We have some exciting news from Kitchen Warehouse HQ to share with you. Kitchen Warehouse are now proud AEG Premier Partners! We hear you asking – What does that mean? Most people will have heard of AEG, of course. They are one of most highly regarded home appliance manufacturers. The brand is attractive, advanced, reliable, and respected. But, what exactly does it mean for our customers now that we are AEG Premier Partners?

Premier Partners: We can offer showroom exclusive deals

In short, being AEG Premier Partners means we can offer showroom exclusive deals on AEG appliances when purchased along with your new kitchen units. This also includes a 5-year parts and labour warranty. And there’s more, including cashback up to £500, internet price match, and lots of other benefits.

But that’s the short version. Let’s put some more flesh on the bone. Becoming AEG Premier Partners is such great news. We can’t simply reduce it down to a couple of paragraphs and give it justice. So, here goes…

Premier: The minimum standard for our partners

The thinking behind the AEG Premier Partners programme is simple. When you choose a new kitchen, often people are looking for the ‘complete package.’ This means the units, countertops and appliances. Of course, everybody knows that a new kitchen is very much a big ticket purchase. And when you are shelling out so much, you want every aspect of the deal to be of high quality.

The Premier Partners programmes is a two-way endorsement. From AEG’s point of view, it’s an opportunity for their customers to take advantage of AEG’s preferred network of recommended kitchen retailers. Choosing a kitchen showroom with AEG Premier Partner status is a smart move. It means customers receive an exceptional level of service and gain access to a range of exclusive benefits. From our side of the bargain, the partnership enables Kitchen Warehouse customers to include the most desirable appliances in their kitchen designs. Not only that, this comes with special prices and benefits to boot.

Teaming up with AEG as Premier Partners really is a win/win situation for everybody concerned.

Two’s Company: Stronger together

As the saying goes, ‘two heads are better than one’. This is why you benefit when Kitchen Warehouse and AEG put our collective heads together. When you choose your kitchen with us, our AEG Premier Partner status means we can really improve the customer buying experience.

Not only can we offer displays of the latest AEG technology, you can get inspired by Live Events (more of that later). On top of that, you can take advantage of the many exclusive product promotions that we run. All in all, the partnership means that choosing the right appliances for your new kitchen has never been easier.

You also get complete peace of mind. All appliances come complete with a 5-year warranty. The last few months have been unsettling for everybody. The COVID epidemic has pulled all of us out into unchartered waters. It’s difficult to predict what the situation might be in 5 weeks or 5 months, let alone 5 years. So, it’s reassuring to know that some things are safe, secure and constant. That’s what you get with extended warranties on all appliances, including all parts and labour.

Enjoy the benefits of AEG Live Events

Choosing new kitchen appliances takes careful consideration. It’s no different, in fact, from choosing new kitchen units and countertops. As well as making sure you have a look that fits into your design idea and suits the budget you have available, it’s really important that you choose appliances are really are right for you and your needs.

Particular features might be viewed as essential, while others might be superfluous to requirements. That’s why it’s great that, as Premier Partners, we can host AEG Live Events.  This is where AEG will demonstrate and showcase the various features and product benefits of the appliances.

From True Fan to Steam, Steambake, Sous Vide, and Induction, you can see for yourself how these great features work. As they are practical demonstrations, you’ll see delicious dishes cooked before your very eyes – inspiring you to try them at home for all the family or friends.

The Live Event sessions are a fantastic opportunity to find out which features and appliances are right for you. You can get answers from the product experts to any questions you may have. The AEG experts will guide you thoroughly through the features of an appliance. What better way is there to find out which products suit your home and lifestyle the best?

Everybody benefits from partnership

It’s not just kitchen showrooms that AEG partner with. The company is committed to helping everyone cook restaurant-quality in their own homes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a keen amateur chef, or simply a weekend baker, all types and levels of cook are considered and catered for by AEG.

To this end, AEG have partnered with a range of top cookery and bakery schools up and down the country. These institutions are the places to visit if you are serious about mastering all manner of culinary skills and techniques. All these AEG Partners have their kitchen areas fitted out with the latest range of AEG appliances. It gives their clients the perfect opportunity to perfect their cooking skills and experience the pleasure of using top-of-the-range kitchen technology at the same time.

AEG Partner: Bread Ahead

London-based Bread Ahead are one such AEG Partner. Originally founded in 2013, the company started out supplying fresh produce to its Borough Market customers and a host of delis and restaurants. Bread Ahead’s The Bakery School opened its doors in February 2014. Since then, Bread Ahead really haven’t looked back. A second bakery and school have opened in Chelsea, and a café and bakery have been opened in Soho. The latest additions to the impressive Bread Ahead portfolio are a bakery, school and restaurant in Wembley.

