Every year since 2000, the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year has been hotly anticipated in the business and marketing world.  The choice of colour of the year is made in early December for the following year. The decision is big news because whatever colour is chosen becomes the ‘in thing.’ Businesses try and incorporate it into their marketing. It becomes the colour of choice for a whole host of products. Whatever colour is chosen, you can bet that it will be on trend for at least a couple of years. The Pantone Colour of the Year influences marketing, product creation and design. This includes kitchen design. And that’s where Kitchen Warehouse comes in. The Colour of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue – “a shade reminiscent of the sky at dusk.” Now seems like a good time to mention that we have not one, but two, new blue luxury shaker styles to tell you about.

New Blue Luxury Shaker: Blue is the Colour

new blue luxury shaker 2


We’re not surprised in the least that Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year is Classic Blue. Blue is currently one of the most popular kitchen colours. Of course, white is a perennial favourite. That is unlikely to change anytime soon. However, along with grey, classic blue kitchens have very much become on trend recently.

Cool shades of blue are both classic and calming. It adds a pop of colour to any space, but without coming across as too in-your-face or overpowering. From a backsplash to the cabinets or doors, blue is definitely the colour right now.

New blue luxury shaker styles are always going to be a winner in the kitchen. If you want a crisp, clean look and you want to do it with invigorating style, you need look no further. Classic blue colours have great advantages. They are not too overpowering if you choose to go with blue throughout. On the other hand, blue also goes well with other colours too. There are various colours that can be paired with blue, combining to give any kitchen a feeling of calm and stability.

Indeed, it doesn’t really matter what type of kitchen you have, these new blue luxury shaker styles are the perfect accompaniment for all kitchen designs. Classic blue is as fitting in a galley kitchen as it is an ultra-modern open plan space. Not only that, blue works beautifully with natural materials, such as stone or wood.

Why choose replacement kitchen doors?

Let’s look at the benefits of choosing replacement kitchen doors for your home. Are you happy with the way your kitchen is designed? Does your current cabinetry give you the storage space you need? If the answer is ‘Yes, generally’ then a brand-new kitchen might not always be the best option.

It’s possible that your existing kitchen design already makes the most of the space you have. It could already suit your needs. So, why reinvent the wheel?

This is the beauty of replacement kitchen doors. Nobody would deny the fantastic difference a fresh of lick of paint can make to any space. Redecorating a room brings fresh life into it. It revitalises and reinvigorates the most tired of spaces. The same is true when you reface your kitchen with replacement kitchen doors. It’s like having a brand-new kitchen – but without the associated price tag. It’s a great way of changing the look for your kitchen. It makes it almost feel that you’ve had a new kitchen, without the need for a complete overhaul.

Kitchen Warehouse make buying replacement kitchen doors easy

Buying replacement kitchen doors online at Kitchen Warehouse is simple and straightforward. Choose your preferred style from the range of replacement kitchen cupboard doors available. Simply click on your preferred style to find out more information about an individual category. From that point, you will be able to pick your chosen colour.

A full list of available sizes will appear for you to choose from. There are no hidden costs are all prices are fully inclusive of VAT. You can check our guide to see if you have standard-sized kitchen cabinets.

Next, just select quantity of doors you require at each size. Add them to your shopping cart to calculate the total cost. Of course, you can add and remove items from your cart as often as you like. There is no commitment to buy – but it’s a great way of pricing-up different looks to reface your kitchen doors with.

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Over the last few years, more and more people have cottoned on to the obvious advantages of choosing replacement kitchen cabinet doors over the removal and complete replacement of an existing kitchen. Not only is it considerably quicker than fitting an entirely new kitchen, it’s also a good way of saving money.

So, if the layout of the current kitchen works for you, your needs, and the space you have, why not keep things simple and order some replacement kitchen cabinet doors.

After choosing your replacement doors from Kitchen Warehouse, simply arrange for a local joiner or kitchen fitter to remove your current doors and fit your replacements. Indeed, if you are pretty confident with your DIY prowess, it could even be a job that you could take on yourself.

Replacement doors for all types of kitchen

Our range of replacement kitchen cabinet doors is extensive. Not only that, the choice is growing all the time. There really is a style of replacement kitchen cabinet door for any style of home. For those that crave a contemporary and ultra-modern look, try our high gloss doors and high gloss handleless doors. In a similar modern vein, take a look at our range of  matt acrylic kitchen doors and gloss acrylic kitchen doors.

