If money is tight then the thought of redesigning your kitchen can be put to the back of your mind pretty quickly. Surely it would cost thousands to even change a part of your kitchen? You are probably thinking “where will I find the money to make my kitchen look new again?”

Well, the good news is that cheap kitchen cabinet doors do not necessarily mean that you are getting a poor quality product. In an age where the price for many items often comes at the expensive of durability the same isn’t strictly true with replacement kitchen doors. While you can certainly buy cheap kitchen cabinet doors that will only last you a short time before they will need to be replaced at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD we want you to have a quality product that not only looks great but also lasts for years to come.

This is why we have created this blog post. We want to show you that cheap kitchen cabinet doors don’t mean that your kitchen will look inexpensive or that you will need to replace them in 6 months time.

Solid Oak Doors Are Not That Expensive

Solid Oak kitchen doors are often seen as an expensive but fantastic looking way to spruce up your kitchen cabinets.

A lot of people seem to avoid this material because they think that it will clear out their bank balance pretty quickly.  The truth is a lot different. Solid Oak is an incredibly durable material that will last for years (our range is even sourced from sustainable forests throughout Europe) and they bring an aura of traditionalism to the room.

With a five-piece design complimented with a solid timber centre panel they are robust and withstand the everyday rigour of the kitchen – in fact, solid oak doors are great if you have children or pets because they can cope with bashes and bangs really well. For as little as £19.98 per door, they certainly fall into the cheap category but they don’t skimp on quality.

Standard Doors Can Be High Quality

When people see the word ‘standard’ in the product name they automatically think that this means a low-quality product sold at a fraction of the price of a better door. While standard doors do come under the cheap kitchen cabinet doors title they are actually far better quality than you might think.

Standard shaker kitchen doors not only look the part but they can cope with moisture, spillages and superficial damage pretty easily. At the Kitchen Warehouse LTD, our standard shaker doors are constructed with a 22mm thickness and a five-piece traditional design – this gives them a luxury finish but also ensures that they will last and cope with everyday use. Cheap Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Just because these doors can be bought for under a tenner and have standard in their title should not put you off. If you want to have a high quality product for a fraction of what you would normally pay then these doors are a sensible option.

We Sell Doors Cheaper

You can find cheap kitchen cabinet doors in many outlets however what makes us different here at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD is the fact that we cut out the middleman in the buying process.

We actually covered this in a previous blog post – The Reason We Never Offer A Kitchen Sale.

Because we buy cheap kitchen cabinet doors at wholesale prices and sell them directly then we don’t need to put a high markup on our prices. Every time a product moves to a different stage of the buying process the price goes up.

From the manufacturer to the customer kitchen doors usually move through several businesses first and the cost is increased every time however because we buying our materials at wholesale prices and then assemble them ourselves we can offer the general public a high-quality product at a vastly reduced cost.

Cheap Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Before you give up on the idea of having a beautiful new kitchen have a look around to see what you can get for your money.

The truth is that cheap kitchen cabinet doors does not always mean that you are getting a low-quality product. Far from it in fact. A lot of the time the price often reflects the style of the door rather than how durable and long lasting it is. Our standard shaker doors, for instance, are a great way to have a fresh looking style in your kitchen without the added extra of high gloss or solid oak – it doesn’t mean that they are poor quality.

The great thing about cheap kitchen cabinet doors is that you often have a wide range of choice as well. Our Roma Classic Painted doors come in 17 different shades and have an MDF core and PVC woodgrain finish to protect against water damage and the everyday usage of the kitchen.

Instead of dismissing the idea of redecorating your kitchen because you think that it will deplete your savings have a look at some of the replacement kitchen doors we have on sale. You’ll be surprised not only at what you can get for your money but how long these doors will last as well. Contact us for more details. You can get in touch by calling us on 01765 640 000.