All the Bread Ahead kitchens are fitted with AEG Steamboost kitchens and the latest AEG technologies, such as Hob2Hood and PowerBoost. Most of the classes and schools that Bread Ahead put on are in London. However, a number of e-learning events are also held. This means that you can enjoy the Bread Ahead baking school experience wherever you are.

AEG Partner: The Cheshire Cookery School

A bit closer to (our) home is another AEG Partner, The Cheshire Cookery School. Born out of a steadfast belief that good food is central to all the matters in life, the school aims to help people connect with each other and the environment.

A comfortable and contemporary setting, the schools teaches cooks to learn both new and time-tested culinary techniques, using a full range of AEG appliances, such as pyrolytic and steam ovens, domino induction hobs and dishwashers.

The atmosphere is professional yet informal with a strong emphasis on fun and enjoyment. All levels of cook, from beginners to the highly proficient are catered for. The diary of events all-year-round at The Cheshire Cookery School is bound to offer much to inspire and excite any budding cook. The school is in Altrincham, just south of Manchester.

More AEG Partners to help you master cookery

The Cookery School at Little Portland Street is definitely one of the leading cookery schools in the capital. Here the focus is on sustainability and dispelling some of the myths that exist about cooking. For The Cookery School at Little Portland Street it’s all about dumping the jargon and joining in a celebration of home cooking skills. The state-of-the-art kitchens are fitted out with the environment as the focus, in keeping with their commitment to sustainability. The kitchens feature the most energy-efficient AEG appliances.

Another London-based AEG Partner is Hello Fresh Kitchen. HelloFresh is one of the leaders of the pack when it comes to subscription-based food delivery. The HelloFresh chefs work tirelessly in the test kitchen to perfect new recipes. The kitchen is fitted with the latest AEG ovens, featuring SenseCook technologies and steam cleaning functions.

Last but not least in our round-up of AEG Partners comes award-winning The Big Bakes. The Big Bakes. Located in London and Birmingham, customers enjoy a unique 90-minute baking experience creating a stunning bake. The Big Bakes have won many accolades and their events always use AEG technology.

Enjoy Partner Promotions and amazing rewards

As Premier Partners we can offer our customers exclusive partner promotions. For example, up until November, you can claim cashback when you purchase 4 or more AEG kitchen and laundry appliances with your new kitchen. You can claim up to £500 with this Premier Partner Cashback Promotion. If you purchase an oven, a hob and 2 additional appliances, you can claim £200 cashback. The same with 3 additional appliances earns you £300, and 4 additional appliances gets you £400. At the top end of the scale, if you purchase an oven, a hob and 5 or more additional appliances you can claim £500 back in cash.

AEG Appliances

 We’d be here all day if we tried to mention every single appliance that AEG produce. But let’s just say that if you’re. looking for any sort of kitchen appliance, there’s a very good chance that AEG make it. The range of cooking appliances is extensive, from ovens and hobs to cookers and cooker hoods, alongside their compact integrated range, AEG have all bases covered. In addition, you’ll find microwaves, blast chillers, vacuum sealers, warming drawers, and all manner of cooking accessories.

Of course, it’s not just cooking appliances that AEG take care of. Your laundry needs are covered with a great choice of washing machines, washer dryers and dryers. Life is made easier with a fantastic array of dishwashers.

And when it gets too hot in the kitchen, it’s nice to know that AEG have all your cooling needs covered as well. It doesn’t get better than the AEG collection of refrigerators, freezers, and fridge freezers.

Of course, it’s not just about your traditional ‘white goods’ when it comes to fitting your kitchen out with appliances and AEG also produce an impressive range of small kitchen appliances, including coffee makers, kettles, water filters, toasters, mixers and blenders.

AEG appliances: Special features

Quality is assured with all AEG appliances, but what really sets AEG apart from the competition is the dazzling array of features that the appliances have. Whether you are a complete novice in the kitchen, or a seasoned and accomplished chef, AEG ovens are designed to suit all skill levels. From single ovens that are ideal for smaller spaces to double ovens – perfect for those who like to entertain – AEG ovens enable you to discover the very best baking, grilling and roasting.

Perfect results are assured with Food Sensor. This great feature allows to take the core temperature of a dish from its centre whilst its cooking. Meanwhile, SteamBake is a baker’s dream. The feature adds steam to the start of the baking process. It means that your bakes will rise that little bit higher. And, at the push of a button, SteamBake adds the final touch to the perfect bake by adding extra moisture. Similarly, another wonderful AEG feature is SteamBoost. It delivers intense flavours, working in much the same way as a traditional oven, but adding steam to the cooking process. This locks natural moisture into the dish, making it succulent and juicy.

Come and see for yourself

So, if you are thinking of investing in a new kitchen, and you’d like it to feature some of the very best and latest state-of-the art appliances, why not get in touch with the Kitchen Warehouse team? Our friendly experts are always on hand to offer all the advice you need about kitchens, and to answer any questions you might have.