Galley kitchen are all about keeping things compact and tidy in your kitchen, allowing for the same design excellence and productivity to flourish even in a small space.

The problem for many people with a galley kitchen is space as in most cases these kitchens are designed to be built without a kitchen table to make maximum use of space. To become far from being confined, stuffy and enclosed, you can actually do a few things to improve the space in your galley kitchen. This works both for physically increasing space as well as giving the perception of more room.

Did you know that galley kitchen get their name from the kitchens that are found on ships? This is because space is limited on a vessel, so the kitchen needs to be slim and compact with many designers incorporating this look into houses and apartments for excellent results.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse we deal with many types of kitchen and have a lot of experience in providing small kitchen ideas. This is why we have created these 4 galley kitchen ideas at home.

Handleless High Gloss Replacement Kitchen Doors

A great way of giving the impression of more space in a galley kitchen is to use handleless high gloss replacement kitchen doors.

These provide a minimal, clean and functional look that won’t make your galley kitchen look cluttered. In fact we at Kitchen Warehouse often recommend them to customers who are looking for affordable galley kitchen ideas. These doors can simply be fitted onto your existing kitchen units so there is no need to rip the whole kitchen out to install them.

You can also find handleless high gloss replacement kitchen doors in a variety of colours (we currently provide 8) so we are sure you will find a shade that fits into your existing design. If you want to upgrade your narrow galley kitchen and want to create a modern and minimalistic look then these are an affordable but fantastic choice.

Look Up Instead Of Straight Ahead

One of the main galley kitchen ideas that we consistently advise our clients on is to make use of the height of the room and not just the width.

A galley kitchen will always be a very narrow design which is why you should need to make use of tall cupboards and any storage space above your kitchen cabinets. Higher and slimmer cupboards are a much better option than wide cupboards because a galley kitchen doesn’t have much width or floor space. You will not only increase your storage space with these cupboards but also create more room for worktops.

Galley kitchen ideas should be primarily focused on added space and with higher cupboards, so you can achieve extra storage without sacrificing room in the kitchen.

galley kitchen ideas

Use Smart Lighting In Your Galley Kitchen

One of the best small kitchen ideas is to use what we would term as “smart lighting”.

We often recommend ambient lighting to boost the perception that your galley kitchen is bigger than it actually is. Many people make the mistake of using one or two lights in their galley kitchen. This creates shadow which result in the kitchen feeling enclosed and small. With ceiling lights that run the whole length of the room, you will illuminate the whole space and avoid any dark corner that make the room seem confined. Also, use task lighting underneath your kitchen units as this will avoid any dark spaces on your worktops as well.

Galley Kitchen Ideas

Here at Kitchen Warehouse we are asked about kitchen ideas all the time. We enjoy working with galley kitchens so much as when we see the finished product and how we have improve space in such a confined area we can take immense pride in our work.

If you are not sure how you can increase space in your galley kitchen then why not order a sample from us first for only £19.99? We have a great kitchen door sample offer that allows you to order one of our samples and see for yourself what replacement kitchen doors can do for your galley kitchen. All you need to pay for the door you desire and if you choose to use our services to improve your galley kitchen then we will deduct the cost of your sample from the total price.

If you have a galley kitchen then you shouldn’t feel that there is nothing you can do to increase space and make the room appear bigger. We have worked with some really narrow kitchens in our time and our clients are always amazed with the solutions we offer.

Our best advice for improving your galley kitchen is to either visit our  Ripon showroom or get in contact us directly. You can get in touch by giving us a call on 01765 640 000 or dropping us an email at Here we will be more than happy to use our years of experience and innovate galley kitchen ideas to ensure that your kitchen looks its best for years to come.

Let’s work together to enhance your galley kitchen at home!