Over the last 20 years, since 2000, everyone in the business and interior design world eagerly anticipates the Pantone Colour of the Year announcement. Every December, colour system creator Pantone predicts which upcoming colour trend will dominate the market the following year.

Whichever colour they choose immediately influences product design, creation, and marketing around the world. From cosmetics to home décor, you’re sure to see the Pantone Colour of the Year everywhere. This includes kitchen design – which Kitchen Warehouse is an expert in.

The Colour of the Year for 2020 is ‘Classic Blue’ – a darker shade reminiscent of the evening sky. This calm and comforting hue reflects clarity, resilience, and possibility. Sounds like a wonderful tone to use for a welcoming kitchen… did we mention that we sell luxury blue Shaker kitchens?

Whether it’s ‘Parisian’ blue or classic navy, blue kitchen cabinets are already an ongoing trend, which is likely to last beyond 2020. If you’re looking for kitchen inspiration, this blog explains why you should buy blue kitchen cabinet doors and how they can transform your kitchen this year.

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Classic Blue is the Colour of the Year

Clean white may be the perennial favourite, but Pantone’s Colour of the Year being a shade of blue isn’t surprising. Blue doesn’t have to feel cold or moody – the depth of Classic Blue in particular offers an understated warmth and brightness. It’s perfect for adding vibrant colour to your kitchen without overpowering the senses, and pairs well with countless other colours.

There are plenty of shades of blue that people consider ‘classic’, so even if you can’t find a kitchen with Pantone 19-4052 paint, you’re sure to find a suitable deep blue. The dark blue kitchen designs you’ll find at Kitchen Warehouse include slate blue, ocean blue, midnight blue, Air Force blue, and Dulux ‘Baltic’ blue. We also have teal-tinted marine blue and purple-toned indigo.

Classic Blue is undoubtedly a sophisticated yet dramatic colour, and one of the best kitchen designs to bear this colour is the modern Shaker style. While traditional Shaker kitchen cabinets are plain and simple, contemporary upgrades like our luxury Shaker-style kitchens bring the conventional design bang up to date. Let’s look at two of our modern blue Shaker kitchens.

Ocean Blue Luxury Shaker Replacement Kitchen Doors

The matt blue shade of our Ocean Blue Luxury Shaker replacement kitchen doors is right on trend for Pantone’s Classic Blue Colour of the Year. It combines a traditional five-piece Shaker design and woodgrain-effect finish with a modern pop of beautiful colour. We not only match the subtle yet eye-catching blue on the face, edging, and reverse, but also protect it with vinyl wrapping.

These Ocean Blue Shaker Kitchen Doors are the perfect way to bring the Colour of the Year into your kitchen’s palette. At 22mm thick with a solid MDF core, you can be sure these replacement doors will last a long time. They’ll also look effortlessly cool far beyond 2020, as the blue kitchen trend never really goes out of style. Why not invigorate your kitchen with our Ocean Blue doors?

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Midnight Blue Luxury Shaker Replacement Kitchen Doors

If you’d prefer a slightly darker shade, somewhere between Classic Blue and traditional navy, then our Midnight Blue Luxury Shaker replacement doors could be the perfect solution. Again, the design follows the classic Shaker five-piece door, with a woodgrain finish that accentuates the Midnight Blue tones wonderfully. These doors also have PVC wrapping to protect the surfaces.

Our 22mm dark blue kitchen doors pair beautifully with light worktops for balance and contrast. The deep blue creates a sense of drama and class, while disguising dirt and being easy to wipe clean. As you’ll see, our Midnight Blue Shaker Kitchen Doors can transform a tired kitchen into something from an interior design magazine – and all for a fraction of the cost you might expect.

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Why choose replacement kitchen doors?

If you have enough storage space and functional cabinets, it makes no sense to splash out on a full kitchen refurbishment. You might be happy with the layout and structure of your kitchen, but your cabinet facings could do with an update. This is where our replacement kitchen doors come in.

Just as a new coat of paint on the walls can refresh a room, refacing the cupboards can revitalise your kitchen. Fitting new kitchen cabinet doors allows you to change the aesthetic of the room for a lower price. You’ll feel like you have a brand new kitchen, without investing in a total overhaul.

Here are the top three reasons for ordering replacement kitchen doors from Kitchen Warehouse:

1) Buying replacement doors is easy with Kitchen Warehouse

The Kitchen Warehouse website makes buying replacement cupboard doors a straightforward process. Simply choose the style you like the most, select your favourite colour from that range, and view the available sizes. Find the appropriate measurements, then add the quantity of doors of each size that you require to your shopping cart. Your cart’s total will help you to calculate costs.

Of course, there’s no commitment to buy when you add items to your cart. You can add or remove whatever you like to compare the prices for different looks. Our prices are fully inclusive of VAT, so there are no hidden costs here. Once you’re sure about which style and sizes you want to buy, proceed to the checkout to confirm your order and pay. Then all you have to do is wait for delivery!

