‘Cheap Kitchen Units For Sale!’ It’s a statement that’s likely to grab people’s attention. After all, everybody loves a bargain, don’t they? However, when it comes to kitchens (and the prices that can be commanded for them), there are a fair few misconceptions and myths that need setting straight and debunking.

For some people, ‘cheap’ equates with meaning ‘lower in quality.’ There’s a belief that’s sometimes bandied about that the lower the price, the lesser the product.

The reality is that this couldn’t be further from the truth.  As a manufacturer, you may notice that our prices are far cheaper than High Street kitchen showrooms. However, although we are cheaper, the product we sell is, in many instances, a far superior product.

So, how can this be the case? How can ‘cheap’ also mean ‘high quality’?

Read on, to find out!

Cheap kitchen units: No compromise on quality 

Often when people look for a new kitchen, the thought of visiting a local independent kitchen showroom enters the mind. But the idea is dismissed as a non-starter. After all, it’s common knowledge that independent showooms are pricier than the High Street chains.

But, are they really?

Of course, some smaller showrooms are more expensive. This is especially true of those that specialise in high-end German kitchens and such like.

But the truth is, smaller showrooms can sometimes afford not only to undercut the High Street chains, but also sell a superior quality product in the process too.

How is this actually possible?

The answer is actually simple and straightforward. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.  Big chains have big stores but those massive stores up and down the country need to be maintained. Chains have huge overheads and independent retailers don’t. It’s as simple as that.

Independent showrooms don’t have large numbers of staff. Their marketing budget doesn’t extend to running expensive TV ad campaigns all year round. There’s less of a fanfare, but they can just can get on with the business of supplying quality kitchens at competitive prices, quietly and efficiently.

Manufacturers can provide better quality than you think

Yes, some local kitchen showrooms can be expensive but even when you see kitchens at similar prices to the large chains, chances are you’ll be getting a kitchen that’s of higher quality and that will last much longer. For example, independent manufacturers will construct base units from high density chipboard  – the type that will last for years and support even the heaviest of worktops. In contrast, big chains utilise cheap, low density chipboard. Put simply, this is never built to last.

It’s why Kitchen Warehouse can offer the likes of fully 18mm, fully soft-closing and thicker kitchen doors than many retailers. The low price doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality at all. When low density materials are used – the type used by many High Street chains – initially the doors and cabinets look the same as those constructed with high density materials. However, this is short-lived. The look doesn’t last.

Similarly, it’s worth considering some of the tricks that the major High Street retailers use to make their kitchens appear to be better value. The ‘50% off!’ signs are always going to be enticing as they make you think that you’re getting a real bargain. Of course, what it doesn’t show is that chains often double the prices first to make you think you’re getting a bargain. The truth is, you’re not. Far from it. You’re not getting cheap kitchen units at all.

Buy from the manufacturer: Cut out the middleman

Buying directly from a manufacturer, such as Kitchen Warehouse, essentially means that you can side step and cut out the middleman from the purchasing process. When a kitchen designers visits your home, shows you the various options, and provides you with a quote, the problem is that you are going to have to pay more money than your chosen doors and cabinets actually cost.

But, if you come directly to us, the manufacturer, you can cut out the middleman completely.

For us, it’s not about being cheap for cheapness’ sake though. We don’t claim to be the cheapest kitchen retailer on the market. There’s a budget market that focuses on lower quality kitchen products – and that’s fine. We have no desire to be in such a market because we want to focus on providing higher quality products at reasonable and affordable prices. It isn’t about being the cheapest. It is about providing the best possible price for the quality that we offer.

Cheap kitchen units: Quality guaranteed

Come to Kitchen Warehouse directly and we guarantee not just cheap kitchen units but quality kitchen products. Not only that, we provide quality service and quality advice too. This is always likely to surpass the level you would expect to receive from a large High Street name. Our team prides itself on our level of expertise about all things kitchen-related.  All our customers receive the best advice. This means they can make truly-informed choices about what to do with the most important room in the home.