Looking for some smart, stylish and space-saving kitchen ideas? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we’ve compiled a number of great ones for your new kitchen, many of which are learned from our extensive experience installing and adding kitchens to all shapes, sizes, and sorts of homes. So, take a look and see the sort of ideas that can really add to your kitchen space.

Paint your Kitchen Doors

One great way to get more from your current kitchen, and to give it a right old lift, is to paint the kitchen doors. Painting kitchen doors not only gives a tired old kitchen the new sort of finish that many people cherish, but can also be used to add a lot of fun and colour to the room. Whether you want something lighter and brighter or a design with more of a heritage touch, there are numerous high-quality paints available to ensure you can do just that.

Change your Kitchen Door

Kitchen door samples

Create a fresh look with new kitchen doors

Alternatively, why not consider replacing your kitchen doors? We provide a whole array of fantastic kitchen doors to suit any shape or size of kitchen. Meaning that you can have a completely different style of kitchen for a fraction of the price. By getting new kitchen doors, you don’t have to replace all the other components of the cabinets. Still not sure? We’re experts in this area and will be more than happy to discuss your wants and needs when you come to visit us at our showrooms.


A new stove can be a great addition to a kitchen and can be a fantastic statement piece that really works on a functional and aesthetic level. The likes of Rayburn, Aga and others create some beautiful stoves that catch the eye when you enter a new kitchen for the first time. Why not add an attractive extractor fan to really cap things off.

Paint the Island

Painting your kitchen island a different colour can also add a lot of style and sass to a kitchen. If it has doors you can also give them a coat or better still, get our help to replace them. A kitchen island is one of the focal points in a kitchen and with a little bit of clever design, it can look like a fantastic central piece that really draws attention.

Feature Wall

Why not add some wallpaper as a feature wall in the kitchen. It can really add a little excitement and design to the home and a little colour too. You don’t have to go too crazy, just make sure it’s placed at a point where it won’t be damaged. There’s a good selection here.

Open Shelves

Open shelving can also look fantastic and is also very useful. There is a real sense of comfort with open shelving and it can really give your home a farmhouse feel. There are all sorts of ways to consider adding it, and each will be determined by the style or the shape of your kitchen. It can potentially be a lovely attractive addition and one that really adds to space and gives a more homely feel to your kitchen.

Smarter Storage with our Kitchen Door Designs

One of the things that we take great pride in is our use and integration of smart storage in the kitchen. From sliding cupboards to recycling areas (that are hidden or pull out from beside or under the sink) we like to think of ourselves as the kings of smart storage. A smarter storage means less room is needed and makes more of the whole kitchen – something that’s vital.


New kitchen doors can transform your kitchens appearance

Kitchen tiles are one thing, however, a mural can truly add a lot of style to your kitchen. Whether you purchase a mural from a large manufacturer, get someone to create one or decide to make one yourself – a good quality, the attractive mural can make a big difference to your home and really make your kitchen stand out. These often look very attractive behind a sink or countertop.


Flooring can pack a lot of personality into a kitchen, mainly because it takes up such a large part of the space. Adding some attractive kitchen flooring can really create a talking point and create a certain feel in a place. Of course, the style you want is up to you, though we’re always on hand with advice if you require it.


Why not create a more eye-catching window by using bespoke blinds from Made Blinds. Your blind style can be as varied as your fabric and these can add a lot to your kitchen in terms of colour and design. Talking to us or discussing your new kitchen with a curtain or blind company can shed plenty of light on the best sort of blinds for your kitchen.

Lighting Fixture

Choosing a nice, attractive lighting fixture can also be a big help for a kitchen and really bring an element of whimsy or class to the space. Once again, the lighting fixture you decide to choose should be down to you, your kitchen and your personal sense of style. Once again it can make a great focal point.

Choosing different fun aspects can allow you to add colour and make more of your kitchen space. There are all sorts of wonderful ways to do this and we’re always happy to help if you come and visit us. So, whether you want new kitchen doors, new kitchen designs or otherwise contact us.