We are pleased to be able to give a COVID-19 Customer Update. Following the latest easing of national lockdown restrictions, our showroom is open again to customers. However, this is strictly by appointment only at present. Our workshop is open as normal. We are handling all telephone and email queries as normal too. Naturally, we are doing all can to ensure the safety of all our customers and our staff. The hygiene protocols that we have in place in our showroom strictly follow the latest advice and guidance from Public Health England.

By Appointment Only: Lockdown restrictions eased

Being open again by appointment only is obviously a big moment. Hopefully, it’s another step on the road to normality. However, it’s very much been business as usual for us here at Kitchen Warehouse during lockdown. In fact, the world of home improvement and DIY adapted swiftly to pandemic conditions. Because of the fact most of us were suddenly forced to spend most of our time at home last year, the real importance of our homes shone into sharp focus. People weren’t put off taking on a new home improvement project. In fact, the lockdown seemed to make people even more determined to do a bit of DIY. You might remember the massive Boxing Day Sale-type queues outside the major DIY retailers the day they first re-opened during lockdown last year.

Home improvement: What are the recent trends?

DIY has grown in popularity since the first lockdown, for obvious reasons. But, the hiring of professional tradespeople has remained high. The sector has obviously had to adapt to new ways of working. However, a combination of adherence to safety protocols and the use of digital tools (video calling, invoicing and payments, etc.) has meant that the public has maintained full confidence. Hiring of professionals during the pandemic period has barely been affected.

Some homeowners have been prompted to continue with home improvement plans because they have found themselves on their hands. Similarly, other new home improvement plans have been undertaken because if issues that have arisen because of the extra time people have been spending at home. Common frustrations have been a lack of suitable home office space or exercise space.

Kitchen Warehouse: Business and usual

Obviously, tradespeople and the whole home improvement sector endured a challenging time during the initial lockdown measures. Many companies were forced to shut up shop temporarily. Thankfully though, as tradespeople were able to resume work in people’s homes, a real surge in bookings occurred.

Fortunately, Kitchen Warehouse has been able to remain a constant presence during the entire period. We pride ourselves on having such an extensive range of beautiful kitchens for sale. Indeed, you’ll be had pushed to find better quality and cheaper kitchen units and cabinetry anywhere in the UK market. This is important more so than ever. Many homeowners have been adversely affected financially due to the pandemic. Extended periods of furlough have meant that many households have seen less money coming in. A major home improvement such as a new kitchen must be carefully within budget. Therefore, it’s a comfort to know that you can still get a stunning kitchen without it having to cost you the Earth.

Everything at your fingertips

Even before lockdown, we worked hard to ensure that the Kitchen Warehouse website gave customers everything they need at their fingertips. Whether you are looking for a completely new kitchen installation or a smaller scale refit and revamp, you can choose everything from the comfort of your own home.

We deal directly with the public and trade and offer the same prices to all. Take a look at the website. You are sure to be able to get yourself new and affordable kitchen units and cabinets. Furthermore, we have a wide range of styles and designs available. So much so, that we are confident that we really do have something for everyone. Whatever your tastes and needs are. Maybe classic and traditional is your thing? Or do you prefer contemporary and cutting edge? Either way, we have something for you. What’s more, we have a kitchen to suit all types of houses and properties.

By appointment only: First class advice and guidance

Being open again by appointment only means that we once again offer the complete kitchen shopping experience for all our customers. We have tried to design a website that is a a genuine one-stop-shop for all your kitchen needs. However, we also appreciate that many of our customers still prefer to physically come into the showroom to see what we have to offer. After all, it’s always nice to see the product that will become your new kitchen ‘in the flesh’ as it were. It’s great to see something for yourself, before you take the plunge and choose to buy.

We are always available to give advice and guidance through telephone or email enquiries. However, sometimes there is just no substitute for a face-to-face chat. Since the last lockdown, we have some new displays in our showroom too. This is another reason why you might want to come visit the showroom by appointment only. This is your chance to see the latest kitchen styles and designs that we have available.

By appointment only: The lowdown

So, the long and short of it is this. You can now buy cheap and stunning kitchen cabinets, either directly from the website or by coming into the showroom in person by appointment only. This means you can ask any questions you’d like and see all our designs for yourself at the same time.

Of course, everything is appropriately and fairly priced. Remember that a unit will always come complete with all the parts that are necessary to install the whole pieces. This includes the doors and drawer fronts, or soft closing drawers and hinges. Handles are included, at no extra cost and also have we have a wide range of kitchen accessories to choose from.

So, why not take a look at the website to see styles and designs of kitchens we have available right now? Then feel free to book an appointment  to visit the showroom yourself.