Here in the United Kingdom, we will be celebrating Easter this year on April 20th. If this date sounds a little too late, it’s probably because in 2013 we were painting eggs, eating chocolate and attending sunrise services a whole three weeks earlier in the year. Easter is what is known as a movable feast, meaning there is not a fixed date for the event. Our celebrations are always made on the first Sunday after the full moon which follows the March or Spring equinox. The equinox is the first sign that the days are beginning to get longer, and with the new plant growth which we see in spring, it makes sense that we think of Easter as a time of growth, regeneration and new life.

Easter is celebrated in many different ways across the world, but here in the United Kingdom, we have a number of traditions which are observed every year. One of the most recognisable symbols of the time of year, especially for the younger generations, is the Easter Bunny. But did you know that the fluffy creature who brings us our Easter eggs originally began as an Anglo-Saxon symbol of fertility?

easter 2014 egg decorating

Hours of fun this Easter 2014

The same can be said for Easter Eggs, which have represented fertility and new life for centuries. Parents of young children will be all too familiar with the necessity of chocolate eggs in today’s Easter celebrations, and many of us will also take the opportunity to indulge in a  few sweet treats ourselves. And if there weren’t enough eggs around the house from the likes of Cadbury’s and Nestle, many of us will have had to clean our kitchens in the wake of a session of egg decorating. Using paint, glitter and anything else they can get their hands on, children traditionally decorate eggs to commemorate the tomb which Jesus laid in for 40 days.

It can be easy to forget with today’s chocolate eggs and Easter bunny, but the Easter celebrations are rooted in early Christianity. Just as lent represents the 40 days and nights which Jesus spent in a tomb, Easter Sunday is a celebration of his resurrection. This is why Easter is thought of as a time for positive change and new life, and also why we notice the symbol of the crucifix when we’re sitting at the kitchen worktop tucking into a hot cross bun.

Some of us may have attended local church services, sung special hymns or held local events this Easter time, regardless of our religion of choice. Whether we celebrate the Christian Easter, the Jewish Passover or another equivalent, there is a common theme of regeneration and new life. In fact, many of us will take the Easter period as an encouragement to finally make those changes in our lives and homes that we’ve been putting off for a while.

Whether you’re set on cutting out sweets and treats from your diet or are planning to finally give your kitchen the attention it deserves, why not use Easter as the starting point for your new changes?

Here at Kitchen Warehouse LTD, we are no experts at diet and nutrition, our recent Crème 31124636_Easter eggsEgg purchases will attest to the fact. But, we do have combined decades of experience in the installation and maintenance of traditional and contemporary kitchens, as well as thousands of high-quality products from dozens of suppliers. We know that any changes in the kitchen, from the purchase of a few new appliances to the replacement of your entire kitchen worktop, can be a long-winded process. That’s why we have such a wide range of kitchen worktops, cabinets, units and replacement doors on offer here at Kitchen Warehouse LTD. We’re also happy to give you advice or a quote free of charge, so why not contact us over the phone, through email or at our North Yorkshire offices?

At Kitchen Warehouse LTD we specialise in kitchen units to suit decors from traditional to contemporary, in any number of colours and styles. Our complete kitchen cabinets and cupboards come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you’ll always find the perfect unit for your kitchen. We sell regular square and angled units with and without built-in drawers, as well as other models for installation in corners on walls. We also stock cabinets for housing single and double ovens, as well as fridges and freezers.

All of our kitchen cabinets are manufactured with Hettich soft closing hinges and drawer boxes, preventing damage or unnecessary noise when you’re preparing a meal, or searching for those paints and pens for egg decorating this Easter.  On top of this, you can choose from a huge variety of colours, tones and materials for your new kitchen units. Alongside our colourful glossy and acrylic units which work so well with contemporary kitchens, we also stock both solid wood and painted wood units to suit any style of interior design.31124631_Aubergine Replacement Door

The same can be said for the wide variety of replacement kitchen doors available here at Kitchen Warehouse LTD. A set of replacement kitchen doors can breathe new life into your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a complete renovation, and our variety of colours and materials means that you can choose a style that perfectly complements your existing style of architecture. Our kitchen cabinet doors are manufactured from solid woods like oak, but also acrylics and other easily wipeable materials. Customers can choose from a wide range of colours to suit any style of décor, as well as milder tones and woodgrains which are equally at home in a contemporary or traditional kitchen.

With such a wide variety of products on offer, as well as the knowledge and experience which our team are happy to share with you, refurbishing or renovating your kitchen has never been more convenient. If you’ve been planning to breathe some new life into your kitchen for the past few months, why not let the spirit of Easter spur you on to make the big changes?

Happy Easter 2014!

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