As we are now over 3 months since lockdown began in the UK, you can be forgiven for starting to run out of ideas as to how to keep the household entertained during this time of a restricted lifestyle. “What else could I possibly do to make the days go by whilst being stuck at home?”…

Think about this, how much have you considered using the kitchen to your advantage? This is one of the most important rooms in the home, and one of the most used, but have you actually thought about fun activities you can do in this room? Well, you don’t have to, as here at Kitchen Warehouse we have come up with some of our favourites.

“Come Dine With Me”

A classic kitchen activity given a creative twist. We’re sure that you have watched the show Come Dine With Me at some point, so why not bring this to your own home? Let each member of the household pick their favourite kind of food and allow them to go all out in cooking their chosen dish for the rest of the house.

What’s more, let them put the ‘kit’ in kitchen by making the room match their theme with props galore! This allows the entire family to try out different foods and have a fantastic time while doing so.

Collaborative cleaning

Has preparing meals 3 times a day during lockdown started to take its toll on the condition of your kitchen? It’s inevitable, but with the extra pairs of hands around the house, make cleaning fun and get the whole household involved. Put on some music to get you all in the groove, and then start cleaning from top to bottom, giving you a room that you can be proud of once more.

Assign each member of the household with their very own section to clean, one for the kitchen doors, one for the kitchen cabinets etc. This means that the room can be completely clean in double quick time while keeping everyone busy in a period of potential boredom during lockdown.

Eating dinner as a household

From sitting out in the sunshine during the day to socialising in the living room and dining as a family in the kitchen, there’s no denying that lockdown has brought households together. So, why not use the opportunity to make this a regular thing (even after lockdown)? After all, there is only so much time one can spend in a single room throughout the day, so by breaking it up you can socialise as a household, spending good times and laughs together as a result during this difficult time.

Have a karaoke party

We know this may seem bonkers…but by picking up your spatulas and spoons and belting out some classics from the comfort of your own kitchen, you have the perfect excuse to let your hair down and not take life too seriously while you’re in your home. Use the space that your kitchen has as the perfect stage and dancefloor.

The perfect learning environment

With children still being taught virtual lessons from home, and more time spent indoors than ever, use the kitchen to your advantage by using it as a station for learning. The kitchen is a place that promotes work and action, as cooking is done there on a daily basis. Why not take a seat at your kitchen table and learn a new skill or attend virtual lessons in a setting other than your bedroom that you most associate with rest and sleep!

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