How do you take an outdated kitchen and place it into the present day? Creating a modern kitchen style does not mean completely ripping out every cupboard, tile and appliance you have. Sometimes it can consist of making a few choice additions to your room. You would be surprised how the little things can make a massive difference to how your home is perceived.

In this Kitchen Warehouse blog, we have taken a look at the modern kitchen style. Not just in regards to what it is, but how to actually achieve it.

Handleless Kitchen Cupboard Doors

It is no secret that handleless replacement kitchen doors give off that ultra modern look. What else provides a contemporary design like this?

For a start, they just look sleek. Without the handle, there is a real, slimmed down feel to these doors. They look fantastic in any kitchen but they really add that complete stylish look to a room that you want to be modernised.

Given the range of colours and shades that you can buy handleless kitchen cupboard doors in, there is not a design out there that they won’t fit seamlessly in with. If you want to create a modern look then this is a good starting point.

Remove The Clutter

Larder PulloutModern kitchens are not meant to have loads of appliances and items on the worktops – they are made to be clutter free.

This is method that you can use where you do not actually need to purchase anything. Remove as much as you can from the work surfaces and store it away. In fact, why not use some smart storage solutions such as a larder pull-out so you can find everything you need in a hurry?

This is not just a way in which you can create a modern kitchen style, it has many practical advantages as well. It sets a calm and spacious environment in which to cook and prepare food. The idea of filling your kitchen worktops with appliances and things that should be stored away have no place in a modern design.

Use Darker Shades

We always seem to come across the idea that a kitchen should be bright, airy and full of light colours. With a modern style, you can go a bit wild and incorporate a lot of colours that would not ordinarily be used in this room.

Black and grey are two colours that work really well in a modern kitchen. Far from making the room appear dreary, they actually provide a cutting-edge design that works to great effect. Most people think of brown wooden colours and whites when it comes to kitchens but the opposite is true in a modern environment.

You can even contrast these darker shades with striking colours such as red for a truly contemporary style.

Install Smart Appliance

Finally, when you aim to create a modern look you need the new appliances to go with it.

A kettle that you can control the temperature and turn on/off with an app? What about a smart oven that uses a camera to look at your food and determines the best way to cook it by setting its own temperature and time? You can even get a fridge with a built-in camera for those times when you are out shopping and can not remember if you bought milk yesterday or not. The possibilities are endless.

Creating A Modern Kitchen Style

It does not take a whole lot of effort to transform your kitchen from one that looks outdated to a completely modern design.

Start by adding in handleless kitchen cupboard doors or kitchen units, move onto changing the colour scheme to a darker tone and then supplement all this with smart appliances. Get rid of all that stuff on your worktops as well to reduce the clutter in the room.

It only takes a few steps to create a new kitchen style and to make your family and friends jealous of your new ultra-modern home. Visit the Kitchen Warehouse showroom in Ripon to view our stock in person or contact us for further information by calling 01765 640 000 or by emailing us at

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