Summer is approaching, and while we remain socially distanced, our thoughts may be wandering to a time when we can come together to enjoy outdoor dining, family BBQ’s and generally starting to enjoy our outside space.

Additionally, as we have all been spending a considerable amount of time in our homes – it may be that you are now thinking about how to make your space a little more creative. As longer evenings and (hopefully) good weather approaches, we visit the idea of how you can start to blur the lines between your kitchen and your outdoor space – giving you a feeling of freedom and fresh air – even when inside.

Many of the best kitchens flow seamlessly from indoors to the garden, providing extended living space, and a place which you can entertain in and enjoy throughout the summer months. Pushing the space beyond the natural boundaries of the kitchen can give an entirely new feel.

However, for those who are not quite in the position to be knocking down walls and installing new doors just yet – don’t worry, we also have some tips for making the kitchen space feel airier and light.

how to get a cheap kitcheWindows and doors in Your Kitchen Design

If you are considering a complete kitchen remodel, it’s likely that you have considered installing new doors to bring light to the space. Bi-fold doors are currently a very popular choice thanks to the ease of access and the fact that blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior space. By disappearing when folded back, they create an entirely clear opening which isn’t offered by standard sliding patio doors. Additionally, we are seeing a number of kitchens where skylights are being introduced to bring additional light into the kitchen area.

For those with more traditional tastes, French windows benefit from providing additional light, but can also be matched to blend with your kitchen cabinetry – or provide an exciting contrast. Think airforce blue units with a backdrop of white-painted frames – an enticing blend of the modern and historic.

And if you’re simply looking to refresh your space consider a woodwork repaint to match or perfectly compliment your new kitchen units. A clean light colour draws the eye to the outdoor area – making it feel like a part of the space.


How Kitchen Flooring Helps

It can be worth considering using the same or similar flooring for both your kitchen and your outdoor dining area as it creates a further illusion of space and flow, and there are number of good quality flooring solutions available which needn’t cost the earth!

Natural stone is an obvious choice and can be matched with worktops to create an amazing aesthetic, but there are also fantastic “stone look” alternatives such as hardwearing vinyl which will do the job just as well, but on a smaller budget.

Porcelain tiles can also offer a more affordable alternative with specific makes which are well suited to outside spaces at exterior grades. Of course, whatever your choice, ensure that your outdoor flooring is suited to be used in all weathers.

kitchen and Lighting for kitchen and garden

Ensure that, as far as possible outdoor lighting is an extension of your interior lighting scheme.

Consider your garden or patio area as an additional kitchen zone, with its own lighting structure.

You can also get creative with your outdoor lighting, choosing to mimic tones of colour that exist within your kitchen space.

On another level, choosing kitchen units with reflecting qualities such as high gloss kitchens in white or cream can help to add another dimension to your space, allowing li

Link your indoor and outdoor space visually

It’s easy to link the look of your kitchen and outdoor area by choosing similar textures, colours or themes for both your indoor and outdoor furniture,  matching the materials of your outdoor furnishings with either your kitchen cabinets, worktops or indoor table.

Ensure that you consider the positioning of indoor fixtures and furnishings – is your fridge or wine cooler easily reached from those you are entertaining in the garden area? Are there any obstacles to navigate?

Even if you are just looking to link your kitchen with a balcony space, think about matching colours by way of using a coloured bistro table and chairs, or soft furnishings such as cushions.