So far, it is safe to say that 2020 has been pretty bleak, but why should this translate to your kitchen? With the height of summer well and truly approaching, adding a splash of colour to one of the most used rooms in the home will be sure to bring some personality to your kitchen. Businesses are beginning to find a “new normal”, so it might not be long before you can get the wheels in motion on your dream kitchen design.

As a result, we here at Kitchen Warehouse have decided to get out the colour palette and introduce you to some tones that can give your kitchen the added “oomph” it is crying out for.


One of the most popular colours we have seen in kitchens up and down the country this year is green- and for good reason! Its earthy tone brings the greenery into your home when visits to outdoor nature reserves have been limited due to lockdown. For example, a sage green kitchen can truly transform your kitchen space from one that is crying out for a new lick of paint, to a space that you won’t want to touch for another generation!

Green is a unique look that works best with lighter shades such as cream and white, really bringing out its stand out, eye-catching qualities. This colour signals growth, so combining the green of your kitchen units with any plants you would like to grow in this room is sure to keep the kitchen looking fresh and at one with nature!


White is another colour that can really add some personality to your kitchen. Many homeowners think of this shade as a bold choice and are not willing to take the risk, leaving them to play it safe with a darker shade. However, if you are looking for a kitchen to brighten up your day, every day, then white is definitely a colour you should consider.

Ideal for the modern kitchen, white can combine with a number of colours, including a darker shade of grey if you are looking for a powerful contrast between the two. White is also a versatile colour, as it complements multiple styles of kitchen. Want to bounce light around the room, creating a grand and open space? Turn to a white high gloss kitchen. Or perhaps you’d like something more understated, whilst still making the most of this welcoming tone? A matt white kitchen could well be for you.


Grey kitchens are undoubtedly the most popular colour we supply here at Kitchen Warehouse. The sheer amount of shades available mean that most customers find their ideal colour when looking at grey kitchens. From dust to stone and light grey to dark grey, there are many alternatives to look at if you have decided that grey is your colour of choice. Be sure to check out our full range of grey kitchens to see if there is a colour that catches your eye!

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