You’ll have heard the phrase, ‘it’s a bit of a grey area.’ To be fair, normally, it’s a saying that conjures up feelings of confusion or a lack of clarity. Generally speaking, the phrase has negative connotations – but not any longer! No, far from it, we have clear evidence that everyone loves a bit of the grey area, in life! How do we know this? Well, grey kitchen sales are through the roof. That’s how we know!

Grey kitchen sales: A colour for everyone

For reasons that don’t really need explaining in any great detail, white is the eternal favourite choice of colour for the kitchen. White brightens up any kitchen. It creates a sense of space. And, of course, it offers versatility that knows no bounds. You can match white with any shade and any pop of colour from the rainbow and it will look good. However, if there is a colour that has smashed through the ranks and is now giving white a serious challenge for its title, that colour would be grey.

So, why has grey become so popular as a kitchen colour? Why are grey kitchen sales up so much? The answers, as with white, really lie in the fantastic versatility that you get from grey. Grey really is the colour. Furthermore, grey is a colour for everyone.

From a dove grey to a dramatic dark grey: Choose your style

Grey kitchen sales have rocketed in recent times because grey has managed to elevate itself above the crowd. Gone are the days when people perceived grey to a boring and dull colour. With a grey colour choice in the kitchen, homeowners have begun to realise that grey really does offer something for everyone. Whether you like the warming tones of a dove grey kitchen or the bold statement of a dramatic dark grey kitchen, it’s easy to choose a style that suits any space perfectly.

Grey kitchens have a reputation for being modern and chic, but grey kitchens are actually timeless too. Furthermore, although a contemporary look is the most obvious and natural thing that springs to mind when you think of grey, it’s a colour that is equally suited to a classic kitchen look.

Grey kitchens: Bags of style, character and personality

You will find plenty of design inspiration from grey colours in the kitchen. You can opt for airy, light and soft combinations of colour. However, if it’s more your thing, you can plump for industrial and utilitarian shades too. Whether you want greys that really create a calming mood in the kitchen or you want to pack a punch, you can cook up a storm with a grey kitchen.

On one hand, you have the lighter shades of grey that ooze sophistication and style, and give you bags of versatility to boot. On the other hand, there are the darker shades and charcoal tones that transform the kitchen into a dramatic space, making a bold and confident design statement.

How do I choose the best grey for my kitchen?

Grey units work well with a backdrop of contrasting pops of colour. The likes of matt greys add texture to a space. Dove grey is the perfect modern choice for country-style kitchen themes. Meanwhile, other shades of grey offer a cutting-edge contemporary look. With so many greys to choose from, you may well ask: How do I choose the best grey for my kitchen? Greys come in colour families that enable you to find a shade that is perfect for any kitchen space, regardless of the mood you want to create.

It’s all a matter of tone. Cool greys are the perfect choice for rooms with plenty of natural light. Cool greys are also a smart choice if you want to make smaller spaces brighter and bigger. All in all, you can’t a much better look for the kitchen if you want to create a sophisticated and crisp look for your kitchen.

Warm greys are a great choice for north facing rooms, spaces that you use for entertaining in the evenings, and large open-plan rooms. They help to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Another massive bonus of grey is that it works brilliantly on its own. However, grey can be paired with pretty much any other colour. You could call grey the ultimate neutral!

Grey kitchens: The devil is in the detail

Grey is definitely the shade of the moment when it comes to kitchen colours. This is why grey kitchen sales have gone through the roof recently. Grey units have the power to suit all design schemes. Whether it’s a modern rustic look you are going for with the perennial favourite of Shaker-style cabinets, or the ultra-modern utilitarian look, grey has it all.

Smart and stylish at all times, it’s the versatility that grey offers that makes it such a popular choice for the kitchen right now.

Dramatic matt greys are always going to make an instant impact. Matched with clean chrome and steel handles and accessories, a superb modern aesthetic is created. Paler shades of grey create a chic and cosy feel. If you want to create a more dramatic space, choose graphites and charcoals.

Wall-to-all grey can be extremely effective, However, if you paint walls with paler shades, a restful ambience will be created. Using bolder colours to provide contrast can also be absolutely stunning too. Having base cabinets in darker tones than the wall cabinets can prevent the overall design from becoming too overbearing. Finishing touches can be provided by adding brass or copper handles to add warmth. Meanwhile, if you want to keep things cool then steel and chrome are the ideal choices.

Take a look at our little grey area

Our Light Grey Kitchen Units  boast an on-trend and chic design with the added benefit of a neutral scheme which works as a great foundation and base from which you can style and decorate your kitchen space exactly how you want it. Stunning aesthetics combine with superb quality to produce a look that will add a touch of luxury and bags of character to any home, regardless of its age, style or design.

All grey units come flat-packed and are delivered to customers with easy-to-use and comprehensive assembly instructions. Base units come with height adjustable legs. Furthermore, all the Gloss Acrylic wall units are supplied with the necessary adjustable hanging brackets and wall mounting plates.

For a distinctly modern look, try our Super Matt Dust Grey units. These are definitely designed with the modern and contemporary home in mind. This light and appealing colour scheme can be matched with any doors from the Super Matt range. The gorgeous two-tone effect this creates for the kitchen is highly recommended and is an absolute winner in any space. A made-to-measure service can be offered.

Of course, with any kitchen units the devil really is in the detail. And it’s the attention to detail that makes the Super Matt look so stunningly effective. The frontages of the units come complete with anti-fingerprint technology. This means that those annoyingly visible finger marks are a thing of the past. Not only that, the units have a 19mm thickness and solid facing which provides protection and assures that these units will be long-lasting and hard-wearing.

Grey kitchen sales: Attention to detail is guaranteed

For a more traditional look, our Dove Grey Shaker Kitchen Units are hard to beat. This is a design of kitchen that will bring class and sophistication to any space. Dove Grey is a particularly popular tone right now and it’s not hard to see why. Welcoming and warming, dove grey also gives any space a contemporary feel too. As with all units, the combination of beautiful aesthetics and excellent quality is guaranteed. The timeless Shaker doors are built with five-piece construction and are 22mm thick. A 2mm PVC coating and embossed wood grain design completes the look.

Our Dove Grey Shaker Kitchen Units are supplied with a complimentary 220 T-bar handle. However, should you want to choose an alternative handle design, the kitchen doors will not be drilled. Hettich soft closing hinges and drawer boxes come as standard, adding to quality and durability of the units.

Many more great grey styles on our website

There are simply too many great grey looks to show in one blog. You can browse our website to see the full range. We are sure that there will be something from our very own little grey area that will suit your needs. If you would like any further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can give us a call on 01765 640 00 or visit our contact us page,