You have your kitchen units or your replacement kitchen doors as well as your kitchen accessories and brand new appliances. You have designed a fantastic room.

There is only one thing left to look at – your kitchen floor.

Sometimes the floor is overlooked when it comes to re-designing a kitchen and it results in a great looking ‘top half’ to the room with a rather shabby and outdated ‘bottom half’.

Luckily, the team at the Kitchen Warehouse have written this handy blog post which details the various different options for your kitchen floor so you can be assured that the whole room looks spectacular.

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Having a hardwood floor in the kitchen is a relatively new concept. Previously hardwood was seen as unsuitable due to the moisture build-up and the various spills you get in the kitchen.

That being said, many people are now coming around to the idea that hardwood can be a useful practical addition to a room where previously it was generally always avoided.

Choosing a hardwood option is useful if you have an open plan kitchen and want a flooring that will maintain a modern design over the years. It is also fairly low maintenance if you choose a ‘pre-finished’ version.

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

If you are prone to dropping things on the kitchen with regularity then vinyl flooring is a good option as it is more forgiving and slightly softer than tiles or hardwood.

best kitchen floor

This material is also incredibly easy to clean properly as a quick wipe with a water using a mop will normally do the trick. It is also very budget friendly so it is the best kitchen floor if you do not have a particularly big budget. If you are after a more luxurious look to your kitchen then vinyl might not be the best option but it should last around 20 years if you look after it properly.

Linoleum is a similar option and while it is not as long-lasting as vinyl flooring, it is better for the environment.

Eco-Friendly Options

A new material on the market is cork. How many people do you know with a cork kitchen floor? Probably not many but it is one of the most eco-friendly kitchen floor options.

Cork is a sustainable material (the tree bark that it is made from grows back) and it provides a soft flooring which is great if you spend long periods standing in the kitchen. You also get the benefit from a slip-resistant floor too. A final beneficial point is that if it is sealed properly then it should last a very long time.

Bamboo is another material that has been dubbed the best kitchen floor and it is generally more water resistant than hardwood although it can ‘swell’ in rooms that have a constant high level of humidity.

What is the Best Kitchen Floor?

We purposely have not mentioned tiles because, well, we all know that tiles are usually the go-to material for a kitchen floor and there are very good reasons for this.

So, what is the best kitchen floor? Hardwood, tile, vinyl and the eco-friendly options all have their plus points (and some downsides) and the best kitchen floor for you depends on how often the kitchen is used, how much money you have to spend and also if you want to opt for an environmentally friendly option.

What material do you have on your kitchen floor? Do you think tile is really the best option or are there better materials out there? Let us know by getting in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team today. You can contact us via email at or by calling us on 01765 640 000. Or be sure to check out our huge range of kitchens for sale to see if you can finish off your dream kitchen look today.

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