There are a lot of home activities that take place in the kitchen, including eating, drinking, cooking, cleaning and of course, socializing. This is why you need to have a kitchen space that is both functional as well as beautiful. No matter the style of your kitchen, the layout and overall organization are essential. These are the top mistakes the Kitchen Warehouse team have found that you should try to avoid when you are looking for a kitchen space that is both elegant and practical:

Never Obstruct the Kitchen Triangle

Kitchen UnitsThe stove, refrigerator and the sink are what professionals refer to as the kitchen triangle. This is the area where the greatest activity takes place and it requires a good bit of careful planning along with unobstructed access. Out of the three of these, the sink will usually get a whole lot more action than the other two. You should be able to access it easily and have plenty of room for your workstation on the countertop right next to the sink.

The sink will also need to be near plumbing. However, there can be times where the pipe placement will put sinks in a poor location. If this happens with your kitchen, you may want to think about hiring a plumber to make sure that the plumbing is relocated to a spot that makes for the best sink placement for the right kitchen triangle.

No matter the size of your kitchen or the shape of it, the actual sum of all of the legs in any work triangle should not be any less than ten feet or greater than 25 feet. If you have a work triangle that is too small, it could lead to people tripping over one another. If it is too large, then food preparation could turn into a trying task.

Do Not Waste Your Storage Space

Most kitchens will contain a great deal of stuff and the items that are hidden behind kitchen units can be shaped oddly, requiring a lot of space, including stand mixers and food processors. You need to find a home for your appliances while being able to keep them easy to get to. This can start to get tricky.

Built-ins can be expensive and the size of the room you have to work with could be limited. A big design mistake could be not adding in enough storage. Just about every kitchen ends up with wasted space, but this can be cut back with just enough planning and forethought.

If you have a small kitchen, think about installing upper cabinets that are extra long with moulding that will allow you extra storage space. Lighting and greenery can be placed along the top of the area to draw the eyes upward. Always install your cabinets over your fridge, as not to use this area would be a big waste of potential storage space, especially when it comes to seasonal kitchen items. Finally, you can think about putting in shelves across the back portion of the lower kitchen cabinets to give you about four square feet of storage space. Choosing a supplier like us who utilises quality kitchen designers with interior design software.

Watch Your Counter Space

handleless high gloss kitchen doorsA big complaint about kitchen design is that there is not quite enough counter space. You need to take into consideration all of the activities that you do in your kitchen that will require counter space. Take the time to fit in as much of the open horizontal surface area in the kitchen as you possibly can. This can easily be achieved by adding in a breakfast bar or an island if you have an l-shaped kitchen.

Pay Attention to Lighting

The kitchen is always going to be a space where you have to have great lighting. This is going to be a matter of both design and ambience as it will be your safety. Working in the kitchen means using a variety of knives and other kitchen tools that you have to be able to see while you are working. The more light that you have in the space, the better you will be able to show off all of the design elements.

Rooms will usually need three kinds of lighting. There will be general lighting used for overall illumination and also accent and task lighting. In the kitchen, you need to evaluate the work areas and focus on your ability to offer the best light to each spot that needs it. Take into consideration extra lighting that will be directly above all of the major work areas.

Backsplash or No Backsplash?

When you are designing a kitchen space, you may find yourself wondering about a backsplash. Even if it saves you money to cut it out in the short term, over the long term it could cost you both time and effort. Think about all of the grease, water and steam that will be moving about your kitchen with daily use. Installing a backsplash over your cooktop and the counters can be a smart idea, allowing you to easily clean up the area.

Kitchen Ventilation

the right kitchen design will fade whenever there are noxious odours about. Think about any time you have walked into a home and smelled something awful coming from the kitchen. This is when you will fully understand the importance of a good ventilation system.

A range hood that is cheap can end up simply circulating air that is stale and dirty. A good range hood should be able to improve the quality of the air in your home while keeping the kitchen cleaner and fresher. Such a ventilation system will also help to extend the overall life of your appliances.

Even though it can be a big investment, the best ventilation system can make your life more pleasant and a whole lot easier.

Be Selective with Your Kitchen Island

Some people will think of a kitchen island as additional storage, or a space for preparation and serving in the kitchen. What you should know is that the wrong kitchen island can end up being a real waste of space. Selecting the wrong island or putting it in the wrong spot can be a real disaster.

When selecting your kitchen island, you need to be sure that you never obstruct your traffic flow to and from the refrigerator, sink and the stove. Islands should be about four feet in length and about two feet deep, having plenty of room for people to move around and work around it. Unless you have a kitchen space that is at least twelve feet long and eight feet deep, you should not even consider having an island installed.

All of these things will help you sell your home when the time comes and can be a big benefit. A new kitchen is a great addition, so contact us now by callingĀ 01765 640 000 for details on what we can offer you.