Behind the Kitchen Cupboards – Which Sex is better in the Kitchen?

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cooked by a man or a women ?

Who’s really better using the contents of the kitchen cupboards? Is it men or is it women? Needless to say, if you’re a woman, you will certainly be gender-biased and answer women. And if you’re a man, you’ll likely answer otherwise.


In reality, it’s a very difficult question to reply to because of its subjective nature. In case you haven’t noticed, often women rule the kitchen cupboards and worktops at home while men are designated positions as the top chefs at hotels and restaurants. Nonetheless comparing them in this rudimentary manner doesn’t stack up.

Existing Preconceptions – What Happens behind the Kitchen Cupboards

First, let’s take a look at some of the popular preconceptions. Why do people consider a particular sex to be better in terms of cooking? Here are some of the notions people tend to have.

Men are more lavish in using spices while women prefer to be subtle.

This emanates from the notion that men love spice-rich or stronger-flavored foods. For example; they can venture eating hot and spicy foods while women would just prefer a milder pepper kick.

Women prepare food from the heart while men cook using their head and often for an ulterior motive

It’s also said that when women cook, it’s a labor of love. But for men, opening the kitchen cupboard and cooking is often to impress women and to further their aims. Whether this is true, we can’t say!

Men cook red meat while women go for the whiter meats

As a generalization, men prefer cooking red meat or those challenging and difficult meals. Women on the other hand prefer the easier or more pleasing ones. Some believe that the best meals are tougher to prepare, which may make men better in this regard.

Women are keener to details and tend to be precise.

In favor of women, they tend to be more meticulous when it comes to the preparation of food. Even during the construction and design of the kitchen, women already have preconceived plans of their future haven at home including the choice of furniture, kitchen equipment, appliances, and materials for kitchen cupboards.

Strengths are Weaknesses and Weaknesses are Strengths

There are obvious differences between men and women when they work inside the kitchen. But we would like to stress that in the kitchen strengths are weaknesses and vice versa.

Men love experimenting with new flavours and tastes

Men’s number one strength and one many argue makes them best at cooking, is their ability to be adventurous and take risks. Their more risky nature often results in them discovering new menus, courses, or flavors. Men are curious and enjoy experimenting with new ingredients or perhaps trying to create a new dish out of common or ordinary ingredients and this is often a strength. Although women are also quite daring when it comes to cooking, they often have a tendency to go along conventional with cooking rules and stick to their cookbooks.

Women are more passionate and meticulous when it comes to using what’s in the kitchen cupboards

As mentioned above, women tend to stick to cooking rules and use cookbooks. It’s an advantage and strength, contrary to what we mentioned above. Women are so passionate and meticulous about cooking that they can produce a 100% exact gourmet dish from what they were thought or have read in their cookbook. It’s also worth mentioning that women seem to have more patience performing the minute and repetitive tasks in the kitchen when compared to men.

Why do men excel at restaurants and women at home? 

So; if men and women have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to cooking, why do men rule restaurants and women dominate household kitchens? Aside from individual cooking skills, there are other factors that come into play.

For example, in the restaurant or hotel scene women often can’t really commit full time to restaurant and hotel work because of conflicting family obligations. Conversely, men can’t really practice cooking at home especially if they are working in a full time position. Additionally, history and our culture tell us that women should be in charge of the kitchen and other household tasks. And although this is all changing, it’s still a very apparent reason for things being the way they are.


To conclude, men and women are really equal in terms of their cooking and kitchen skills. Several social experiments have been conducted to really find out which one is the better, but no one can really tell the difference when the top male and female chefs are put head to head.

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