If you’re looking for a kitchen colour which is designed to last throughout fads and fashions, you cannot go far wrong with cream kitchen cabinets. A classic choice when it comes to home décor, the beauty of choosing a neutral tone when it comes to kitchen cabinetry is the seemingly endless ways in which you can transform the look of your kitchen, without the need to buy new kitchen units.

Choosing this wonderfully flexible tone for your kitchen cabinets gives you plenty of scope for introducing other colours, and can feel a little more homely than white units, which without proper thought can occasionally appear clinical.

If you’re considering purchasing a cream kitchen, or already have one and are looking to spruce it up, read on to discover how to make your cream kitchen look it’s very best.


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What style of kitchen suits cream kitchen units should you choose?

One of the biggest benefits of cream kitchens is their timeless quality. The fact that it’s a colour that transcends trends, mean that it’s a suitable hue whether you are looking to put together a contemporary modern kitchen, or have more traditional tastes. Considering buying a shaker kitchen? Cream can make it look warm and inviting

When it comes to finishes, again the versatility of the colour comes to fore. Cream units can look stunning no matter the finish, so whether you’re intending on ultra-chic high gloss, or prefer a low key matt finish kitchen unit it’s a great choice.

Cream is also a colour that works with all materials, so whether you’re after a solid real wood kitchen painted in cream, or if you want a cream gloss kitchen, there will be kitchen style that suits your taste.


What worktops go with cream kitchen units?

Choosing a worktop that matches with your cream units should be easy, however, the colour contrast of the two can set the tone for your entire space.

Of course, cream units with a granite or dark stone worktop can create a beautiful, clean-looking contrast, perfect for combining with chrome handles and ironmongery. If you want a look that is a little more subtle, consider choosing lighter worktops, perhaps interspersed with wood or wood effect in the area which you use for food preparation.

Concrete worktops have been growing in popularity of late, thanks to their durability,  and surprisingly versatile application. A polished concrete worktop can complement the look of your cream kitchen, creating a clean-lined look.


what tiles go with cream kitchenWhich tiles should I choose for a cream kitchen?

Put simply, you can choose almost any colour or style of tiling when you choose cream kitchen cabinets. To continue the neutral look, pick tiles that compliment the simplicity of the units – tiles in similar colours, but with interesting surfaces can add more dimension to the finished look.

Or be bold – choose bright coloured tiling or splashbacks to bring colour into your kitchen, bold reds, glossy blacks, really any colour that you love.

Alternatively, consider keeping your tiling neutral, but add splashes of colour around certain areas – for example, choose coloured accessories such as your kettle or microwave, to create a colour scheme which is easily changed whenever you like.

Keeping cream kitchen units clean

If you are considering cream kitchen cabinets, one of your key questions may be – how easy is it to keep a cream coloured kitchen clean? The answer is – it very much depends on the materials used. While of course cream surfaces do show food spills and splashes, if you choose, for example, a gloss finish, this is easily wiped down with a damp cloth.

When it comes to scuff marks and fingerprints, light coloured kitchens are often easier to keep looking clean – as, unlike darker units, they don’t tend to show up day to day marks.

The key to keeping a cream kitchen clean is to wipe up mops and spills as you go, and be careful when using brightly coloured spices or ingredients.

In summary – choosing a cream kitchen can be ideal for any homeowner wishing to install a kitchen that will stand the test of time, and offer a versatile backdrop on which to stamp your personality.