Fancy a cosy kitchen to cuddle up in during lockdown as winter approaches? After speaking with a number of homeowners here at Kitchen Warehouse Ltd we have found that the kitchen can be the least cosy room in their house. In fact, some families and individuals we surveyed actually described their kitchen as “a little clinical.”

They blamed this stark revelation on the fact that the kitchen cabinets are white, the worktop grey and there aren’t many accessories to add colour. That’s because their kitchens are functional, they claim. But just because you use the kitchen to prepare meals and clean up, it doesn’t mean it has to be colour or accessory-free. And that’s why we’ve come up with these ideas to add some colour, warmth and charm into that ‘clinical’ kitchen of yours:

Choose dark kitchen cabinet replacement doors

The largest item of furniture in your kitchen is your kitchen cupboards – or at least, they take up the most space. White doesn’t have to be ubiquitous. These days darker colours are more on-trend. Take navy blue, for instance, dark grey or charcoal black. These darker shades can add warmth and are a great way to give yourself a cosy kitchen.

Get clever with LED

Instead of stark overhead lighting in your kitchen, consider using warm LED under cabinet lighting, lamps and strip lighting instead. Coloured strip lighting around the bottom of a kitchen island can add atmosphere for a romantic dinner or quiet drink with friends at night – especially with some under-cabinet lighting to enhance the backdrop. The more yellow-white light the LED gives out, the more of a cosy kitchen you’ll have.

Cosy kitchen: roll out a rug

Yes, quite literally – roll out a colourful, wool rug on your kitchen flooring and just see how much your feet love it on a cold winter’s day. The fabric and colour will psychologically warm up the rest of your fabric-less kitchen. Just make sure to put suckers on the bottom so that it doesn’t slip if you have wooden or glossy tiled flooring. And make sure it’s easy clean if it’s under the dining table!

Put in some plants and dried flowers

These days it’s possible to get some fab bunches of dried flowers for your kitchen. Dried flowers are better than fresh since they won’t fall victim to all the heat and steam in a kitchen (and which will lessen the life of fresh flowers). As well as adding a ‘cosy kitchen’ touch, dried flowers and potted green plants add pretty colour and texture to a stripped-back kitchen which is bare of accessories.

Keep clear of clutter for a cosy kitchen

Too many accessories and you’ll end up wanting to avoid sitting in your kitchen. That’s because it will feel cluttered and definitely not relaxing to sit around drinking hot chocolate in while it’s snowing outside. Not only that but too much clutter will make it harder to tidy and dust so you may just leave cleaning it for that bit longer every time…

Add wooden furniture or elements

As a substance, wood has a wonderfully warm feel to it – especially cherry woods and mature oaks. If you can’t have wood for your table top then try and incorporate it in other ways such as a wooden shelf rack, or a wooden corner shelf. Place a plant and/or colour crockery on that shelf.

Add colourful appliances

Adding a touch of red or orange with a matching toaster, kettle and food mixer combo can really result in a cosy kitchen feel. It will also make you feel brighter when you enter the kitchen – even first thing in the morning, since red and orange and both ‘cheering’ shades. But really, any ‘colour pop’ shade will work, including purple, pink, green and blue. It’s about choosing the colour that makes you feel good so that you want to spend longer in the kitchen with family and friends.

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