For those that are looking for a more traditional design, our hand painted solid wood kitchen doors or solid oak doors will be a great option. Obviously, it makes sense to buy a sample before you go ahead and purchase a full set of replacement kitchen doors. This will give you the opportunity to make sure that the finish and colour choice is a good match for the look you want for your kitchen. As all replacement doors are made to order, they are non-returnable. However, we offer a full refund of the cost of a sample, when you purchase a full set of replacement doors. We always aim to get your sample to you within 72 hours.

Ocean Blue Luxury Shaker Replacement Kitchen Doors

So, let’s look at the first of our new blue luxury shaker replacement doors. Our Ocean Blue Luxury Shaker Replacemen Kitchen Doors are 22cm thick and come in a classic 5-piece Shaker design. With a flat centre panel, the gorgeous Ocean Blue tone has a woodgrained finish . Bothe the edging colour and reverse colour is matched with the face and the door is vinyl wrapped.

This matt blue shade is the perfect embodiment of Pantone’s Classic Blue Colour of the Year. Bang on-trend and effortlessly cool, it combines the classic five-piece shaker design, the very best in traditional door engineering, and a modern pop of beautiful colour. This is subtle but eye-catching take on the popular blue kitchen palette.

The Ocean Blue Kitchen Doors are made with an MDF core. This gives added stability and strength. The PVC wood grain wrap adds a look of class and style.

new blue. luxury shaker 3

Luxury Shaker Midnight Blue Replacement Kitchen Doors

The second of our new blue luxury shaker replacement doors is the stunning Luxury Shaker Midnight Blue Replacement Kitchen Doors. Again, the design is a classic and traditional five-piece flat panel shaker door. The woodgrained finish accentuates the Midnight Blue tones to great effect.

These PVC wrapped 22cm doors will transform any kitchen space. Easy to wipe clean, these luxury shaker doors are the perfect blend of traditional craftmanship and contemporary styling. Delivered to you promptly, the new blue luxury shaker doors will come undrilled for hinges and handles. This will allow you to make sure that the holes needed are the exact match for your existing cabinets. You’ll also be able to accessorise, should you wish to.

This colour is so on-trend, that you’ll be sure you’ve seen it in the pages of the glossiest of home style magazines. Gorgeous when paired with light walls and worktops or be bold and be blue throughout – the choice is yours.

new blue luxury shaker 4

The beauty of Shaker Kitchens

Shaker kitchens are one of the most recognisable and identifiable of all the design styles. Simple and classic, the perfectly portioned panels of Shaker kitchens have a timeless and endearing appeal.

There are few kitchen styles that are as home in an urban apartment vibe as they are in a country farmhouse as the versatile shaker. In essence, the Shaker look can be as classic or as contemporary as you want it to be.

Why are Shaker cabinets so popular?

The reason why Shaker cabinet doors continue to be so popular really comes down to two things: the timeless quality that a Shaker kitchen has, and versatility. When you come across a design that fits classic looks as well as having the power to look ultra-modern, you know you’re onto a winner.

This is why shaker cabinets are so popular throughout the home. There’s nowhere, from the bathroom to the kitchen, where a shaker cabinet looks out of place. That gives it a rare quality. Shaker cabinets stand the test of time and changing taste. Changes to lighting, countertops or the colour of the shaker doors themselves can create completely different looks. All equally stunning. They create a clean and fresh look that draws people in.  It’s great to cook and prepare food in, eat and socialise. These days, there’s no busier room in the family home than the kitchen – and the Shaker look creates a welcoming feel for all.

Simple, clean and timeless

If you want to sum up the appeal of Shaker kitchens, it would be simple, clean and timeless. The name itself is derived from the 18th century religious community, the Shakers, who were founded in England before settling in America. Their ‘dwelling houses,’ dotted across New England, were noted for their design simplicity and clean lines. The outstanding craftmanship, minimalist approach and penchant for natural materials made up the Shaker aesthetic. It’s this that has remained constant over the centuries. The beauty of the Shaker design is that in can easily be interpreted for a modern audience.

With Shaker style, you gets bags of durability and functionality – and an incredible adaptability. Part of the Shaker’s lasting appeal is the fact that it suits the classic white style – a style that never goes out of fashion. However, as other shades come and go in and out of trend, pretty much any colour works well with a Shaker kitchen.

Subtle or bold, Shaker kitchens suit any décor and design choice.

With Shaker cabinet doors, it’s all about the appeal of clean, precise lines. These two new blue luxury shaker styles, Ocean Blue and Midnight Blue show these lines off in true style. Inherently modern and on-trend, but enduringly timeless at the same time, either of these gorgeous blues will enrich any kitchen space. Get in touch with the Kitchen Warehouse team to find out more. We are always happy to answer any questions and queries that you might have. So, whether it’s replacement doors, cool colours or Shaker kitchens to want to know more about, just give us a shout.