Behind the kitchen cupboards

Has your kitchen seen better days? If your kitchen cupboards are damaged, a bit cluttered, or just looking tired, it’s probably time to start thinking about making some improvements.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best ways to revamp your kitchen cupboards and how best to organise them to your advantage.

Is it time to revamp your kitchen cupboards?

Have you looked around your kitchen and just felt like it could do with a makeover?

Here are some of the reasons that it might be time to revamp your kitchen cupboards.

Your kitchen cupboards are damaged

If your kitchen cupboards are past their best, you may have noticed chips, scrapes or stains that really tarnish the whole room. The cupboards in your kitchen are often the first thing that people notice when they walk into the room and are usually one of the first things that you notice too. As they take up so much of the kitchen, damaged or worn kitchen cupboards really do have an adverse effect on your home. On the other hand, attractive new kitchen units, or even just replacement kitchen doors, can add value to your home as they will make it more desirable to prospective buyers.

Our replacement kitchen cupboard doors are very durable and are built to last. They’re available in a range of styles and are easy to clean – perfect for those with children and pets.

Replacing damaged kitchen cupboards, or just the doors if the units themselves aren’t damaged, will give your kitchen a fresh look, ensuring that you’re proud to invite your visitors into the room.

Your kitchen is being renovated

Another reason you may be thinking of replacing your kitchen cupboards is if you’re in the process of renovating your kitchen.

Have you been thinking about an expensive redesign for your kitchen? Have you priced replacing the tiles, changing the layout and maybe even installing new white goods? Perhaps you think that replacing your kitchen cupboards is too big of a deal at this stage? The great thing about kitchen units and doors is that you can replace them fairly cheaply by dealing directly with the manufacturer – cutting out the middle man and all of their costs.

Buying new kitchen cupboards can actually be one of the most cost-effective aspects of renovating your kitchen. Not only is it a small expense if you are renovating your kitchen but it is one of the best ways to really brighten up and modernise the room. Replacing your kitchen cupboards also adds more value to your home than any other aspect of kitchen renovation. Which leads us to our next point…

You are thinking of selling your home

You might be wondering what the point is in spending money to revamp your kitchen cupboards if you are planning on selling your home in the near future? Well, the answer is that a well presented, modern and clean looking home is likely to fetch more money on the property market.

A buyer will inevitably want to personalise the house to their liking. However, by installing new kitchen cupboards you can create a much more modern look which will increase the value of your property. If this is your reason for installing new kitchen cupboards, or simply changing your cupboard doors, then make sure you choose neutral colours that complement your existing design. Fitting bright orange cupboards, for example, can have the opposite effect and put buyers off.

If you need an inexpensive way of adding some value to your property whilst modernising its look, then new kitchen cupboards are a great option.

Even if you are not considering selling your home in the near future, your current kitchen cupboards are not significantly damaged or you are not planning on a complete kitchen renovation, investing in new cupboards still makes sense. Not only will it smarten up your kitchen, but it will also make your whole home feel renewed.

Kitchen cupboards cost less than full kitchen re-design

Let’s face it – renovating a kitchen is not the cheapest task in the world. Even if you are undertaking this project by yourself, it is still expensive to buy all the materials and tools, as well as being incredibly time consuming.

On the other hand, simply installing new kitchen cupboards is a good way to brighten up your kitchen on a minimal budget. By doing this, you can spruce up your kitchen for just a few hundred pounds, depending on the size of your kitchen. You could even opt to replace just the kitchen cupboard doors if there is no damage to the units themselves, saving even more money.

When you think about the thousands of pounds that it can cost to completely re-design your kitchen, the cost of new kitchen units is minimal in comparison.

Get candid about clutter

If new kitchen cupboards are still a bit of a stretch financially, just tidying them up a bit can make you feel much better. And now that the kids have gone back to school, you can finally get around to starting on some of those projects you’ve been putting off – such as getting your kitchen cupboards organised.

Whether you’ve decided to replace your kitchen units, just replace the kitchen cupboard doors, or you’re just going for a lick of paint, you’ll reap the biggest benefits from your kitchen if you organise it properly. But how do you go about it? And where do you start? Below, we’ve put together some tips for getting your kitchen clutter under control.

Clear the clutter

Exactly how many Tupperware containers does one family need? Most of us have way too many, making it frustrating trying to contain them all in the one kitchen drawer or cupboard. The answer is to keep only those that you need – the ones you use on a regular basis. As for the rest? Take them to the charity shop – someone will be glad of them. Meanwhile, with the tubs that you decide to keep, store the lids separately – in a drawer somewhere. That allows you to pile the containers inside one another, taking up much less space than if you store them with their individual lids on.

