Okay, we realise that kitchen renovation and kitchen showrooms are never likely to feature on any government list of Essential activities/businesses. That said, the COVID-19 lockdown has presented many people with the perfect opportunity to do all those jobs around the home that you’ve meant to be doing for ages. Indeed, there probably will never be a better time to do some DIY. It means ‘buying replacement kitchen doors‘ can be added to your to-do list.

After all, it’s got to better to spend the time productively and have something to show for it, rather than spending all the time in front of Netflix, surely? Recent scenes of massive queues as some of the major DIY chains reopened suggest many people have got the same idea.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse we realise that as the lockdown goes on it’s the ideal time for many people to stay at home and do some of those most-needed jobs. To this end, we have a selection of replacement kitchen doors that we are still able to dispatch.

To keep things simple, we’ve limited the selection to four doors that can be dispatched at the moment.

Pisa Gloss Handleless Doors Available for Dispatch

First on the list are our 22mm high gloss J-Groove replacement kitchen doors . This high gloss finish is available in a choice of colours: White, Cream, Light Grey, and Anthracite. The J Groove Handle Slab Door is constructed from a base material of MDF. A high gloss polyurethane is painted over the polyester primer. Both the edging colour and reverse colour are matched with the face.

If you are thinking of buying replacement kitchen doors, these high gloss handleless replacement doors will freshen up any kitchen space and give it a clean and ultra-modern look.

Pisa Matt Handleless Kitchen Doors

Another option are our Pisa Matt Handleless replacement kitchen doors. The perfect contrast to high gloss, these MDF doors come in a stunning matt finish. The J Groove Handle slab door has its polyester primer painted over with a classy matt polyurethane. Once again, both the edging and reverse colouring are matched with the face.  These Pisa Matt Handleless Kitchen Doors are available in White and Anthracite. The 22mm kitchen doors feature a routered J-Groove handle in the top. These door come completely undrilled as standard.

If you like the look and feel that handleless kitchen doors give, but you prefer a matt finish to a high gloss finish, the Pisa Matt Handleless replacement kitchen doors really are an inspired choice.

Turin Gloss Slab Replacement Kitchen Doors

Another highly impressive look for buying kitchen replacement doors is provided by the stunning Turin Slab Gloss replacement kitchen doors. Turin Gloss will transform any kitchen. There are 4 colours available: White, Cream, Light Grey, and Anthracite. An excellent choice range is extended to the size of drawers too. In all, there are over 20 sizes of kitchen drawers available, along with more than 25 different sizes of doors to choose from. This means that you will definitely be able to find the perfect replacement drawers and doors for any kitchen. The slab door is 18mm and comes with a contemporary high gloss finish. The covering material is high gloss polyurethane and the ending and reverse are matched in colour with the face.

Not only that, there is also an extensive selection of panels, cornices, pelmets and plinths to pick from. As well as a Wall End Panel and a Base End Panel, there is also a Tall End Panel and Breakfast Bar Back available. The Turin Gloss range also features a 2.8m x 150mm Plinth/Kickboard, an Oven Filler, and a universal-sized (2.8m) Cornice/Pelmet.

All this choice means you can really tailor a completely perfect look for your revamped kitchen.

Turin Matt Slab Replacement Kitchen Doors

Last but certainly not least on our list of great quality doors and drawers that can be dispatched during the COVID-19 lockdown are the fantastic Turin Matt Slab replacement kitchen doors. Turin Matt gives a simple and look that oozes with elegance and charm. This could be the perfect DIY transformation for your kitchen.

Coming in a choice of 4 great colours, and a wide range of sized doors and drawers to suit all types of kitchen designs, Turin Matt also has some special door options available too. These include a Curved Door, Curved Cornice/Pelmet, and Curved Plinth. All in all, these are some great choices to complete the look of your revamped and refreshed kitchen.

Available For Dispatch During Lockdown

Each of these 4 great styles are available for dispatch during the lockdown and all come with quick lead times. You can use the website to price up and place an order. However, if you have any questions or queries, please give us a call on 01765 640 000, or email us on contact@kitchenwarehouseltd.com.

We want stay safe and stay at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. Let us bring your new kitchen to you!