Every year it happens in the world of kitchens – and 2020 is no exception. We’re talking about the kitchen must-have’s which design experts predict will influence kitchen buying decisions this year.

Certainly, we have more technology in our kitchens than ever before, and that’s a trend that’s definitely not going to go away (such is the convenience). Steam ovens and vacuum drawers, anyone? And how about a virtual assistant in the form of Alexa or Siri controlling the lighting?!

Storage is big too – corner kitchen cabinet units are going to be everywhere. And, of course, sustainability is becoming bigger and proving more important than ever when it comes to materials and saving energy.

So, what are these fashions that are set to dictate the type of kitchen cabinets we have, not to mention storage spaces and paint colours we favour? Well, read on and read up right here:

Kitchen must-have’s: Flexible furniture

Breakfast bars that can be extended at literally the addition of a decorative plank or two, are big news. So too are kitchen islands that double as table/kitchen prep area and home office. It’s about furniture being customised to meet the needs of a particular household. It could mean more storage space for bigger families or tables with room for a pensioner’s wheelchair.

Hidden storage

These days it’s about uncluttered and minimalist living. And that means plenty of interior storage options, such as pop-up shelving, sliding doors and even large appliances such as freezers and dishwashers built in and hidden behind neat kitchen cabinet doors. And that’s not just our observations. According to Google Trend Data 2018 – 2019 there has been a 160% rise in searches for ‘built in kitchen appliances.

Kitchen must-have’s: Stone worktops

Porcelain in particular is appearing in many kitchen designs this year. And it doesn’t just have to be on the kitchen island or worktops – put it on the wall too in the form of splashbacks or large tiles. This helps to ‘bring the whole design together.’ And, if you don’t want real stone then opt for an acrylic version that looks like real stone. Not only is the latter easier to maintain, but also a fraction of the cost of authentic stone such as marble. Meanwhile, another favourite is concrete. Use it as the stone for worktop surfaces and as a laminate for kitchen cabinets, it’s great for an industrial look.

Eco-friendly choices

All the news coverage about global warming in recent time is breeding a new type of kitchen consumer. Care about the family’s carbon footprint, hunting for eco-friendly materials and seeking out sustainable items such as induction hobs to cook with, are all ‘a thing.’ So too are different types of inbuilt recycling bins in our kitchen cabinetry. Then there is the ever-popular hot water tap to make sure you don’t have to waste electricity boiling water in a pan. It also means you only use as much hot water as you need so no water or energy goes to waste. And talking of taps…

Kitchen must-have’s: The feature tap

Yes, this really is ‘a thing’ too. And why not, with so many fabulous materials and designs around. Think rose gold, copper, and matt black. Get an industrial look or keep it sleek and minimalist.

Broken-plan kitchen layouts

What on earth are we talking about here? Well, it’s pretty logical really when you realise it’s all about zoning off particular areas in open-plan layouts. With broken-plan zoning you still get the feel of the large open-plan space, but it feels more orderly, with distinct areas for particular functions eg cooking, relaxing, dining etc. The ‘zones’ are achieved by the use of large plants, decorative screens and cabinets.

Darker palettes

Black and charcoal coloured kitchen cabinets are increasingly popular these days. But neutrals are still around too, especially grey and taupe. Some designers are also reporting a trend for vivid colours such as purples and greens. Paint maker Dulux recently introduced a hazy green, named Tranquil Dawn as its colour of the year.

Kitchen must-have’s: Two tone finishes

Whether it’s kitchen cabinets in two different shades or dark cabinets and contrasting bright walls to add depth, there’s a trend for having a kitchen of ‘two halves.’ And you don’t have to restrict the ‘two tone’ aesthetic to colour schemes either – try contrasting textures as well. Designers say an ‘interesting twist’ like this really makes a kitchen stand out from its contemporaries.

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