Any gadgets in those kitchen cupboards that you don’t use anymore? Perhaps your fad for the popcorn makers went years ago. You’re kidding yourself if you think you’re ever going to use that bread maker again. And while we’re on the subject of obsolete objects, is that air fryer you got in lockdown taking up a ridiculous amount of space for the three times you’ve used it? If so, get rid!

Like Tupperware boxes, baking trays are another item that we have all tend to have too many off. Muffin tins, in particular, often seem to multiply. If you’ve more than you need – or are never likely to use at one time – then again, purge them. The same goes for plates, bowls and definitely mugs. We’ll bet you’ve got a cupboard full of mugs that no one ever uses!

Where to start when organising your kitchen cupboards

Organising your kitchen cupboards can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task, and it can be difficult to know where to start. So, we’ve created a handy guide to help you along the way.

Empty and categorise your kitchen cupboards

The best place to start when organising the mess in your kitchen cupboards is to empty everything out entirely and put it into categories. This will enable you to see right away if you’ve too many of one particular type of item. Try to remove something from every pile, for example – utensils, mugs, glassware, cutlery etc. That way you’ll have far less to put back in again and you’ll be left with much more space in your kitchen cupboards.

Least used items at the back

When you do put everything back into your kitchen cupboards, put the least used items, such as kitchen scales and the blender to the back of the cupboard. This will make regularly used items, such as plates and cups, much more accessible. Your kitchen cupboards will look more organised in this way.

Section your kitchen drawers

You probably have your cutlery drawer all nicely segregated with the knives in one section, spoons in another etc. Now it’s time to do the same with the other drawers in your kitchen.

These days you can buy great storage dividers that you simply place inside the drawers, giving each type of item its own specific space. Not only does this look much neater, but you’ll now be able to find string, elastic bands, pens and everything else you need without rummaging through mess. Just think of the time you’ll save not having to hunt for items!

Again, just don’t have too many of the same item. A couple of pens are fine, for instance, and you can only use one corkscrew at a time. The end result is that you no longer have what you once referred to as a ‘junk drawer.’ Now that it’s neat and organised it’s a drawer that merely stores ‘miscellaneous items’.

Add baskets for food

Baskets or plastic tubs – either are great for keeping foodstuffs together. That way it doesn’t spill out all over your cupboard; packets are contained within a certain space and, again, you should be able to see right away where things are. Keep condiments in one basket or tub, packets of rice, pasta and noodles in another and spices in a third (if you don’t have a separate spice rack).

Use a home organiser to store items such as plastic bags, brushes and colanders. This is like a giant peg board that hangs on the inside of a cupboard door. It’s a brilliant way to utilise unused space.

So, now that we’ve inspired you, isn’t it about time you got started?

If you’d like to buy new kitchen cupboards to inspire you a little further on your decluttering journey, read on!

How to buy kitchen cupboards online

We have a wide selection of kitchen cupboards, units and replacement kitchen doors on our website. If you’re local to our Ripon showroom, we recommend that you pay us a visit. This will enable you to see our goods in person, and you’ll get a far better idea of the quality craftsmanship that goes into every product. That being said, thousands of our clients have bought directly from our website and been ecstatic with the results.

In fact, buying online lets you browse at your own leisure, and you can view far more kitchen cupboards and units in a short space of time.

We have kitchen cupboards in a wide range of designs and finishes to suit different tastes. Choose from solid wood, high gloss, handleless matt, luxury shaker and many more options.

If you’re just buying kitchen cupboard doors from us, we’ll supply them completely undrilled for both handles and hinges. This is not a mistake, it’s so that you can drill holes yourself that correspond exactly with the holes on your existing kitchen units. It also allows you the freedom to choose handles that suit your taste – take a look at our range of handles here.

How to install new kitchen cupboards

If you’re a bit of a novice when it comes to DIY, don’t worry, as installing new kitchen cupboards doesn’t have to be tricky. Take a look at our range of ‘how to’ videos, which explain the process in great detail.

Speak to us about bespoke kitchen cupboards today

As we stock a wide range of kitchen cupboards on our website, you should be able to find the exact specifications you need. However, if you can’t find what you’re after, don’t hesitate to get in touch. If we don’t stock exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to create bespoke kitchen cupboards with the design and measurements you require.

If you have any questions about our kitchen cupboards, or any of our products, give us a call on 01765 640000 or send us a message using our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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