Everyone likes marveling at expensive things and wondering who would spend so much money on something so simple! For your enjoyment we have put together a list of the top 10 most expensive kitchen accessories.

1. Sub Zero Fridge Freezer

sub zeroThe Sub Zero Fridge freezer is a huge machine but with a huge huge cost, You can purchase this fridge from john Lewis for a hefty £15,000. Why so much? The fridge touts a technology developed by NASA to purify the air and clean out any odors. Also a low temperature zone which keeps the air around 2 degrees cooler than the area around. The whole fridge does look amazing with solid stainless steel doors and the big tubular handles. Is it really worth £15,000 though?

2. Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec_Countertop_Stealth-4Blenders are great fun, they make delicious drinks and can help improve your lifestyle, But generally you don’t spend a huge amount on a blender. Well here we have the Blendtec stealth blender which comes in at around £1,500. Blendtec say this is one of the quietest blenders currently on the market and features a captive touch screen like an iPad. Speaking of an iPad, Blendtec frequently make YouTube videos displaying the power of the blender by asking the question “Will it Blend?”

3. Harman Kardon Sound System

Harman-Kardon-MaestroKitchen-100-2Its not everyday that you see a sound system built specifically for a kitchen, The Harman Kardon Maestro Sound system is exactly that and features a plate that is built into the kitchen unit and then the kitchen can be fitted with speakers in the plinths a carcasses. This system will cost around £2,000 without the cost of fitting and more if you need extra speakers or subwoofers. So as you can see the cost can soon stack up!

4. Wine Coolers

231054804Now for the last few accessories I have been naming actual brands and appliances, But I think wine coolers are generally extremely expensive pieces of equipment. As we see again Sub-Zero sell a Wine cooler at £10,000 also in the list of expensive wine coolers there is:

  • Miele – £4,099
  • Siemens – £3,973
  • Samsung – £2,044
  • Many many more over £1000

As you can plainly see there is a market for very expensive wine coolers!

5. Glass Sinks

cda-1-5-bowl-black-glass-kitchen-sink-kvl12r-rhd-p4185-23182_zoomA kitchen sink isn’t one that you would normally put down as expensive. Here I present the CDA Glass kitchen sink, the sink sits at £1,050 RRP. This kitchen sink is extremely good looking and will look nice, But is it worth the heft price tag put on it considering this isnt including a tap of any sort! Speaking of taps….

6. Billi Instant Boiling or Chilled tap

27_03-10-2012_6231This tap features instant boiling or chilled water as soon as your turn the handle. The tap doesn’t really need any time to refill as it can produce 100 cups of boiling water per hour and is always within 1 Degree of boiling. So instead of waiting for for the kettle to boil or the tap to get cold you can instantly get your cup of tea or your nice refreshing chilled drink. But this price tag of this tap is £3,385.20!

7. 48 Piece Cutlery Set

knivesA cutlery set? On the list of most expensive kitchen accessories? This cutlery set is a 48 piece dining set made from sterling silver and is even dishwasher safe! Made by Christofle Malmasion the set retails at 11,616.18 with 48 pieces this means that each piece of cutlery is £242! To put that into perspective the minimum wage is 6.31, at this rate you would need to work for 39 hours to afford 1 spoon. Or you could work 1841 to afford the full set, and this is if you don’t eat or live anyway and spend every last dime on this kitchen set.

8. Wolf Range

231054820Ranges will always be expensive in nature and can make a kitchen look absolutely amazing. Wolf make a very industrial looking range that looks and plays the part but is set apart by the cost. This range comes in at £17,000. Wolf and Sub-Zero are the most expensive appliances out there but they are extremely well made and do make a kitchen have the wow factor with the big industrial looking appliances.

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