The kitchen is often considered as being the heart of your home, it’s a space where families unite daily, share good food and catch up at the end of a long day at school or work. It’s a space that is also used for entertaining, socialising with family and friends, or simply cooking a delicious meal. That’s why the appearance of your kitchen can create a lasting impression.

If like me, the kitchen is the space in your home where you spend most of your time, you will understand how quickly your kitchen surfaces, doors and units can become scratched, chipped and damaged, despite taking extra care to optimise their longevity.

Even if you have invested in a highly durable kitchen, designed to withstand the demands of everyday life, sometimes there is no defence against the inevitable wear and tear caused by day-to-day living.

Refreshed Kitchen in Duck Egg Blue

Give your kitchen a new lease of life

As one of the most used rooms in your home, it’s often the case that it is the first to succumb to damage. Worn out and tired looking kitchen doors are extremely noticeable and can impact the entire look and feel of your kitchen.

But when it comes to replacing your kitchen, this can be extremely costly, daunting, disruptive and financially unattainable for many families due to the expense associated with a complete refit. With the average family replacing their entire kitchen approximately only 2 to 3 times in their lifetime, it’s easy to see why many look to find alternative solutions when it comes to revamping their kitchen.

There are a number of ways in which you can refresh your kitchen including getting replacement kitchen doors, worktops and units – giving them a fresh and appealing new look.

Here’s a list of the type of kitchen doors and units available that will help you to transform your kitchen at a fraction of the cost that installing a new kitchen would cost you.

Refresh Rather than Renew the Entire Kitchen Door – Change your Kitchen Doors

It’s often the case that your kitchen doors still function as they should but just need to be revamped in order to improve their exterior. This approach will cause limited disruption compared to replacing the entire kitchen – in fact, most of the time, you won’t even have to empty your cupboards when the work is being carried out. Investing in replacement kitchen doors will not only give your kitchen an instant facelift, it will also cost significantly less than it would to replace the entire units.

With more and more people opting to reface their kitchen rather than spending thousands on a complete refit, kitchen revamps are becoming more popular than ever before.

If you want to reface your kitchen, there are a number of highly qualified craftsmen and companies available to complete the refurbishment. It’s worth doing your homework though, get a number of estimates, check out the work they have completed on other projects, and look at testimonials from other clients. 

Other Benefits

Of course, there are all sorts of benefits aside from the immediate that you should change your kitchen doors. The kitchen is the primary part of the home that buyers will look at when evaluating whether they want to live there or not according to estate agents. This is because it’s often the hub of the home.

It’s also a great way to impress guests and there’s nothing like a new kitchen to make people admire your home according to CLS. Especially if the fittings and replacement doors are as well built as ours.

Invest in new Kitchen Doors and Fronts

Replacement kitchen doors and fronts can be a great way to transform your kitchen at the fraction of the cost of a refit.

Available in a number of styles, materials and finishes, retaining your existing cabinets but changing the fronts will give your kitchen a whole new lease of life. It’s also a great way to minimise costs, especially if your existing cabinets and units are in good condition. At Kitchen Warehouse, we have a huge range of designs from handleless matt replacement doors to solid oak doors.

Replacing your kitchen with new doors and fronts are also the perfect opportunity to experiment with new colours, design and layout. It’s also a great way to bring your kitchen up to date with the latest appliances, features and trends.

Remember, you don’t even have to replace your kitchen doors with the same type of finish as the previous ones. With a number of styles available, you could decide to opt for a range of solid woods, stainless steel, glass and even laminates.  Most companies are even open to altering the shape of the kitchen by integrating new units and appliances – perfect if you are looking to create a contemporary feel by investing in the latest technology and design.

Kitchen tops

Your kitchen tops are often the first areas to succumb to the general wear and tear that is caused by everyday living. As a result, many people find that work surfaces are the first thing that needs replacing in the kitchen.

When it comes to replacing your kitchen tops, the process is extremely straightforward and will only take a few hours to complete.

If you’re on a budget, investing in laminate surfaces is one of the most cost-effective solutions. If you can stretch your budget, there are lots of added extras that you can include in your new worktop installation. These include adding heated rods that can be easily fitted into the surface – this will provide you with a permanent pan stand or even a built-in draining board.

Luxury kitchen tops to spruce up your home

Available in a wide range of styles and finishes, there are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing a kitchen top that will complement and enhance your existing décor and current units.

So if you want to save thousands of pounds and transform your kitchen to a standard that looks just as good as a refit, it’s definitely worth considering replacing your kitchen doors, kitchen fronts and even top surfaces. Refacing instead of replacing has become a major trend, as more and more people realise the wealth of benefits it brings.

Not only does it save you valuable time and money, it also is the less stress, less mess option to optimising the overall appearance of your kitchen. Unlike full refits that require all kitchen units to be completely removed, refreshing your kitchen by replacing your kitchen doors will allow you to enjoy your kitchen facelift in no time at all.

New kitchen doors, fronts and top surfaces will allow you to add functionality to your kitchen, improve efficiency whilst allowing you to create a high impact environment that will leave a lasting impression.

If you need any help creating your next dream kitchen, please get in touch with us at Kitchen Warehouse LTD today!