So, let’s take a look at seven of the biggest kitchen design trends in 2018!

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Bold & Vibrant

Bright, vibrant kitchen colour schemes will be all the rage in 2018, from bold bursts of colour across focal walls or kitchen cabinets, to maximalist contrasting and clashing colours filling the whole kitchen space. Even appliances will be getting involved in the vibrant colour makeover with brands like Rangemaster providing bursting bright red models such as their ELISE line.

The Growing Islands

The layout of your kitchen is usually dictated by the space you have, but kitchen islands made a huge come back in 2017, as we tried to incorporate practical storage solutions with the return of family gatherings. And kitchen islands will continue to be a big deal in 2018, involving plenty of built-in kitchen units to ensure there is space not only for sitting down for breakfast with the kids, but also adding all-important storage space to your kitchen.

Statement Shelving   

As the average home continues to get smaller, storage and space saving solutions will be the focal design point of every kitchen in 2018, with shelving being utilised, not only for storage, but to make a statement. Open shelving is getting ever more popular, allowing homeowners to add personality to their kitchen, as they add small accessories or show off the smart kitchen appliances and interesting luxury food items they own. But hidden storage solutions from internal drawers, pull out storage and tall kitchen cabinets will be more important than ever, to provide homeowners with the most available space in their homes.


Matte Shaker Styling Is In

Shaker is a classic and practical style that provides a simple and yet traditional design to your kitchen. And in 2018 the shaker design, for kitchen units, will be all the rage especially in a subtle matte colour finish. Featuring a rich recessed panel adding texture to your kitchen, shaker doors will be one of the biggest trends in kitchen cabinet door designs this year.

Handles Are Back

The last several years have seen a move to the seamless linear look with handleless kitchen cabinet doors being the popular option when it has come to sophisticated kitchen designs. But in 2018 and on into 2019 kitchen door handles are back, and in a big way! These simple accessories will be paired and matched to kitchen appliances, adding detail and flare to kitchen doors, as well as ensuring simple ease of access.


Lighting has always been the mastermind skill of a true architect, using both natural and artificial lighting to make rooms feel more open and spacious. And in 2018 the use of concealed and disguised lighting will play a big part in changing the dynamics and feel of your kitchen, from creating a warmer feel to enhancing and accenting your kitchen units. And with the use of colour changing LED lighting, you can quickly alter the mood in your kitchen, dimming uplit or down lit lights concealed within your kitchen units, to add contrasting feel against other existing lighting features.

The Era of the Smart Home

Speaking of colour changing lighting, 2017 saw the steady growth of the smart home, but in 2018 smart homes will come into their own and the kitchen is going to be at the very centre of that home design revolution. From the use of hidden wireless smart speakers, and lighting concealed within your units, to the more sophisticated and luxury smart kitchen features such as vacuum drawers and WIFI enabled appliances, so you can get that oven warming up while your stuck in traffic on the way home, the smart kitchen is a definite design trend you need to remember in 2018.

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So, when you start your drawing up your dream kitchen re-design this year, don’t forget to consider these seven trending styling options from the simple and sophisticated shaker doors to statement shelving and kitchen islands. And if you’d like the support of our expert team of kitchen unit designers here at the Kitchen Warehouse then why not give us a call today 01765 640 000

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