Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you can not add some style to the room. Many people only have a limited amount of space to work within their kitchen and not only having a good design but also making the room practical to their needs can seem difficult.

Sometimes having a small kitchen can help when it comes to renovating. It means that you need to be very selective with what you choose and also means that you can cut down on unnecessary appliances or things that you do not really need.

If you have a galley kitchen then we have already given some great tips for galley kitchens.

We always like giving something back to our customers beyond simply selling them a new kitchen and this is why the Kitchen Warehouse team have come up with some design ideas for a small kitchen.

Use Minimalist Designs

It can be hard to conjure up design ideas for a small kitchen given the limited space that you probably have to work with. The key here is to de-clutter your kitchen design and this is why a minimalist and ultra-modern design is the best for a small kitchen. Replacing your kitchen doors with a handleless high gloss design can give the appearance of more space an help to create a sleek but modern look.

Try and aim for a minimalist design throughout your kitchen. Keeping certain appliances in cupboards and freeing up space on the worktops can really help to make the room look bigger than it actually is. Choosing minimalist replacement kitchen doors in a light colour can also help as well which brings us to.

Keep Things Light And Cheerful

The colour scheme in your small kitchen can have a big effect on how much space it appears to have.

One of the best design ideas for a small kitchen is to choose light colours as this helps to create the illusion of space. If you have a lot of natural light coming into the room then this can really help too so making use of windows and not covering them up with heavy curtains is a must.

When it comes to colours for your kitchen then look at whites, creams and even lighter shades of blues and yellow. These can not only brighten up the room but also when combined with either natural or smart lighting can make the room look and feel bigger than it actually is.

Make Use Of Wall Space

What do you have on your kitchen walls? Well, aside from the kitchen cabinets of course. You can really free up much-needed space in your small kitchen by using your walls to great effect and it is one of the most effective design ideas for a small kitchen.

Adding in a place to hang your knives, for example, can get them off the work surfaces and onto an easy to reach but stylish part of the kitchen. The same goes for cup and mug holders as well. Open shelving is a great idea too because it helps to create the idea of more space while also allowing easy access to utensils and appliances.

Do not just shove everything into the nearest cupboard – use your kitchen walls to store items that you might use every day to free up space and craft a clever design or make use of a space-saving mechanism.

Consider A Kitchen Island

small kitchen space

Incorporate an island to utilise space in a small kitchen

Most small kitchens utilise the traditional L shaped design and it is a tried and trusted method. That being said, sometimes you need to sacrifice some space to free up space. It does make sense.

By adding in a small kitchen island you are taking away floor space in the kitchen but you are creating more space to work with and you can also utilise our kitchen units range into the island. This can mean that you have extra room to prepare food or even to eat at while also being able to store appliances and other kitchen utensils that are within easy reach.

Among the design ideas for a small kitchen, this can be one of the more expensive however if you find that your existing worktops just aren’t providing enough room then this is a great way to create more space even if it does mean sacrificing some in the middle of the room.

More Design Ideas For A Small Kitchen

These are just a few design ideas for small a kitchen that you can use to either create more space in itself or create the illusion of more space.

Going vertical with high rise cabinets can also help a lot as can installing some mirrored glass on your kitchen cabinets. Also, consider using recessed or even diffused lights every 4-6 sq feet with light kitchen cabinets to help make the kitchen appear bigger.

At the Kitchen Warehouse LTD, we work with clients who have kitchens of all sizes. Many people think smaller kitchens are harder to work with however sometimes the opposite is true. It means you can have a much more efficient kitchen by cutting down on the things that you don’t really need.

If you need any more design ideas for small kitchens or want to see what we have to offer then simply contact us by giving us a call on 01765 640 000.