Is a handleless kitchen for you? Do you desire a contemporary kitchen? Would a minimalist modern kitchen suit your life? For a handleless kitchen to look stunning and feel minimalist, it needs to be just that….

The worktops and window sills need to be kept clear of general bits and pieces and  from all of those other  items that seem to find their way there, before eventually, calling that space home.

This definitely can’t happen with a contemporary or minimalist kitchen, as it takes away from the beauty of it!


Beware Of The Clutter

Some people are better than others at keeping all surfaces clear. If you’re not one of these people, but want a modern contemporary kitchen then this is the golden rule that you must always bear in mind. If you find that you are gathering little bits here and there please empty your new kitchen work surfaces, remember this rule and remove everything from your worktops and put back only the things that should be there. Put clever storage solutions into the space to allow for your bits and pieces, pens, paper, keys and coupons to keep your minimalist look in check!

Handleless Cream SideBringing Out The Best In Your Kitchen

For a contemporary handleless kitchen to look its best the clean lines must be crisp and not be lost. They need to stand out and can’t be hidden in a busy room with lots of items in eye shot.  The items that you choose to live in the kitchen need to uniformed and regimented. The feeling a handleless kitchen is supposed to bring to the person in it is one of calmness and order.  A space that is easy to work in and all ready and prepared for use; a blank canvas.

It is a kitchen that you are proud of, happy to entertain a friend or two for a cup of tea letting them see your organised life, (at any time – not when you have just tidied it for a visitor!!) . This should be a space in your home you are always happy to enter, the kitchen is the heart of the home and if this area is organised and efficient then generally other aspects of your home and life should prosper.

Our Growing Range Of Handless Kitchens

Over the last two years we have sold a large amount of high gloss cream handleless kitchens and nearly as many high gloss white handleless kitchens, their popularity is certainly growing!

Below is some feedback received from several of our happy customers;

“I can’t believe how much stuff we have that we don’t use!!  I ‘ve had a major de-cluttering of my new kitchen units, I now know where stuff is and everything has a home “

One of them even said;

“My new kitchen got me started. I’ve done every room in the house, one at a time and I have been ruthless!! We had so much junk that we didn’t want, need, or even use, so it went. Our house feels much tidier and bigger we love our new modern kitchen, it’s made me love my home again.”

I would almost go as far as to say a High Gloss Handleless Kitchen is a life style choice. However, for it to look as beautiful as the first day you used it must be kept organised and worktop standing items to a bare minimum.

If you think this is something you would benefit from, the only thing left to decide is do you want a handleless high gloss white kitchen, or a handleless high gloss cream kitchen!

Watch This Space

We are hoping to expand the choice of colours available to buy direct from our on-line shop before the new year, so if you can’t decide just yet, then soon there will be the following colours joining our very popular 22mm sprayed and lacquered Italian handleless kitchen range;

22mm High gloss black handleless kitchen

22mm High gloss Dakar handleless kitchen

22mm Matt walnut veneered handleless kitchen.

We hope this blog has inspired you to clear out that clutter! Look out for out other blogs coming soon with other handy tips and advice to help your new kitchen inspire and compliment your lifestyle .

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