gray handle less kitchen cabinetsWhether you’re considering refurbishing in a completely new style of interior design, or are simply considering a subtle change of colour-scheme for your kitchen cabinets, any major renovations within the home will need a lot of careful thought and planning. It is not worth rushing into a decision that we will be stuck with for the foreseeable future, especially when we consider how robust and durable today’s kitchen cabinets are manufactured to be. Our high-quality kitchen units will easily last for decades, so to avoid any expensive and time-consuming changes at a later date, it’s essential to make sure that you’re happy with a design before you commit to it.

You will need to give careful consideration to the number of kitchen cabinets, units or other work surfaces you will require, but of the biggest decisions lies with the style of kitchen that you would like. There are almost illimitable options with what you can do with the heart of your home. From minimalistic modern designs to the traditional country house approach, metal to wood, and subtle tones to vibrant colours, the kitchen provides a huge blank canvas for homeowners and interior designers alike.

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One of the biggest expressions of a kitchen’s style will be made through the appearance of the kitchen cabinets and other storage units. As well as being an essential component of any well-functioning kitchen, storage units are manufactured with doors that boast a wide variety of colours and shades, suitable for almost any style of interior design imaginable. While every one of Kitchen Warehouse LTD’s kitchen cabinets and replacement doors are manufactured to the highest quality, there will be certain designs which are better suited to your overall vision than others. The key to long-term happiness with your newly-renovated kitchen is to find the correct style.

From modern to traditional, contemporary minimalist to a farmhouse, each style of kitchen has its own pros and cons – and a specific range of kitchen cabinets and units. Do you have a preferred style for the kitchen, and will you be changing the next time you decide to renovate the heart of your home?

Contemporary kitchens will often utilize high gloss and acrylic kitchen cabinets, manufactured to be easily cleanable while boasting vibrant colours and rich tones. Here at Kitchen Warehouse LTD, we stock modern kitchen cabinets in a variety of striking colours, from deep burgundy to light mocha, midnight purple to stardust blue. These units provide an eye-catching but tasteful complement to any modern style of interior design, with the added bonus of resisting marks or stains. However, those with an active interest in the latest interior design trends may also want to consider the frequency with which tastes and standards can change.


Bright colours will always be popular in modern kitchens, but this season’s “in” shades could soon become outdated and old-fashioned. As the season’s change, so do the latest kitchen trends. Are you willing to risk investing in a deep purple or bright red, when there is a chance that they will become next season’s lime green or burnt orange? High gloss kitchen cabinets are one of the most stylish and attractive products on offer here at Kitchen Warehouse LTD, but if you have a keen interest in interior design trends, could you consider a colour scheme that is a little more timeless? We have many options that can suit you, such as our high gloss cream units or the sleek and modern anthracite high gloss kitchen units.

A second popular choice for modern and contemporary kitchens is to install kitchen cabinets and storage units of a more neutral colour, with a bold, statement colour painted on one of the walls. A single wall can be painted as frequently as is required, costing considerably less time and money than a total kitchen redesign. On top of this, most of the more neutral and subtle kitchen cabinets here at Kitchen Warehouse will perfectly complement painted walls of any shade.

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Many of our kitchen cupboards are available in whites, creams, beiges and greys. You will also find over 15 subtle tones in the luxury Ashton Cole Collection, which is exclusive to Kitchen Warehouse LTD. Our shaker kitchen units are also a popular choice for this style of kitchen, as, despite a long and rich history, their simple and functional design lends itself to the latest contemporary interior design trends.

Although it is common for today’s homeowners to focus on either bright colours or neutral tones for a modern kitchen, we cannot overlook the growing popularity of traditional, farmhouse and rustic kitchens. Solid oak kitchen cabinets and units have become more and more common over the past three years, as their price has dropped and we can now enjoy their strength, durability and eye-catching textures without breaking the bank. At Kitchen Warehouse LTD we have plenty of solid oak kitchen cabinets on sale, with a variety of lighter and darker tones and shades. For a combination of traditional and modern, you could even choose one of our wood grain or stone look acrylic kitchen cabinets, which fuses the aesthetics of natural wood textures with the cleanliness and functionality of modern acrylic.

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There really is a huge range of options for those planning to renovate their kitchen, whatever your preferred approach to interior design. However, by taking the time to decide on a definitive look, and choosing the most appropriate products for that style of kitchen, the result is a kitchen that you’ll be proud to call your own. What’s more, you’ll also get rid of the stress and cost of a premature kitchen redesign when the next design trend comes along.

At Kitchen Warehouse LTD we have years of experience to back up our comprehensive range of kitchen cabinets and units. If you’re keen on a certain look but are unsure of which units would help to create it, or if you’d simply like to rack our brains for your upcoming project, why not get in touch today? We can be reached on our website, over the phone at 01765 640000, or by popping into our North Yorkshire showroom.




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