2) Replacement kitchen doors are affordable and convenient

Not everyone has the funds to completely remove an old kitchen and install brand new cabinets. However, at Kitchen Warehouse, we believe that being on a budget shouldn’t stop you from getting your dream kitchen makeover. This is why we’re proud to provide replacement kitchen doors for sale separately, allowing you to change your kitchen’s look without buying new units.

Replacement doors are not only cheaper than whole kitchen units, but fitting them is also much faster. If you’re confident at DIY, you can even remove the old doors and attach the new ones yourself – check out our blog for guidance on how to do this. It could help you to save even more money if you don’t have to hire a fitter or joiner to do it for you. Simple, easy, and effective!

3) There’s a replacement door design to suit all kitchen types

Even if our Classic Blue kitchen alternatives aren’t for you, we’re sure you’ll find a suitable colour amongst our selection of replacement kitchen cabinet doors. We offer so many styles and shades that there really is a replacement door to suit every kitchen. You even have the opportunity to test how your chosen finish looks in real life by ordering a sample first, which arrives in a few days.

If you go on to order a set of replacement doors in the sample style, we’ll refund the cost of the sample from your order. Whether you want traditional solid oak kitchen doors or modern high gloss handleless doors, there’s something for you in our online collection. Matt or gloss, acrylic or wood, slab door or Shaker, our extensive range of replacement doors are all competitively priced.


Why are Shaker cabinets so popular?

There’s no denying the timeless appeal of the Shaker-style kitchen. As one of the most easily identifiable kitchen designs, the perfect proportions of Shaker panel doors look good in any colour or setting. Their popularity comes down to the fact that there’s beauty and function in simplicity.

This minimalist style is incredibly versatile, whether you want a classic farmhouse kitchen or a contemporary apartment vibe. Shaker kitchen cabinets date back to the 1700s, and continue to stand the test of time in modern homes, where they offer clean lines and a welcoming comfort.

The Shaker aesthetic relies on traditional craftmanship and natural materials, promising durability. However, it’s easy to interpret and adapt this style for modern trends. Shaker kitchen doors suit any design, from bold painted classic Shaker doors to subtle signature smooth Shaker doors.

This is why our blue luxury Shaker doors are such an excellent choice for those wanting a simple kitchen design that’s still on-trend. Our sophisticated Ocean Blue and Midnight Blue options are ideal hues for enriching the clean lines of Shaker kitchen cabinet doors, creating a stunning look.


Which blue kitchens do you sell at Kitchen Warehouse?

We have plenty of different blue kitchen door designs available at Kitchen Warehouse. So, if the dark blue luxury Shaker doors aren’t your favourite, you’re sure to find a style that will be. For example, Air Force Blue Georgia smooth Shaker kitchen doors offer a lighter alternative. We also provide this RAF blue shade for our Air Force Blue Aldana painted solid wood kitchen doors.

If these colours aren’t dark and dramatic enough, what about Slate Blue Madison painted solid wood kitchen doors? The grey undertones make it slightly more neutral while still modernising the Shaker-style door. If you prefer a purple undertone, we offer several indigo cabinet doors, such as modern Indigo Blue Super-Matt acrylic doors and Indigo Blue Handleless Matt kitchen doors.

For those who would prefer a sleek super-modern style over Shaker kitchens, we supply lots of high gloss kitchen door designs. One of the most popular choices for contemporary blue kitchens is our High Gloss Acrylic Baltic Blue kitchen doors. With an ultra-gloss finish for a shade very close to Classic Blue, this is the best option for a high gloss kitchen in the Colour of the Year.

Do you sell Magnet’s Astral Blue kitchen range?

The Kitchen Warehouse team receive this question a lot: is your Stardust kitchen range the same as Magnet’s Astral Blue kitchen range? The answer is no, as our Stardust kitchen units and doors are made from different materials and are available at much lower prices than Magnet kitchens.

However, they are both acrylic doors with an iridescent metallic blue finish, which can appear light blue from one angle and silver from another, depending on the lighting. While they aren’t the exact same product, their appearance is very similar, and they’re both outstanding gloss kitchen doors.

Many people prefer to come to us at Kitchen Warehouse to achieve this aesthetic, because we can manufacture our Stardust kitchens to any size you require for a competitive price. If the gloss finish isn’t to your liking, we also supply Super-Matt Stardust kitchen units and doors without the shine.

We also have plenty of similar shades available across several different styles. Among our painted solid wood kitchen doors you can find Jefferson Pantry Blue kitchen doors in pale blue, and Wakefield Light Teal kitchen doors or Jefferson Light Teal kitchen doors for a green undertone.


Order blue kitchen cabinets from Kitchen Warehouse

There you have it – why the Colour of the Year is a great choice for kitchens, and how you can achieve the look with products from Kitchen Warehouse. Browse our collections of kitchen units and replacement kitchen doors today to find your favourite styles and colours within your budget.

Don’t forget to check out our range of kitchen accessories, too – these clever features can make your kitchen so much more efficient. If you have any questions about our products, please get in touch with us by calling 01765 640 000 or emailing us at [email protected].