It’s a conundrum faced by many. You want to upgrade your current kitchen to something more functional and aesthetically pleasing, but want to do so at an affordable cost. You may have had problems with poor quality kitchen units in the past, or worry about the durability of a cheap kitchen unit.

It can certainly be the case that a cheap kitchen is a false economy – but not all cheap kitchen units are the same quality. There are different ways in which you can save money on kitchen units, without having to compromise.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse – we are pleased to offer high quality kitchen units at an affordable price.


Are all cheap kitchen units the same?

In a word – no. Some kitchens are cheap to buy because they are made of poor quality materials – and are unlikely to stand the test of time. With the kitchen in constant use, considering this type of cheap kitchen really isn’t money saved. You are likely to need to replace your kitchen more often and may struggle with day to day use. And we all know that a small niggle in the kitchen, can turn into a big one when you are constantly frustrated by an ill fitted unit, or a badly aligned door.

Another option for those looking for a cheap kitchen is to purchase a second hand kitchen – however, this comes with the difficulties of not usually being the right fit, with doors and units having to be discarded and not properly fitting property with your space. It’s also already had wear and tear, so may not last as long as if you had purchased a brand new kitchen.

However, there is another one to source a quality kitchen at an excellent cost -without having to compromise on quality.

buy a cheap kitchenAt Kitchen Warehouse, we supply both kitchen showrooms and also the general public – at the same cost! By buying your kitchen from us – you are cutting out the middle-man who would then add their costs before it’s sold to you.

Usually, when you buy a new kitchen, it would have gone through several suppliers before it is offered to you – and each of these would add something to the price. Every time the kitchen goes through another stage, the price goes up.

Instead – we offer our kitchen doors directly to your at wholesales prices, with nothing added on top.

Many kitchens are expensive to buy as the company you are purchasing from will have high overheads, such as having multiple showrooms, high staffing costs, and also designers.

However, as we sell our kitchens directly to you online – we are able to pass on those savings – and bring you a quality kitchen at a cheap price.

Additionally, all of our kitchens are delivered flat packed, so if you’re handy with a screwdriver, there is no reason why you cannot fit the kitchen yourself – saving even more costs on kitchen fitters – we even have a great range of videos with easy to follow instructions to help you to learn how to install your very own kitchen.

Buy a cheap kitchenShould I buy a cheap kitchen?

There’s no reason why you should not consider a more affordable kitchen, as long as you can be assured that it is of good quality, and, more the point meets with aesthetic you are looking for.

All of Kitchen Warehouse’s units are of high quality and made using durable materials – so they look good and are built to last. With little touches such as German soft closing hinges and a range of stylish kitchen handles – we are pleased to offer excellent kitchens at a great price.

One of the reasons that people may avoid buying a cheaper kitchen is because they are afraid that they won’t find the look that they want for their kitchen.

No so with Kitchen Warehouse – we have a huge range of kitchens. From solid wood kitchen units – offered in a range of both classic wood grain, or painted styles, to ultra modern textured handleless kitchens which give you the opportunity to introduce contrasts and textures into your kitchen – whatever you are looking for in your new kitchen – you will find it in our online store.


How to cut costs on a new kitchen

Another way to keep the costs down when you are looking to revive your kitchen is to choose to replace your doors, instead of the entire kitchen units.

As long as your kitchen carcasses are in a good condition, buying replacement kitchen doors gives you the opportunity to bring a brand new look to your space without bearing the costs of entire replacement.

You could opt to bring the most contemporary of touches with handleless  high gloss kitchen doors – a look that is both aesthetically appealing, but also practical. The high gloss offers a reflective quality which can give you kitchen the appearance of having additional space, and as there is no need to purchase handles – you also save money there too.

Or for those who have more traditional tastes – why not consider buying one of our luxury shaker kitchen doors? For something bold yet timeless, our Shaker midnight blue replacement kitchen doors bring both elegance and a sense of times gone by.


Why choose Kitchen Warehouse?

handleless kitchen doorsWe are proud to offer not just affordably priced kitchens – but kitchens which are of excellent quality – meaning that we provide our customers with great value. As a family run businesses, we believe that we offer a level of customer service that is far superior to that which you find on the high street. We are on hand to offer advice, and welcome our customers into our Ripon, North Yorkshire based showroom too.

Buying directly online from Kitchen Warehouse allows you to “cut out the middle man” and the kitchen of your dreams, delivered directly to your door at a price you can afford. Generally, our lead times to deliver your kitchen can be within just days – so no waiting months for your brand new look.

So if you are looking to buy a new kitchen for a cheaper cost – browse our website and discover why we are one of the UK’s leading kitchen suppliers.