Do any of us truly enjoy taking on a spring clean of our kitchen units? Usually, it is not the actual cleaning that puts dread into our minds it is the thought of cleaning our kitchen units from top to bottom and getting the rest of our kitchen in sparkling condition.

The fact is that a spring clean of your kitchen units can really boost your mood and also enhance your kitchen and your whole home as a result. It doesn’t even take that long to do either and a spare Saturday afternoon can have your kitchen units in pristine condition.

Still not convinced? If the sunny weather does not get you in the mood to clean your kitchen units then we have a handy guide for spring cleaning your kitchen that will.

Cleaning Your Kitchen Units

We love offering advice on how to care for your kitchen units at the Kitchen Warehouse LTD – in fact, it was one of our first blog posts away back in 2014.

Getting your kitchen units to sparkle really doesn’t take a lot of effort. A soft damp cloth with some soap and water – avoid using any harsh chemical solutions as they can damage the material – is generally enough to get rid of any stains and bring the shine back to your kitchen units again.

Do not just clean your kitchen units when you want to spring clean the whole room. A simple wipe every so often is enough to get them in top condition and allow them to stay like that throughout the year.Kitchen units

Check Your Use By Dates

We are all guilty of buying canned and dry food and then simply forgetting about it. You keep seeing the tin of tomato soup in the back of your kitchen units but are you ever going to use it? In fact, this is how we waste so much food in the UK – we buy things then do not use them.

When spring cleaning your kitchen units go through all the food you have and check the use by dates. You will be amazed by what you’ll find. Obviously, discard anything that is out of date by now however if you have items that are perhaps approaching their sell by date in a few months time and you do not think you are going to use them then donate those items to a local food bank.

Not only will you be minimising what is in your kitchen units but you will be helping out those in need as well.

Spring Cleaning To Keep Healthy

Can spring cleaning your kitchen units really improve your eating habits? Well yes, it can!

By re-organising where you store food in your kitchen units you can actually cut down on the amount of junk food that you eat. Simply put the healthier food to the front of your kitchen units. This means that when you open the cupboard door it is the healthy items that catch your eye rather than the crisps, sweets and chocolates.

We love indulging in our guilty food pleasures however by undertaking a spring clean of the food items in your kitchen units then you can kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

Get Rid of Old Appliances

Somewhere at the back of our kitchen units is a food processor that has not been used since we all got excited about buying our first mobile phone that was the size of that food processor you are looking at.

It is easy to accumulate various kitchen appliances that you simply do not use or are that old that you are not even sure will work any more. A spring clean should follow the motto ‘out with the old and in with the new’ so if you are not planning on using these appliances again then the best thing is to simply discard them.

You will be amazed at how much room you can make in your kitchen units by getting rid of appliances that you have not used in years and that you are not likely to use again.

Cleaning The Rest Of Your Kitchen

Your kitchen units are not the only thing that should be subject to a spring clean at this time of year. While you can really make your kitchen gleam and free up a lot of space by discarding old items you should not neglect the rest of your kitchen. This means cleaning the fridge, sink and the dreaded oven. Like cleaning your kitchen units these parts of your kitchen do not take that long to get them back to their best and spending an afternoon tackling your kitchen can really transform the whole room.

Spring only comes round once a year so why not spend some time and get your kitchen in order?

While you should obviously clean your kitchen on a regular basis spring time is a great excuse to really give your kitchen a complete renewal. With just a few hours work you can not only have your kitchen units looking like new but you can also free up a lot of space and get rid of some old appliances that you will probably never use.

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