Looking to upgrade or redesign your kitchen? There are not many kitchen styles quite like high gloss kitchens that are more suited to modernising and refreshing your kitchen. The team here at Kitchen Warehouse have put together a list of things to consider when it comes to choosing your gloss kitchen. After all, we stock a multitude of high gloss designs for your kitchen and due to the importance of the room, it is imperative that you make the correct choice when it comes to picking a style for your home.

Below see our list of things to consider when designing a high gloss kitchen.

Bold Colours

Thanks to our massive range of colours, which we regularly add to, we can ensure that you find the ideal colour for your home when you are designing your high gloss kitchen. Our variety also allows you to find the colour most capable of matching any current d├ęcor in your home.

high gloss kitchen

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However, if you are aiming to go bold with your gloss kitchen units purchase then perhaps you should consider neutral colours for your walls. This is advisable as otherwise, you could run the risk of creating a design that is overbearing.

Shine and Style

While opting for neutral coloured walls can create a subtle look in your kitchen, so can the use of a neutral coloured high gloss kitchen unit. Despite the signature, stand-out shine that comes with our gloss kitchens, by choosing a plainer shade for your units you can still bring a modern air to the room without it seeming like you have undergone a massive overhaul. This is perfect for more traditional homes that are looking to become slightly more contemporary in style but without completely losing their classic look. Examples of these colours include white high gloss kitchen or cream high gloss kitchen units.

Combining any gloss kitchen units with a timber or darker coloured worktop can also be extremely complimentary to any kitchen design as it can create a lovely contrast against the shine of the high gloss.

Choosing Lighting Carefully

As high gloss is a particularly shiny material it is extremely important to make sure you purchase the correct type of lighting to compliment your new kitchen design. Not just in kitchens, but in every room, lighting can make or break how successful a redesign or new decoration.

Because gloss kitchens are naturally reflective you can use lighting to your advantage. Lighting can be more prevalent in areas of the kitchen which are not covered in natural light and the reflective surface of the gloss will work to shine light around the room. Under cabinet lighting or spotlights can also bring additional brightness and shine to your new high gloss kitchen.

Maximise Storage

At Kitchen Warehouse we stock a huge variety of differently shaped and differently sized high gloss kitchen units. This is done to allow homeowners to be able to find a perfect combination of kitchen units no matter the layout, size or design of the room. Nobody wants to see a cramped kitchen so through the use of correctly sized units you can maximise storage and ensure your high gloss kitchen is both clean and without clutter.

We offer drawers, cabinets, cupboards, as well as wall and corner units to allow you to create the design of your choice.

To view our gloss kitchens you can visit our Ripon showroom or if you wish to discuss any of our products do not hesitate to contact us by calling us on 01765 640 000.