A New Era has begun

With the government due to lift lockdown restrictions, we can once again have gatherings such as a dinner party in our homes. Be it with friends, family, or neighbours there is no doubt that the kitchen is going to be the main focal point of any social home gathering.

With all those missed birthdays, anniversary parties and weddings there has never been a better time to make up for lost time and impress your guests by wowing them with a new kitchen that is bang on-trend. Sure, they have been stuck living in the walls of their own homes and are now probably craving a new and fresh environment to relax in whilst enjoying some good company. So, let’s treat ourselves and our visitors with a new look for this new era of entertainment, dining and reconnecting with our loved ones, it is the least we deserve! After all, who really knows how long this newfound freedom will last, we’d better enjoy it whilst we have the chance.

UK Goes DIY Crazy in the Kitchen

Over lockdown, as many of us become accustomed to our small shrinking worlds we decided to embark on a home renovations journey, whether it be a fresh coat of paint, simply putting up the shelves that we promised ourselves we would put up years ago or a bigger home extension project the nation has gone DIY mad. Builder’s merchant and DIY suppliers have been inundated with demand. We have had the time to reassess our homes and transform our spaces to optimize them and make them the best that they can be. The kitchen has been no exception. With restaurants being  shut at the start of lockdown we have been spending more time in them making banana bread and fakeaways. Many of us have discovered we enjoy cooking and can save a penny or two doing it. For some we have decided that it is time to transform our tired kitchens by giving them the love and attention that they deserve.

How to revamp your kitchen

3 Reasons Why A Shaker Style Kitchen Will Benefit Your Home

Studies have shown that we spend three years of our lives in our kitchen, this busy and sometimes chaotic space is well used within any family home. When it comes to renovation it can often seem like a daunting task but a kitchen makeover does not need to cost the earth or take months, it can be as simple as replacing your current units, or for an even quicker revamp with an effective finish replacing the doors on of your current units can really transform a tired old kitchen to something that is sleek, fresh and new. If you still feel that your kitchen needs an extra je ne sais quoi, adding some handy accessories can really go a long way into making your kitchen function to its full potential, from soft closing drawers to kitchen sinks you can really create a kitchen that is stylish and functional. There are a wide range of affordable options available whether you are looking for a modern or traditional kitchen.

Autumn trends in kitchens


So what colour to choose? Should you go down the traditional or modern route? What finish will make you’re your kitchen pop? There are lots of options and combinations so it’s time to have some fun and mix and match to create a kitchen that suits you while also being functional. Here are some key trends for autumn that might help you to decide

Cool Colours in your kitchen

White kitchens can look great for those wanting to create a modern kitchen that is clutter-free and has clean lines. But in order to make your kitchen feel less sterile and more homely pick cool colours alongside white. Having a pop of colour will make your kitchen elegant without being loud. Adding yellow lighting can also add warmth to the cool colour scheme. This is a trend that will last the test of time. Grey is fast becoming the cool colour of choice for discerning kitchen designers. Create this look with our dust grey Georgia shaker doors they work well as a standalone colour or mixed with other neutral shades.

Make a statement with a blue kitchen

new blue. luxury shaker 3

Looking to replace your existing doors to add a pop of colour but unsure which to choose? Having a contrasting colour is a popular trend right now. We have a wide range of colour options to choose from, but Indigo Dark Blue is definitely one of the most striking in our collection. These slab doors, with no detailing, look simply stunning in this particularly dark shade of indigo blue.

Wood finishes in the kitchen

Using Wooden Cupboard Doors For A Traditional Design

Wood has not been in fashion for a while but now it is enjoying a revival. For a long-lasting and traditional style, wood units can be a great addition to any kitchen. With a range of versatile shades, wood can perfectly complement any existing colour scheme. Our affordable range of wood kitchen cabinets perfectly showcases three popular design options which will fit beautifully in any kind of home that strives for a standout look. Their versatile shades allow them to perfectly complement any existing colour schemes in your home.

Dark Drama

Black is often overlooked and used mainly as an accent colour, but there is an increasing trend of using black to create a kitchen that has a dramatic effect, black walls, units, and work surfaces are stealing the show. Black becomes luxe and inviting, creating a homely and rustic charm with textured woods. Our extensive range of solid wood Aldana graphite kitchen units are perfect if you’re looking to create a kitchen space that makes a real impact.

Hosting your perfect dinner party

So, now that your trend setting kitchen is ready there is only one thing left to do enjoy it! Yes, lockdown is over, and yes your guest will be desperate to see you for a fun filled night of food and drink, but it is important to remember that we have not socialised in people houses for over a year now so it is understandable if your guest may still feel apprehensive. There will probably be very little uptake on a bowl of shared mixes nuts or a dip selection. Here are a few tips on how to host a responsible post- lockdown dinner party:

1.     Serve food individually


Whilst having a buffet is very sociable and often sometimes easier, you should play it safe, it is probably better to give your guests their own individual plate of food. This will stop any chances of cross contamination.


2.     Make a safe setting


This will help your guest feel at ease.  If the great British summer allows open the windows to really get the air flowing. Ask your guest to wash their hands on arrival and have antibacterial gel to hand. Think about your seating arrangement and if you can create some space between households.

3.     Get those Cocktails ready!

No one can deny that it has been a stressful year, so why not relax with a few of your favourite classic cocktails. If you do not feel like mixing your own you can even get ready made ones delivered straight to your door, just add ice, and enjoy!